By Stephen Clark


This Information is For Inquisitors, Believers, Skeptics, Agnostics and Atheists. Because with relation to the universe and life, You Can’t Get Something From Nothing.

Knowledge is Power - Informing Our Beliefs, Values, Attitudes & Behaviours as Human Beings while we live on this Earth Planet until our passing. Life is fragile and short so live it well, with purpose and kindness until your passing and final judgement. And the after-life purification whereby you view a video-tape of your life and feel any pain caused by you to others you may have hurt during your time and life here on planet earth.



“Don’t be concerned with those who worry themselves with predicting the date of the end of the world, but be conscious of and prepared for your own personal and imminently much sooner physical death and passing of your spirit/personality/consciousness from this world to the next. When your spirit/soul (i.e. Self and one’s Being  comprised of personality, emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories etcetera) detaches from your earthly vehicle the body/brain”


Life is short, so live it well, that on your death-bed you have no regrets about the way you have lived life. Otherwise repent for your indiscretions of this world in Jesus Christ The Lord and Saviour who died and was murdered on the cross to redeem the sins of the world.


About God and the evidence and proof for the existence of a God and Creator of the universe, evolution, intelligent design and life.  Reflects upon the meaning of life and discusses subjects of spirit, death, heaven, soul, love, mind self and consciousness. 


Did you know that in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus Christ said, “The first will come last and the last will come first”, what do you think this means in relation to one’s day to day behaviours and actions?


Did you know that in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus Christ said, “If you save your life you will lose it and if you lose your life you will save it”, what do you think this means relation to one’s day to day behaviours and actions?


Did you know that the Virgin Mary and the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and His miracles are held in higher spiritual status in the Quran than Muhammad? What do you think this means in how the Quran should be interpreted?


Did you know that the Quran writes about Muhammad as being the sign of warning through terror etc. What do you think this means in how the Quran should be interpreted ?



·       “There is more statistical chance of a Jumbo Jet being built by a tornado crossing a Junk Yard than there is of complex universe and life being created by random chance and from nothing.


·       “Decoding Intelligent Design as being a function of spirit-energy that sparked and initiated evolution of both the atom-energy of matter and the spirit-energy of life, self, spirit, soul and person. 


·       “The cruel trick of (atom-energy) physical death as one’s personal individual end-of-time on this earth.  But also the continuation of a person and their spirit and soul in relation to their self, consciousness, mind and person (spirit-energy) and eternal existence.


·       “The definitions and differences between the atom-energy of matter and the spirit-energy of self, spirit, soul and person are clearly described. The meaning of love, living life to the full, the fear of death, and the meaning of spirit, soul and mind as being essential parts of the essence of self are thoroughly identified and canvassed in these e-books.


·       “Describes the world’s religions as being essentially more similar than different in terms of end goals i.e. to achieve heaven and eternal existence as the ultimate purpose, but with differing beliefs, dogmas and mechanisms towards reaching these desired goals.


·       “Comparative religion research where both the Bible (Old Testament - “an eye for an eye” and the New Testament – “don’t pay back wrong with wrong”) and the Koran (Qur’an), articulate contradicting and confusing verses where such verses are historically and potentially presently consistently misinterpreted and adversely misconstrued.


·       “How religions, traditions and cultures affect peoples’ faith and beliefs and the way they perceive and understand themselves, the world and others. 


·       “Evolution is explained as being more a creation and product of intelligent design where evolution is predetermined and pre-programmed by intelligence of a Creator (spirit-energy).  Where the atoms of both the inorganic (non-living matter) like rocks etc., and the organic (living matter) like cells and DNA, have been pre-designed from the very beginning to evolve to slowly but ultimately reach their presupposed destination, function and predetermined purpose.  This is the same for the spirit-energy of the person, self, mind and soul but which has also been designed to be an independent, sovereign and unique thinking being with free-will and choice. 


·       This intelligent predetermined design and plan is a model – based on rationale philosophy and science - for the creation and existence of matter, life, spirit and person/self.  As opposed to the universe, life and self, being products created solely from nothing, or the creation and evolution of universe, life and self/person believed to be the derivative outcomes of random and chance processes – from nothing - proposed by anti-creation and anti-intelligent design theorists like names such as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins.


·       These anti-creation and anti-intelligent design theorists have individually and personally abandoned and dismissed the academic ‘scientific’ and ‘philosophical’ thought processes and framed principles of questioning when related to that all time enduring question; Does God Exist?


·        We need scientists and robust scientific investigative methods to describe and discover the intricate miracles of the Creator’s Universe. And to eventually accept that the truth “You can’t get something from nothing” describes the creation of the Big Bang and Universe. Or will they discover a rational reason for Creation. And be able to announce “this is how God did it”. Just like God uses atoms etc. and evolution as His tools to continue building and rebuilding. A more cynical person might describe many scientists as anti-creation, anti-intelligent design. Indeed, ‘academics’ who are egotistically centrically motivated, and often reduced intellectually to making incredulous, frivolous single-minded and one-dimensional assertions about the beginnings of the universe, life and human existence.  These assertions obtain the attention of enquirers under the guise of respectable methodological and the reputable processes of the academic discipline of science. But such shallow cliché pronunciations show these assertions are often no more scientifically or philosophically founded than arbitrary outcomes from a pseudo-science that suggests the creation of the building blocks of universe and life - subatomic particles, quantum/nano physics etc. - appeared/happened magically and incredulously from absolute-nothing and not from God the Creator.  But we thank scientists for images of the universe 300 million years after the Big Bang and, for example, MRI’s which measure the blood flow to working parts of the brain but they will never be able to identify a word or image the patient is thinking or feeling because these come from the spiritual part known as the Soul, Self and Soul.


·       Anyway, we are reminded that the birth of Jesus Christ, The Son of God split humans’ sense of calculating their time and history of the world into BC (before Christ) and AD (the year of The Lord or Anno Domini). The worlds’ calendar system is based on the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Father Son and Holy Spirit (Our Lord & Saviour). Of course in the historical record of the New Testament over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ is as real as Julius Caesar, Pontius Pilate and King Herod. Jesus Christ performed 37 miracles as described in the New Testament, including three that raised the dead to life. No other person in history has ever been recorded (over 2000 years) to have performed such super-natural feats as the above just described. I leave the conclusion to your own God-given sensibilities and intellectual rational.


·       Christ never wrote a word in a page or book because He knew it would be subject to misinterpretation through translation over time, language, cultures and generations. So the narrative of Jesus Christ became the responsibility of his apostles who wrote down their knowledge about Christ and His teachings, miracles and messages. And what we know today as the New Testament, being a genuine historical record of events at that time.


So the question begs to ask if these attitudes about belief and faith, reduces and denigrates the science process to nothing more than a non-cause-and-affect, chaotic, and set of random-chance interactions that cannot claim to be a credible and validated academic discipline regarding the interaction and creation between spirit and atoms etc. 


The contents of these e-books counter these frivolous unfounded pseudo-science anti-creation and anti-intelligent design claims through the rational philosophical processes juxtaposition with genuine facts and hypothesis underpinned by objective, rational and ‘spirit-reflective’ analysis of information from all theological, philosophical, historical and scientific research/evidence”.


The information within these two free e-books provide answers to enduring questions relevant in today’s global, cultural, religious, educational, economic, and personal changing living environments.


The writing content of these two free e-books are the culmination of twenty+ years of study and research

- at four universities in two countries -

on the above subjects underpinned by objective and rational analysis of information and research from the multi-disciplines of -



God - About God, Creator of the Universe, Evolution, Life & Spirit

- 上帝,宇宙的造者,化,生命及精Bottom of Form


के बारे में भगवान - भगवान, ब्रह्मांड के निर्माता, विकास जीवन और आत्मा

Бог - О Бог, Творец Вселенной,

эволюция, Жизнь и Дух

·        الله -- عن الله ، خالق الكون ، والتطور، والحياة والروحDictionary



About the existence of God’s creation and intelligent design as the souls’ spirit-energy and body’s atom-energy being the diverse perennial dynamics of energies forming and shaping humankind, life, existence and immortality.




·       Proof  and evidence of God from Reason, Science, Spirituality, Theology and Philosophy

·       Aquinas’ Five Logic Proofs for God’s Existence

·       Bible – The Contradicting and Misinterpreted Verses

·       Qur’an – The Contradicting and Misinterpreted Verses

·       Relational Command to Love

·       The Cruel Trick of Physical Death

·       Why Pain, Grief and Suffering





·       The Meaning of the words ‘The Word’, ‘Self’, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Soul’

·       Proof of a God/Creator of Intelligent Design from Sub-atomics & Quantum/Nano Physics

·       Evolution and the Atom-Energy of Self

·       Evolution and the Spirit-Energy of Self

·       Person as Soul, Spirit, Mind and Self

·       Self, Mind, Soul and Spirit as an Outcome and Function of Atom and Spirit-Energy on this Earth























The subjects in this e-book (246 pages -PDF) include:



·       Science and philosophy as proof of the existence of a God/‘Creator’

·       Humans as sovereign independent beings

·       The philosophers’ five logic proofs for the Creator’s existence

·       Contradicting verses in both the Bible and Koran (Quran)

·       How can the Bible and Koran (Quran) promote violence, punishment and hell

·       How do cultures, traditions and faiths affect what and how people believe

·       Different religions more similar than different having the same end goal

·       What is the new idea of relational love

·       What are the dynamics and consequences of believing in karma and


·       Are hell and satan real or metaphorical leverage

·       How can a ‘good’ ‘Creator’ allow human suffering

·       How can intellect and ‘free will’ manipulate ‘base


·       Why are verses about violence, punishment and hell in the

      Bible and Quran erroneous?

·       Who is Jesus Christ – God or Fraud - and why different

      from all other spiritual leaders and teachers?









Front Cover Picture and Title 













The subjects in this e-book (243 pages - PDF) include:



·       The meaning of  life, self, consciousness, personality, spirit and soul

·       The power of human belief systems that affect thought and behaviour

·       Was the creation of the universe through design or chance

·       How can evolution be reconciled with both intelligent design and scripture

·       How could a God/‘Creator’ have always existed

·       Why is the world temporary and planet earth can’t exist forever

·       What is the difference between atom energy and spirit and soul energy

·       How are humans composed of these different energies

·       How can the two worlds of the ‘physical’/visible and the spiritual/invisible be explained

·       The Science world of subatomic, quantum and Nano Physics as evidence of a Creator/God     

·       What is Self, Consciousness, Personality, Spirit and Soul?

·       What problems relate to human faiths and beliefs regarding

      religions, traditions and cultures?

·       What are the human energies of atoms, soul and spirit

·       The human interface of these different energies































Stephen Clark


ISBN 0-473-03715-7

Copyright © Stephen Clark 2009

Across Publishing

Second Revised Edition 2011

Brisbane, Australia


Any comments about the contents of this book please direct to:










The Meaning of Life                                                           

The Insult of Blasphemy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The Six Dimensions, Steps, and Degrees to Explain

a Creator’s Infinity and Human Immortality                                                               

Passion of the Christ                                                          

Have You Ever Asked These Questions                          






1       In Search of the Creator                                                                                                                                                          

We Do Not Believe

         Jesus Calls His Apostle Peter, Satan (Devil)

         Pope John Paul II Apologises to the World

         Separation of Church and State

Many Religions, Churches Faiths and Beliefs

         We Want To Believe


2       Evidence of God From                               

         Human Reason, Science and Philosophy                    

Natural and Super Natural Knowledge

          The World is Not as it Appears

         Proof of a Creator’s Existence through Reason and Science

Philosophers and Theologians

Aristotle, Plato and Socrates


          Thomas Aquinas’ Five Rational Proofs for God’s Existence

         First Proof – Motion

         Second Proof- Cause and Effect

Third Proof – Contingent and Necessary Beings

Fourth Proof – A Finite Subordinate Series

Fifth Proof, Proof from Order, Descartes, Locke

Atom-Energy Different from Spirit-Energy

The Soul and Spirit of Self


3            Human Pain and Suffering from Intellectual

         and Spiritual Confusion                                        

         Brief History of Scripture Language

         Misinterpretation of Scripture in the Bible

         Spiritual Abuse

Human Destruction from Base Instincts, Faiths,

Beliefs, Cultures, Politics and Religions


4          Intellectual and Spiritual Confusion Revisited   

          Principle Factors for Interpretation

 Lucifer and, the King James Version of the Bible

           Other Holy Scriptures and the Quran (Koran)

 More Similarities than Differences between Religions

          More about Comparative Religions


5        Truth is Stranger than Fantasy                                              

         Did the Creator become Human?

         American Astronaut James Erwin

         Was Christ’s Coming Foretold?

         Who Is Jesus of Nazareth?

         Is Jesus Christ Also ‘God’?

         Jesus’ Claims of Being the Son of ‘God’

         Jesus Christ Rising from the Dead

         The Logical, Psychological and Philosophical Strategy


6       Why Did The Creator Become Human?                                                                   

         Humans Are Imperfect

         The Incarnation                                               

          The Conscious Voice of Self


         Personal Integrity and Choice

         Christ’s Teachings

         The Original Ten Commandments

         Ten Commandments Relevant but Inadequate


7       The New Commandment of Love                      

         The New Law of Relational Love

          Live Life with Relational Love for Self and Others

          Judging and Self-righteousness

          Philosophy of Love


8         The Creator’s Infinite Mystical

         Relational Love/ Compassion                                                                                                                                 

            The Creator’s Acceptance

         The Affects of Transgressions

         The Creator’s Mystical Relational Love

         The Creator’s Infinite Compassion and the

         The Cruel Trick of Death

         Christ’s Compassion and Forgiveness

         The Metaphor of Hell and Satan


9         Why Pain and Suffering                                    

            Mystery of Suffering and Pain

         Insight to ‘God’ the Creator

         Design, Order and Plan, Cause and Effect

         Scripture and Suffering

         Puppets on a String

         Meaning from Pain

         Pain and Relationships


10     Prayer                                                                  

         Dynamics of Prayer                                                                                       



The Meaning of Life in Short


We give meaning to our life because people already exist as we enter the world, and interacting with people and the environment if we can leave this world – when we ‘die’ - a slightly better place than when we entered it, we will have given positive meaning to our life.

Meaning to life - intentionally treating people with goodwill and a generosity of spirit.  Interactions with others as being civil, friendly and compassionate as opposed to being unkind and mean spirited.

Ultimately, the meaning of the meaning of the fullness of life can be as simple as or as complex as we will it to be in relation to what we are capable of.



Is it more meaningful to leave one person happier in the world when we die (pass-over), and no one unhappy, or to leave a hundred people unhappier and a thousand people happier?


Reflect on the above:


Then consider the following:


Ideal behavioural, thoughtful and empathetic intercommunication aspires to intentionally converse and interact with all people we meet in a spirit of good-faith and good-will.  Leaving no one worse-off, but many better-off in their personal sense of well-being.


The Universe > From Something or Nothing?


Life > From Creation or Chance? 


Christ > Is ‘God’ or Prophet?


The ‘Creator’ > Is ‘God’?


Will We Meet Again



The Insult of Blasphemy


When one person, or a billion people, swear by blaspheming by using the name of 'their' 'God' in private, then that’s their prerogative and their personal 'healthy' relationship with their spiritual 'God'.  And their ‘God’ can no doubt understand all that involves the personal relationship between the two of them, and accordingly, deals, accepts and handles such communication as being part of their private and intimate relationship.


But when someone blasphemes in public by using the name of one or a billion peoples’ ‘God’ as a swear word, such as, "Jesus Christ”, “Christ”, “Oh My God” "God", “For God’s Sake”, and indeed the words should they ever be used of “Buddha”, “Yahweh”, “Allah”, “Krishna” including “Muhammad” etc, then the line has been crossed.  Whether we believe, or not, in a ‘God’, blaspheming is offensive in snubbing, with disregard to others’ spiritual beliefs and sensitivities.


In this instance, the blasphemer intentionally or unintentionally portrays and executes the attitudes and characteristics of bigotry, ignorance and arrogance relating to others' feelings and as such, be interpreted as contemptuous and disrespectful. 


These insults and affronts are ‘discrimination’ on religious, cultural and spiritual grounds, and thus should be decreed as illegal.


Please mind your language in front of others.


Blaspheming against someone’s ‘God’ in the public arena is evidence of the orators and author’s bigotry, ignorance, arrogance, and illiteracy. 



The Six Dimensions, Steps, and Degrees to Explain a Creator’s Infinity and Humans’ Immortality


It is important to remember that Spirit Energy exists without the dimensions of Time, Space and Movement.  Because spirit-energy can exist without the dimensions and characteristics of time, space and movement, the question, “How can the Creator have always existed?” is not a relevant question to ask when it is asked within in human context in relation to the world. 


This is because the meaning of the word ‘always’, can by definition, only be referred to in the context of Time, Space and Movement, which in turn are only related within the context of a universe. 


So the question “How can anything have always existed”, can realistically only be asked in the realms of structured atom-energy of the universe – including Black Matter and Dark Energy - with which the world is made, and within the realms and dimensions of Spirit-Energy where time, space and movement is non-existent.


The 6 Steps, Degrees and Dimensions of Life, Existence and Immortality


Step 1 - The two dimensions of Length and Width


Step 2 - The three dimensions of Length, Width and Breadth


Step 3 and 4 - The four dimensions of Time which must include Atom Energy, Space and     Movement.  The phenomena of ‘time’ is essentially a culmination of movement of structures of atom-energies in relation to other structures of atom-energies in the medium of space.


Step 5 - The five dimensions of the human senses which include Touch, Smell, Sound, Sight and Taste.


Step 6 - The six dimension of Spirit - being Self, Consciousness, Awareness, Thoughts and Feelings.  The spirit is the essence of a person and pivot of consciousness, self-awareness, emotion and thought defined not by atom-energy structures but by the energy of spirit. 


The 6th Step and Dimension of Spirit is the only dimension that can stand alone on its own without the necessary input and interactions of the other 5 Steps and Dimensions. 


In reality these six dimensions are designed and planned intelligently to interact and interface with one another.  


But, if we reduce the above equation of the six dimensions by one dimension, that one being the fourth dimension of time we immediately exclude structures of atom energies, movement and space. 


If we remove these dimensions that define the essence of time and therefore the world as we know it one dimension is retained and that is the dimension of spirit.


And if the dimension of spirit, which by its very essence and characteristics, stands alone and apart from time, space and movement, then we cannot ask questions about any Creator or Self that includes within its terms and meaning anything to do with the dimensions and realms of the first 3 dimensions that in part, define structured atom-energies.


Taking these factors into account irrelevant questions to ask would include:


“How could a Creator have always existed”?  And, “Who made the ‘Creator”?


All these questions are asked from the point of reference prefaced on the assumption that ‘time’ is an incumbent necessary part of this world of structured atom-energies, space and movement and not an essential ingredient of spirit-energy. 

The dimension and essence of spirit exits alone in timeless sovereign integrity, and explains and answers the question, “How can humans exist eternally or be immortal”?


Without the dimension of ‘time’ involved in the essence of the dimension of ‘spirit’  there can only exit the ‘now’, the ‘presence’, the ‘just being’, and the ‘just is’.




If Christ is ‘God’/ Creator and the Creator exists, then ‘God’ must Will Unconditional Mystical Relational Love towards all Peoples

         Perhaps the most decisive and poignant message derived from the “Passion Of The Christ” is that the Creator potentially wills to unconditionally love all peoples, notwithstanding their personal transgressions, or their political, cultural, ethnic and religious persuasions and affiliations, as explicitly exemplified by Christ’s outcry, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23: 34-35).  This was an outcry by Jesus Christ on His death cross to the Creator, having been shamed, humiliated, and grievously, mortally and fatally assaulted and wounded.  A sublime supplication to the Creator from the Son, after being jeered, insulted, spat upon, punched, beaten, scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to the cross and speared, such that He was killed by Roman soldiers, Gentiles, Jews, Pagans, Elders, Teachers of the law and the Chief Priest.  The crime of torturous ‘physical’ and psychological brutality leading to a person’s suffering and death, no human being deserves, let alone the innocent Christ.  Yet, regardless of their behaviour, Christ pleads to the Creator to forgive these perpetrators for their actions that precipitated and procured His death.  And if they were not practical partakers in His death, forgiveness for their vicarious and voyeuristic complicity, and their individual and collective transgressions as an outcome of their destructive, obsessive and irrational cultural, political, ethnic and religious beliefs.  No, they did not ask their ‘God’, or anyone else to forgive them for their abominably barbaric intentional murderous behaviour.  And no, they did not believe in the sacred integrity and dignity of humanity.  And no, they did not believe in Christ, either as an innocent human being or as the Son of the Creator.  Yet if Christ is the Creator, then ‘God’ forgave them all, if scripture verse is legitimately accurate.  Yes, it is credible that the Creator forgave all these people.  Killers and accomplices of Christ’s death all forgiven, despite them not believing or seeking forgiveness.  If forgiven, it was through the unconditional mystical relational love of Christ, if Christ was/is in fact ‘God’ and if ‘God’ does in fact, exist. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.(Luke 23: 34-35)




“Fear neither the uncharted waters of life, nor the uncharted waters of death; so you fear neither life nor death, as you fear neither death nor life”



“Fear not Self living in this world, and fear not Self’s inevitable anatomical death, for Self is not only of anatomical existence but invisible Spirit that exists on forever.”



“Self ought try to never behave in this life - that if anatomical death should unexpectedly visit upon Self tomorrow, or next week etcetera – Self would, on post anatomical death-reflection, remorsefully regret”



“Despite all Self’s human flaws and imperfections, Self ought to completely, totally and deeply accept Self as being OK, but be honestly open to constructive change”



“Self’s life here on earth will be seen as having been far too short upon Self’s post-earth life reflection, to have lived life selfishly”



Back Cover Pictures


The Milky Way


The Milky Way is only one galaxy of about 100 billion galaxies in the universe.  The Milky Way is the galaxy within which human beings reside.   There are over 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, the Sun being one of those stars.  The Milky Way is so vast that light, traveling at the speed of light, takes not 10 years, not 100 years, not 1,000 years, but 200,000 light years to traverse it!


The Star Betlegeux and the Sun


This picture demonstrates the enormous and immense size of some of the stars in the Galaxy of the Milky Way and Universe.  This star is a super- giant called “Betlegeux” situated in the Orion Sword.  Betlegeux has a diameter of 220 million miles and its size is seen here in relation to the Sun’s diameter of 1 million miles.  The Sun has a diameter of 1 million miles and the Earth has a diameter of just 8 thousand miles.


Planet Earth


The American astronaut James Erwin, said after viewing the Earth, the Moon, and the Galaxy simultaneously, as his spacecraft traveled back to Earth between the depths of outer space and the Moon, that he had just seen the world as ‘God’ sees it, and that ‘God’ must love humans very much.


Snow Geese


Here is an example of one of the Creator’s beautiful living creations and, how they use the snow as a blanket to keep themselves warm.  The swans (Snow Geese) of Hokkaido in northern Japan are born in Siberia but migrate every year to their island sanctuary in Japan when the Russian winter becomes too severe.


The Rainbow


The Rainbow is an amazing reality exemplifying the wonderful and complex creations in the universe.  The Rainbow, throughout time, has been regarded as magical and capturing the imagination of all peoples.  We have the saying synonymous with the paradoxical enigma of such existence, “The pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow”.  Perhaps the colours of the rainbow are symbolic and analogous to the beauty, strength and synergy of human diversity, illustrated by the electromagnetic spectrum, which creates light from its many diverse colours.



                                   BACK COVER PICTURES     



Final Back Page 5 images















If you are pressed for time to fully read musing in total reflection, please browse individual chapters for subject matter that interests you in the moment.  


Share the informed knowledge, save trees and take the liberty to forward these e-books


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Stephen Clark



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FINAL_Evolution spirit soul book cover










Stephen Clark



ISBN 0-473-03715-7

Copyright © Stephen Clark 2009

Second Revised Edition 2011

Brisbane, Australia


Any comments about the contents of this book please direct to:








Volume 2


Have You Ever Asked These Questions                           

Does Intelligent Design Drive The Process Of Evolution       





1       The Mix of Theology, Philosophy,                         

Psychology and Science                                                                  

Information from the Mix of Academic Disciplines

Meaning of the word ‘Creator’

Meaning of the word ‘Transgression’

Meaning of the word ‘Love’

         Meaning of the words ‘The Word’, ‘Self’, ‘Spirit’, and ‘Soul’

            Putting it all Together

           The Uncharted Waters of Life, and ‘Physical’ Death


2       Who Are We                                                                

          Early Life Experiences

         Absorption of Stimuli

         Power of the Mind to Believe as True in Fantasy and Fact

         Language and Speech                                                             

         Informed Knowledge

         Self, Consciousness and Freewill


3       Science, Evidence, Beliefs and Myths                                                

         No Scientific Evidence

The Discipline of Psychology investigates Parapsychology

Belief, Memory and Cognition

         In Conflict With Reality                               


4         Miracles of the Universe                                         

Creation as Scientific Evidence

Humans Are Fragile

Light, Stars and Galaxies

         Termination of the Sun, Life and Time

Black Holes                                                                  


5       Proof of a Creator’s Existence from

Subatomic, Quantum & Nano Physics                    

Only 118 Natural Elements in the Known Universe

Atoms, Cells, Genes and DNA

Meaning of ‘The Word’, Soul and, Spirit

The Brain, Neurons, Neurotransmitters, and Self

How Could ‘God’ Have Always Existed?


6         The Miracle of Evolution                                                                  

         We Continue Our Search

         In a Nut Shell

         Have We Forgotten

         Genetics and Evolution

         Evolution of Humans

         More about Evolution

         Reconciliation between Science and Scripture                


7            Human Atoms and Spirit Energies Similar

But Different                                                                          

          CERN, Antimatter, Stephen Hawking, and Chance

              Design, Order and Plan, Cause and Effect

         Self, Consciousness, Cognition, Emotion and Speech

         Human Personality, Spirit and Soul

          Attributes for Personal Growth

           Charles Darwin and the Last Word


8      Atoms of Structures & Spirit Energy of Self        

         The World is Not as it Appears

         Proof of a Creator’s Existence through Reason and 


          Atom-Energy, Spirit-Energy and the Soul of Self

          Amazing Attributes of Atoms

          Subatomic Energies of Atom-Energy

          Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ (E = mc2)

          A ‘Creator’ of Atom-Energy and Spirit-Energy

          DNA – The Building Blocks of Life

          Light, Photons, Atoms, and Subatomic Energies

          The Big Bang in the Scheme of Things

9      Interactions of Atoms, Soul and Spirit of Life           

          Life as both Atom and Spirit Energy

          Electromagnetic Charges and Complex Subatomic Interactions

          Matter and Mass is but Atom Energy

          Atom-Energies with Structures and Functions, and Spirit-   


          Non-Living Atom-Energy Evolves into Living Atom-Energies

          Atoms, Soul and Spirit are all Different Energies                                                        

          Atom-Energy of Living Cells and Spirit-Energy of People

          The Atom-Energies of Non-Life into the Atom-Energy of Life             

          with Spirit-Energy

          The Differences and Interactions of Atom-Energy and Spirit- 


          A Shift in Personal Mindset


10    The ‘Word’. Soul and Spirit                                     

          The Need for the ‘Word’, Soul, and Spirit

          Energy from Nothing

          Changing DNA of Atom-Energy Through Spiritual Energy

          Made in the Likeness and Image of the ‘Creator’

          The Interaction and Disconnection between Atom-Energy and 


          The Interactions of Atom-Energy Structures with Spirit-Energy

          Creator’s Soul and Spirit Lies within the Creation

         The Fingerprints of Soul and Spirit

          in both the Non-Living and 


          Atom-Energy and the Spirit-Energy of Self

          First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics

          What Does the Word Atom Mean?


11    Humans Interface with Different Energies          

         The Human Interface between Atom-energy

          and Spirit-energy

          Interaction of Subatomic Energies and Self

         The Infusion/Impregnation of Atom-energy

          and Spirit-energy with Soul

          Human’s Interpretation of Atom-energy

          Nuclear Fusion

          How We Live

          The Fertilised Seeds of Spirit and Soul Infused

          at the Time of  Creation

          Achieving New Personal Characteristics and Behaviours

          Soul and Spirit of Life

          Giving Meaning to Life


12       Human Personality, Intellect, Reason

          And Freewill                                                          

            Visible Body, Invisible Mind

         Conflict between Body and Spirit


13       Intellectual and Spiritual Confusion Revisited    

         Human Suffering from the Misinterpretation of Scripture

         Gnostism, Apocrypha and, ‘The Da Vinci Code’

          The Evolution of Scripture Interpretation

         The Human Spiritual Journey


14     ‘Physical’ and Spiritual Worlds                                                            

          Visible and Invisible Worlds

          Think Of Absolutely Nothing

          Humankind Made in the Creator’s Image and Likeness

          Why Do We Exist

          Learning from Experience

          Humans Potential for Relational ‘Love’

          Possibility of Life after Death

          Possibility of Multiple Worlds

          Living the Gift of Life to the Full

          Never Too Late

          The Sanskrit Proverb



Have You Ever Asked These Questions            



  • What is Self, Consciousness, Personality, Spirit and Soul?


  • What problems relate to human faiths and beliefs regarding

religions, traditions and cultures?


  • Similar to religions, astrology and forms of parapsychology are erroneous


  • Does the universe exist through creation or chance?


  • How have all humans evolved from primates and fish?


  • How can biblical scripture be reconciled with evolution?


  • How could a Creator have always existed?


  • Life on earth is temporary


  • What are the human energies of atoms, soul and spirit


  • The human interface of these different energies


  • How can ‘physical’/visible and spiritual/invisible worlds be explained?


  • What is the purpose of life and death?



This book, GOD AND DECODING INTELLIGENT DESIGN: EVOLUTION, SPIRIT, SOUL AND SELF explores answers to these existential questions.



Does Intelligent Design Drive the Process of Evolution?


The answers to the questions about the origins of the existence of life, and the universe, are not solely answered from the perspective of the academic disciplines from science without the inclusion of and in conjunction with philosophy.

Why?... Because you can’t make anything, including life and the universe from nothing, which such thought processes derive from the components we call philosophy.

The question “Does Life and Universe exist as a result of the bio-chemical mechanisms that relate to the scientific theory of evolution”?….must also be asked and include questions structured and asked from the perspective of the academic discipline of philosophy:

Thus, we now have the question, “have the bio-chemical machinations of evolution from which Life and Universe continue to process and exist initiated from the origins of Intelligent Design”?

To answer questions relating to the existence of life and the universe there necessitates the incorporation of theories that include both the academic discipline of science, “The Theory of Evolution” and the academic discipline of Philosophy, “The Possibility of Intelligent Design”. 

Without Intelligent Design there would be no existence and so neither would there be the process of evolution.

This is, to incorporate the questions that emanate forth from the scientific theory of evolution with the questions that emanate forth from the philosophical theory of intelligent design as an intelligent process to answer the questions relating to the existence, maintenance and sustainability of life and the universe.   

These interacting hypotheses require discussion and contemplation between people in all science classes at every levels of education if students are to obtain a bona fide and broad educational base and perspective to theories and possibilities that ask questions about life and the universe.





If you have an aversion to, and limited time to spend reading introductions, the above Content pages of information, will, per Chapter and per Subsection, provide you with all the subjects in this book extensively researched and discussed.      


            The title of this book GOD AND DECODING INTELLIGENT DESIGN: EVOLUTION, SPIRIT, SOUL AND SELF is but a description of the starting point to all the information this book endeavours to encompass. The information in this book, which Chapters and their subsections are clearly described under the ‘Contents’ hopes to accomplish the furnishing and exploration of evidence-based knowledge, facts, ideas, theories and insights, which cumulatively  provide potential answers to those enduring human existential questions that can dwell, often annoyingly, within Self’s conscious being.  In accomplishing such a goal, this book breaks old boundaries and hopes to provide informed information.  If we can believe that the existence of the universe was created with design, order, and purpose.  The evidence within this book implies that the universe did not just come into being from nothing and by random chance, but it had to come from something.  Therefore, if there is a ‘Creator’ of design, order and purpose then there is also potential immortality, as opposed to something coming from nothing with no design, order or purpose.

         This book emphasizes the fact that what seemingly appears to be fact, is a perceived illusion.  However, this perception of illusion is because we are still to change our mindset and shift it to what we now know it to exist of – and that is energy - from scientific research. When we look around us there is predetermined order, design and purpose everywhere.  The Will and Soul of a ‘Creator’ is manifest in subatomic particles, atoms or atom-energy, that not only make up the pages and print of this book but everything in the universe, including inanimate objects (non-life) e.g., stars, galaxies, water, rocks, etcetera, and animate living life, for example, plants, animals, birds, insects and humans etcetera.  Only 0.4% of the universe is made of structures with functions made of atom-energy we observe, such as stars, with 3.6% made of gaseous atom-energy.  The other 96 % of the universe is made from an energy that is atom-less, and perhaps more akin to the spirit-energy of the Creator.  Physicists call this unknown ‘matter’ ‘dark matter and energy’.  The world is not made of what it appears to be made of as it is made of atoms, which are in essence energies without mass.  Atoms are defined as electrical and electromagnetic charges, and are measured as electrical volts (eV).  Atoms have no weight but feel heavy because of the electromagnetic energy between the larger planet earth attracting smaller parcels of electromagnetic energy.

         This tension is what we call gravity, which constructs our perception and experience of weight.  Atoms are in essence invisible, but we see because our eye, brain and interpretation are based on the reflection of light wave–lengths into our central nervous system via our eyes.  If we think about how hydrogen and oxygen make up ice, water and steam-gases, we can understand how everything in the universe possesses different structures and functions even when made with the same atoms, but with different atom configurations. 

         As the functions of atoms changes e.g., as in the different structures and functions of ice, water, and steam, although, made from the same atoms, are but structured differently, as in tightly packed atoms of ice, as opposed to the less-tightly packed atoms of steam-gases.  Atoms interact with other atoms of the same (elements), and different atoms (compounds), that make up the universe. 

         There are only 118 different atoms that together, or combined, make up all that exists in this world.  The exception is the Self, which by definition is spirit-energy of consciousness, thoughts, emotions, self-awareness, personality and will, etcetera.  References in this book to the word ‘physical’ are defined as atom-energy, referring to all that exists, including the body (anatomy) or the ‘physical’ environment, food and shelter, and all that we observe around us, other than Self and others, which are spirit-energies and include consciousness, thoughts, emotions, self-awareness, personality and will etcetera . 

These matters are explored more deeply in the Chapters.                   

         This book also explores credible evidence that individual human existence is about living one’s life to its fullest potential whatever that may mean for each individual.  Whilst the death – the change in structure and function of atom-energy we all eventually encounter, but often ignore and deny, should not be feared, but celebrated as the natural progression of Self and Self’s intangible, and therefore, invisible consciousness.  Self’s invisible consciousness being a part of Self’s spirit, and thus, by definition, immortal living eternally forever. 

            The information herein is a product of the knowledge ascertained from the mix of perceptions and facts interwoven and interpreted from dedicated and peripheral components and elements of the academic disciplines of Science, Philosophy, Theology and Psychology. 

The art of Science consists of the study of subatomic particles that make up atoms, and molecules or atom-energy.  This is quantum physics that studies atoms that make up the different structures and functions of the ‘physical’ world, in essence essentially made of atom-energy.  The methodology used for scientific work uses systematic and methodical observation and experiment. 

Philosophy is about asking and answering questions from a rational and logical point of view about anything and everything that may mean something valuable to someone or everyone. 

Theology is the study of different religions, rituals and scripture with their interpretation of ‘God’ and then ‘God’s relationship with and to Self, others, and the world. 

Psychology is the scientific study of the human brain and human behaviour in relation to different mental states of thought and emotion arising from diverse and individual personal experiences. Psychology may also include the study of human awareness and meta-cognition, where Self thinks about what Self is thinking about. 

Through the objective and rational analysis of peripheral, vicarious and insightful intrinsic information sourced from the academic disciplines of Science, Philosophy, Theology and Psychology come together to explore unsubstantiated and mythical beliefs, such as the literal interpretation of every word in every verse in all scriptures.  This includes the research based exploration of parapsychology and astrology as being potentially psychologically and spiritually aversive to the human spirit and soul. 

The human embracement of such inaccurate and illogical ideologies and beliefs can be seen to the result, which originates from the complex mix of human characteristics.  These characteristics  have evolved from both human base instincts that influence and vice-versa with the higher quality constructs of consciousness, intellect, cognition, emotion and freewill, which are interactive with the individual’s personal experiences and choices. 

         The innate human need to arbitrary adhere obediently to particular religious, cultural and/ or political ‘beliefs’ and ‘faiths’ in relation to their laws, rules and practices, is seen in part, to be driven by the need for the individual’s sense of personal security, psychological comfort and personal acceptance.  Including the subconscious and conscious crave and desire to manipulate in some way the experienced existence of Self’s anticipated and ‘hoped for’ immortality and therefore the perceived prerequisite and requirement to ‘be right’  and ‘good’ with ‘God’.   The above premise can then be exacerbated by innocent ignorance, the quest for what is true and real, personal fear, and individual arrogance and pride.  These related  thoughts, attitudes, emotions and behaviours can then be subconsciously mixed with the misinterpretation and misapplication of particular secular, cultural and religious policies, laws, rituals and traditions, which are required by Self to be perceived as infallible and ‘true’, and ultimately expressed through thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and contents of speech. 

         The selective human adoption of particular religious, political and cultural beliefs and practices may also manifest because of the synergistic power created by the human psych.  A psych created and operated through the higher constructs of personal spiritual, intellectual, cognitive and emotional forces, both consciously and subconsciously, can be manipulated and influenced by base human instincts of greed, power, survival and aggression.  Self’s higher constructs of spiritual and psychological abilities and needs then interact with Self’s innate primate base instinctive desires potentially resulting in personal spiritual and psychological discomfort and vulnerability.  This spiritual and psychological discomfort and vulnerability can lead Self ‘open’ to the possible exposure of irrational and inaccurate beliefs and faiths of particular religious, and political and cultural persuasions with their exclusive rules and practices, procuring an outcome of individual and collective spiritual, psychological, intellectual, emotional and behavioural confusion and abuse.

         As a partial defense against the irrational and inaccurate beliefs and faiths of particular religious, political and/ or cultural laws and practices that can precipitate individual and collective human suffering, destruction, turmoil and indecision, the investigative analyse of spiritual literatures is undertaken.  The identification and interpretation of contradicting verses in religious scriptures are explored, in particular those verses that have the potential ‘power’ to impact destructively upon human cognitions, emotion, values, attitudes and beliefs, and their subsequent expression through mindsets, behaviours and contents of speech. 

         Principles for the reinterpretation of religious scriptures are described, which can be applied to other sacred scriptures.  How could a loving Creator allow such human suffering?  The general theme and message prescribed by the New Testament writings are identified as emphasising the integrity and sacredness of human sovereignty and independence manifest in the invisible and intangible – which therefore can be described as Spirit – constructs of Self.  Self in turn is described and defined in part as containing the attributes of human consciousness, personality, freewill, intellect, cognition and emotion, which can be expressed in particular personal beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviours and contents of speech. 

         The identified general theme and message prescribed by the New Testament scriptures is about practicing the human-to-human expression of compassion and reconciliation.  This is essentially about valuing and accepting Self and others ‘where you and they are at’ at a particular moment in time.  Particularly with respect to personal imperfections, and others with different and diverse beliefs, values and experiences as ones Self.  A belief in Christ’s death and resurrection could be potential evidence identified as being credible for the consideration of the reality of human immortality.

         Traditional biblical beliefs about creation and the creation of human beings are reconciled with the scientific evidence of evolution, but evolution as an outcome of pre-programmed DNA as opposed to Darwin’s natural selection and chance.  This is, the Creator’s willed design and order of creation that allows the development of the human brain to interface and infuse with the invisible, intangible and sublime, yet metaphysical and observable, Self.  Self being consciousness, personality, freewill, intellect, cognition and emotion together with personal values, attitudes, and beliefs as an outcome of unique environments and personal experiences, knowledge and choices, which by definition, are not visible, but intangible and invisible, and therefore can only be described and defined as being that of Spirit.

            The rationale and logical proofs of Theist-Philosopher’s in relation to rational and logical ‘cognitive’ evidence for the existence of a ‘God’ are discoursed.  The ‘miracles’ of creation as discovered and identified by technologies of  modern science and articulated as is the wisdom, both spoken and unspoken, emanating from the general theme prescribed and articulated throughout scripture specifically regarding Creator-to-human and human-to-human relational love. 

Combining all the above information together may provide the reader with enough resources to contemplate and consider the possibility of the existence of a Creator.  An explanation regarding the difficult concept of comprehending that a ‘Creator’ must have always existed if a ‘Creator’ does indeed exist, is also offered.  The reality of Parapsychology is exposed by science as being, at best, magical beliefs based on myth, potentially exploiting the spiritually vulnerable and, at worst, encouraging the occurrence of cognitive, emotional and behavioural self-fulfilling prophecies.  Self-fulfilling prophecies can prohibit the necessary intellectual and emotional processes of Self’s decision making, that in part, drive Self’s desire to seek informed knowledge, and ultimately, understanding of Self, and the desire for personal change.  This mindset relating to ‘predestined fate’ inevitably affects Self’s ability for self-acceptance, procurement of informed knowledge, and the ability to personally choose to voluntary change particular aspects that Self believes needs changing. 

The powerful influence generated by personal beliefs and faiths in a particular religion, culture and/ or politics must be considered such that they cannot afford to be beliefs and faiths based on a blind and hysterical mindset and mentality.  But beliefs are required to be predicated on an informed, considered, and educated premise so that choices are underpinned by the interaction between Self’s objective informed knowledge mixing and interacting with the reflective introspection of Self’s innate spiritual intuition. 

         Christ’s examples and teachings relating to living life on earth, His miraculous, resurrection from the dead, together with the miracles of creation, including the intangible components of Self - consciousness, meta-cognition, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs - may be viewed as events that provide a source of hope for the real possibility for the eternal and immortal existence of Self.  So together and addition to the scientific complexity of creation, and the scientific and logical premise that you can’t get ‘something’ (the universe and life) from ‘nothing’, and the existence of the intangible components that make up Self, and the considered belief in Christ’s resurrection, together, have the potential to set the precedence, and be the evidence, for human immortality. 

         The continuation of Self being the eternal continuation of Self’s experiences of consciousness; the eternal continuation of Self’s intimate thoughts, memories and emotions; the eternal continuation of Self’s relational experiences with others, and the eternal continuation of Self’s individual personality.







Information from the Mix of Academic Disciplines

Meaning of the Word ‘Creator’

Meaning of the Word ‘Transgression’

Meaning of the Word ‘Love’

The Words ‘Self’’, ‘Spirit’, ‘The Word’, and ‘Soul’

Putting it all Together

The Uncharted Waters of Life and Death


Information from the Mix of Academic Disciplines


The information shared in this book endeavours to instil through the academic disciplines and theories of theological, psychological, philosophical, and scientific paradigms informed information and knowledge pertaining to the understanding of Self and Self’s Spirit in relation to others, the world and a Creator.  This understanding founded on rational and logical thought processes formed from evident based information within and from the peripheral knowledge ascertained from the academic disciplines of Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and Science.  Such knowledge and information underpinned by the synthesis of the facts and theories produced from research and integrated with the Self’s reflective, introspective, intuitive and discerning spirit.  That is, considered existential information for the personal motivation that drives Self’s (human) behaviour and contents of speech, rather than the personal motivation that is drawn from mass hysteria, or based simply on the personal convenience of fictional beliefs and myths driven by historical rituals and traditions of ‘powerful’ and ‘dynamic’ cultures and religions.  Herein, the word ‘existential’ means Self’s sense of psychological and spiritual well-being as an outcome of self-reflection and introspection with regard to Self’s sense of identity as an immortal being.  Self’s sense of identity and personality encompass consciousness, thoughts, feelings and emotions, and particular values, beliefs and attitudes, including Self’s sense of personal value and esteem as a product of Self’s sense of intrinsic existence and inherent purpose in relation to Self’s existence in this world and beyond. 

Arbitrary emotive and faith driven beliefs have the propensity to encourage and stimulate significant destructive human attitudes that often manifest in diabolically oppressive human-to-human anatomical and psychological behaviours and contents of speech.  This destructive human oppression and aggression expressed between individuals through the psychological mechanisms of emotional and anatomical abuse and harm.  And, also expressed collectively in society and between groups, manifest through tribal, sectarian, national and international behaviours of extreme and irrational politics and/or religious fundamentalism within destructive cultures and traditions that culminate in human-to-human anatomical, psychological and spiritual destruction, because of psychological and anatomical acts of repression, oppression and tyranny. 

The author has taken special and particular care to write objectively with the intent and purpose to investigate these subjects from a rational and ‘value free’ perspective, this being an unbiased, just, sensitive, respectful, fair and non-judgmental method of transmitting and disseminating such information.  In particular, this writing hopes to explain some possible answers to existential questions, shedding light on the possibilities of the mysteries of the universe, creation and human life and immortality.  This exploration includes those essentially necessarily deep and perennial mysterious and partly unanswered universal questions about particular universal truths, which can tend to gnaw away at our most vulnerable senses.  This is, Self’s particular thoughts and emotions that undoubtedly have the ability to underpin and determine Self’s personal sense of worth and value, and the degree to which Self consciously experiences Self, and thus Self’s spiritual and personal self-awareness and being.  Such personal awareness, or lack of, can have the potential to manifest a ‘rule’ for measuring one’s sense of self-worth and shaping one’s sense of personal identity.  Lack of knowledge (epistemology) and the misunderstanding of important universal principles, by definition, may disrupt and undermine the fragile senses and feelings of Self’s inner being of peace, having the potential to foster an element of personal disquiet.  The contents of this book cross many multifaceted subjects that are related to Self, others and the world and the potential possibility for the existence of a Creator and human immortality.  This is, the possibility for the existence of a Creator, who may be defined as both a Spirit and, a human, through incarnation.  If Christ is in fact ‘God’ and if ‘God’ does in fact exist

The objective and analytical investigation of Scripture in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible is undertaken.  The deconstruction and reconstruction, and subsequent re-interpretation of biblical literature executed.  Some of these same principles used to reinterpret particular verses in biblical Scripture are also applicable to other Holy Scriptures such as Islam’s Qu’ran (Koran).  Contradictions from opposing scripture verses in the bible are identified as having meanings that are, by definition, conducive to misinterpretation.  Such misinterpretation of particular scripture verses can carry a psychological power that may potentially impose and promote staunch institutionalised and religious fundamentalism and extremism, whilst stealing intended spiritual messages about human relational love, forgiveness, compassion and immortality. 

In addition, evidence for the legitimacy of Christ’s claims as being the authentic Son of the Creator are extensively explored.  And evidence for the prescribed meanings of particular Scripture verses are, when interpreted in context, identified as being compatible with the ‘general thematic teaching’ expressed throughout scripture for human-to-human relational understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.  The exposure and identification of this general theme within Scripture of human relational understanding, love, forgiveness and compassion, and the academic, historical and rational processes of the interpretation of ancient text, both explicitly and implicitly, contribute towards the possibility of declaring Jesus Christ as the Creator (God) Incarnate.  Including human relational understanding, acceptance, and charity for Self and others, as being alone the fundamental criteria of the Creator’s new message for all peoples to live.  Indeed, we may consider the notion that the world will know that Self is ‘loved’ by the way Self ‘loves’ Self and others, including those with different and diverse values, attitudes, faiths and beliefs.  For the new message, ‘To Love’, is nothing less, but the Number One and Number Two imperative messages (Commandments or laws) espoused in scripture by Christ, whom we may also come to consider, was/ is the authentic Son of the Creator.  The problem with the words ‘commandment’ and ‘law’ suggest the requirement of a behavior that is driven by fear, coercion and threat, and thus involuntary.  Such involuntary driven behaviours are in essence, spiritually and psychologically self-limiting.  So for the purpose of this book, the words ‘commandment’ and ‘law’, regarding ‘relational love’, can be interchanged with ‘the new law’ or ‘imperative message’.

From the discourse of the ‘five rational (logical) proofs’ of the great Philosopher and Theologian Thomas Aquinas, in addition to the scientific description of the miracles of creation, ‘God's’ existence, power and mystical relational love are assured to be at least, seriously considered. 

Parapsychology, including Astrology, is exposed by science as being at best, no more than personal fun and entertainment from the sense of invoked ‘magic’, and at worst, serious beliefs based on myth and superstition being the shams that have the potential to shamefully exploit the spiritually vulnerable.  This is not to deny that there are many people who have experienced in some way or another forms of spiritual connections with the ‘other side’, but few people have the gift to involuntarily, but legitimately, connect with people from the ‘other side’ on behalf of others, and whose credibility has been authenticated through the tests of science. 

So through the objective, critical and unbiased analysis of factually derived information from the academic disciplines of Science, Philosophy, Theology and Psychology, traditional human existential questions, superstitions and myths regarding Parapsychology, ‘God’, Creation, Evolution, Reincarnation, Karma, Heaven, Hell and Satan, and the meaning of life are explored in both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this series.  The distorted and fundamental interpretation of biblical scripture is exposed through methodical deconstruction and reconstruction.  The creation and existence of the universe and humans is surely mysterious and miraculous, so considered the premeditated design, order, and plan of a ‘Creator’.  However, the process of evolution, being the dynamics that matures and changes creation per se, is defined by many as a procedure based purely on random chance.  But evolving creation can also be explained as a miracle predetermined and predestined by a ‘Creator’ from which the world, life, and humans have transcendently evolved.  And so science and biblical scripture is reconciled between the traditional incongruence of biblical verses in the book of Genesis and scientific evidence.  Through the investigation of the miracles of creation and the universe, we may come to understand evolution as more than the outcome of natural selection and chance, but that creation must include the possibility of the component of DNA pre-programming.   DNA pre-programming being the Creator’s planned design, order and process for the creation of Self and development of Self’s consciousness, freewill and personality with the ability to think, feel and speak about Self’s values, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs,.  The creation of these conscious human invisible spiritual/psychological constructs can be viewed as the transcendent characteristics that allow humans to possess the ‘unique’, ‘sacred’ and ‘spiritual’ attributes of the integrity and dignity of independence, sovereignty and freewill.  Indeed, these are the higher transcendent qualities that allow humans the capability for developing significant and meaningful relationships with Self and others.  The ideal characteristics for human relationships then, will be defined as being experienced as relationally benign, accepting and compassionate. 

As an outcome of the information acquired herein, from extensive research and insight, it may be possible to believe that human suffering and pain is not a punishment from any Supreme Being.  That the meaning of life is about living life as a gift to the fullest with compassion and acceptance for Self and others.  That it is possible to consider the reality of a ‘Creator’; and the reality of Christ as being the Son of ‘God’.  That humans have evolved from primate animals through pre-programmed DNA as the Creator’s intended plan for humans to possess the gifts of consciousness, freewill, cognition, emotion and speech, and as an outcome of these gifts, Self’s spirit and individual personality.  That ‘evidence based’ knowledge about Self provides Self with information that allows serious consideration of the possibility that spiritual life after anatomical death does in fact exist.

Considering the limitations of human intellect and existence, which by nature, defines Self’s ability to comprehend the depths and breadths of these universal mysteries, the prospective answers to these profound existential questions may become surprisingly clear as they are contemplated through Self’s spiritual and intellectual dimensions of consciousness.      

         The information espoused through this manuscript, intends to at least, attempt to share and inform the reader of the extensive research on these existential concepts, which may culminate as a new positive outcome in the phenomena - if not already achieved - to “live the gift of life to the fullest in unconditional acceptance and compassion for Self and others.”  To live the gift of life to its fullest, because once we are anatomy dead we cannot ‘come back’ for another go or chance.  The author has experienced, as might the reader, a challenging but increased sense of personal peace and well-being accomplished as an outcome of the digestion and internalization of this information.  And through the intuitive and internal cognitive and emotional interactive psychological and spiritual reflective processes that can occur within Self.  In addition to and in conjunction with Self’s conscious honest self-reflection of the intimate, private and personal ideas, images, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, values and, subsequent behaviours and contents of speech relating to these considerations.  The consequences of the information absorbed from these internal processes through Self’s informed reflective intuitive spirit may have the ultimate capacity for some to inspire and motivate the aspirations of Self towards a new, exciting, and invigorating or just an accepting, psycho-spiritual journey on planet earth.  Living the challenging and sometimes difficult life of life, with the potential but positive traits of selflessness and transcendent unconditional acceptance and compassion for Self and others.           

            In the final analysis, GOD AND DECODING INTELLIGENT DESIGN: EVOLUTION, SPIRIT, SOUL AND SELF was not written with the specific purpose and intention of affecting any arbitrary or blatant change in the reader’s beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours or contents of speech.  Nor is it the intention for this reflective discourse to be disrespectful to any peoples in particular or to any peoples specifically.  But to refer by the writer to all peoples with an attitude and behaviour that is guided by a sense of dignity and respect for and toward people without any subjective hint and objective content culminating from personal prejudice or value judgments.  But through the transmission of factual and objective information, and yes, sometimes subjective experience and insight too, this discourse hopes to provoke the stimulation of procedural and considered possibilities through the willed acts of Self’s consciousness, thoughts, emotions, values, attitudes and beliefs and subsequent behaviours and contents of speech.  This is, personal psycho-spiritual stimulation in relation to the significant aforementioned personal, spiritual and existential matters relating to Self and Others, and if one so decides the possible or inevitable existence of such an Entity or Being, ‘a Creator’.  This discourse hopes also to provoke the stimulation of procedural and considered possibilities through the will of Self’s consciousness, thoughts and emotions in relation to personal values, attitudes and beliefs, particularly regarding unconditional acceptance and relational compassion including the reality of the meaning of life and possibility of the existence of human immortality.

            Again, considering the defining nature of both the limitations and potentials of human consciousness and intelligence, the ability to grasp some understanding of this informed exploration to the answers of these profound existential questions and some comprehension to their depths and breadths in relation to the integrity of Self’s spiritual, intellectual and emotional capabilities, may come surprisingly easily.

The Word ‘Creator’


The information espoused in GOD AND DECODING INTELLIGENT DESIGN: EVOLUTION, SPIRIT, SOUL AND SELF, endeavours to explore answers to those very human and enduring existential questions that seem to dwell often and annoyingly within our being, manifesting as conceptualisations in personal consciousness, thoughts, and emotions.  The word ‘Creator’ in this book is synonymous with ‘Super Natural Being’, ‘God’, and ‘Intelligent Designer’.  The word ‘Creator’ used in this book has often been utilised as an alternative to the word ‘God’.  This is because the meaning of the word ‘God’ has through the centuries, been often contaminated by both organised religions and individuals in relation to spiritual and psychological misuse and abuse resulting in both misinterpretation and confusion.  The word ‘God’ and ‘Creator’ have inverted commas, because the word ‘God’ over the centuries has had many different meanings for many different people experienced as both positive and negative.  The perceived meaning of the word ‘God’ has often been the catalyst and justification for the human expression of interpersonal, interracial and international anatomical and psychological oppression, abuse and violence.  And the meaning of the word ‘Creator’ denotes at least, the possibility of the existence or non existence of such an entity, and at most, has a meaning that denotes an entity that has a very individual personal and intimate relationship to and with the reader.

The meaning of the word ‘Father’ may have difficulties for readers in terms of the potential authoritative connotations it may portray, perhaps conjuring experiences of less than pleasant thoughts and feelings relating to past and present parent-child relations.  Moreover, the word ‘Father’, for some, may be gender biased, and therefore sexist, whilst also inadvertently ascribing the Creator as having the gender of a male.  This is a human depiction of ‘God’, as the Creator can be neither male nor female because ‘God’ is, and has, always been Spirit.  However, for all intents and purposes, the use in this book of the meaning of the words ‘God’ and ‘Father’ may be deemed as being interchangeable with the meaning of the word ‘Creator’. 


The Word ‘Transgression’ or ‘Sin’


         Other potentially powerful words used in a religious and spiritual context, such as ‘sin’, ‘transgression’, ‘bad’, ‘evil’, ‘wrong’, ‘less than good’, ‘imperfect’, ‘indiscretions’ and ‘maladaptive’ have also been misused and abused by religions and individuals throughout the centuries.  The meanings of the above words have in the past, been used in abusive terms by the ‘spiritually powerful’.  This is, by those in religious positions of authority but who are sometimes spiritually ignorant, to invoke psychological coercion through arbitrary personal and spiritual judgments.  This inevitably conjures up fear, thus manipulating personal religious beliefs, behaviours and speech through by the need for obedience and compliance of the ‘spiritually vulnerable’ to particular religious and cultural practices, laws and rituals.  But the author has chosen to use the above words that convey these different meanings and nuances of human behaviour to emphasis and describe behaviours and speech that may manifest as a product of Self’s conscious and/ or subconscious human thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs.  And that these psycho-spiritual constructs, together, interact in a particular way to precipitate some real or perceived psychological, spiritual and/or anatomical pain and suffering to others and one’s self. 


The Word ‘Love’


Love, love, love, what makes the world go round is love.  The word ‘love’ is perhaps one of the most frequently used words by humans, and has been expressed and received by people in multiple ways, in movies, theatre, books, songs and real life.  People have personally experienced and expressed the meaning of the word ‘love’ in both a positive, and negative, and deep and shallow, archetypes.  It is not surprising then that the word love can often produce cognitive and emotional connotations that have a positive and/or negative meaning, including that which is flowery, insipid and superficial.  So what is love?  Does love relate to loving Self as well as loving others?  Is the act of loving the same as ‘being in love’, and the same as unconditional love?  Does the meaning of the word ‘love’ for humans include, intimate ‘physical’ acts mixed with the associated cognitive and emotional experiences and responses that we may relate to and term romance, or relate to and term lust, or relate to and term friendship.  Or can the meaning of the word ‘love’ be interpreted as being a single and/ or combination of these above ideas and interpretations.  The defining characteristics of the interacting behaviour of ‘love’ between friends, or between parents and siblings, or between romantic partners are obviously very different in terms of the interactive relational, cognitive, emotional and ‘physical’ inputs and outputs experienced by these different ‘love’ behaviours.  Can the meaning of the word ‘love’ be distorted, corruptly perceived, and include interrelation misuse and abuse?  Does and can a ‘pure’ unconditional platonic ‘love’ exist between individuals?  Or can and does only a non-platonic romantic ‘love’ exist between individuals?  Does the concept of the term ‘being in love’ per se, even exist as either singularly a platonic or non-platonic relationship, or a mix of both these two relational dynamics?  Does and can the experience and expression of ‘love’ exist and mean different things at different times to different people? 

Has Self ever experienced the phenomena in reality of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that Self would imagine would relate to the characteristics of both an unconditional platonic relational love and an unconditional romantic relational love, or of ‘being in love’, maybe even within a personal private ‘spiritual’ moment, or even within a dream, or perhaps in real life?  Has Self in reality ever experienced what Self envisages to be unconditional relational platonic or romantic love with another, or to be ‘in (platonic or romantic) love’ with another?  What are the cognitions, emotions and behaviours experienced as an outcome of unconditionally platonically or romantically loving another, or being unconditionally platonically or romantically, loved by another?  Are particular personal characteristics required to be exhibited by another for Self to unconditionally platonically or romantically love another, or to platonically or romantically ‘be in love’ with another, and if so, what are these personal characteristics and traits of personality?

Is the level of received and expressed love from and between an individual and their personal pet, such as a dog or cat, a form of unconditional platonic love?  Many would say yes.  Is some platonic and/or romantic love between individuals, conditional, that is, a love which is predicated on some particular conditional activity or behaviour for one to love and be loved by another?  So people experience different forms and levels of platonic and/ or romantic love that is given, expressed and received.  People experience different forms and degrees of platonic or romantic love described as unconditional or indeed conditional relational love, because everyone has different personalities and different experiences, and thus, everyone is different, individual and unique.

So the meaning of the word ‘love’ can have many different forms and meanings for people as a consequence of the mix and interactions of the unique Self interplaying with the unique Self’s experiences with others and the world.  Therefore, in human terms, the meaning and definition of the word ‘love’ can be complicated and varied. 

However, for the purposes of this book, the meaning of the word ‘love’ for Self and others will mean the same as and be interchangeable with the meanings of;


  • Interpersonal intellectual and spiritual unconditional platonic relational love
  • Interpersonal intellectual and spiritual unconditional acceptance and value
  • Interpersonal intellectual and spiritual unconditional dignity
  • Interpersonal intellectual and spiritual unconditional respect
  • Interpersonal intellectual and spiritual unconditional compassion
  • Interpersonal intellectual and spiritual unconditional reconciliation


And the word ‘love’ herein dose not include the love that has a meaning that relates in any way to human ‘anatomical lust’, ‘physical’ intimacy, or an anatomical/physical and sexual attraction.  The meaning of the word ‘love’ in relation to the Creator’s potential love for the created is obviously far more complex.  For the purpose of this book, the meaning of the Creator’s potential love for the created will mean the same as, and be interchangeable with, the meaning of the term ‘mystical unconditional relational love’.  The Creator’s potential mystical or mysterious unconditional relational love for the created is indeed a phenomena that is partially experienced within aspects of human love, such as the intellectual, emotional and spiritual unconditional love of a platonic love experienced between individuals.  This is, a ‘love’ primarily based on intellectual, emotional and spiritual sense of interpersonal interactions.  This is a love that is unconditional and compassionate, a love open to intellectual, emotional and spiritual interpersonal reconciliation.  But the Creator’s mystical unconditional relational love for the created must be for humans, by definition, not absolutely and transparently comprehensible.  However, as we investigate the possibility of the authenticity of Christ as being the Son of the Creator, the Creator’s love for the created may become clearer.  But, clearer within the boundaries and confinements of human limitations.


Meaning of ‘The Word’ ‘Self’, ‘Spirit’, and ‘Soul’


The Word ‘The Word’


            Moreover, for the purpose of the information espoused in this book, the meaning of the word ‘The Word’ may be defined in part, as that part of the mystical Creator that initiated the energy and the design and order of the creation of the universe.  The ‘Word’ then may be defined and expressed by that contribution to the universe’s complex biochemical structure and pre-programmed DNA that enables the creation and maintenance of the universe and life.  Which includes the galaxies in space, life, and the process of evolution of life it self through the pre-programming of DNA initiated by the Will and Desire of a ‘Creator’.  The event of the initial production of the amount of energy required to create the universe has been termed by scientists as ‘The Big Bang’. The energy required to initiate and sustain such an event as the ‘Big Bang’ may be partially explained by Albert Einstein’s equation E = mc2.  This is, E = mc2, where Energy (E) is light and heat, being part of the electromagnetic spectrum, transforms into mass (m) being atom-energy at rest, and converted at the speed of light squared (c2).  The velocity of light is the fastest entity known to exist in the universe and to square such a speed is both naturally - by design - and humanly, impossible, and thus an understanding that is incomprehensible to humans.  But describes the potential energy releasable within a structured atom when it is split and importantly the amount of unstructured energy required to create the structured atom of energy.  To understand the equation we must remember we are dealing with a very large number only, which is incidentally the same as the speed of light squared.  However, it could be that ‘The Word’ is unequivocally required as a necessity to initiate the existence of the amount of Energy needed for the occurrence of such an event as the ‘Big Bang’ and the subsequent process.  Vast amounts of Energy therefore have transformed into what we term mass, or structured atom-energies we also call elements such as Gold and hydrogen etcetera. 


The Word ‘Self’

            The word ‘Self’ is ubiquitous in this book because the information in this book is essentially about increasing and improving the knowledge and awareness of the experience of Self in relation to Others, the World, and a Creator, if one so decides a Creator exists.  So what is Self? In this book the word Self may also be interchangeable with the words ‘we’, ‘one’s’, ‘one’s self’, ‘our self’, ‘our’, ‘ourselves’ being intrinsic essence of human consciousness and personality.  The meaning of the word Self includes the invisible, intangible and spiritual constructs of consciousness and personality manifest in an individuals particular and unique pattern of cognition, emotion, behaviour and contents of speech.  Which, in turn, are both a result and manifestation of an individual’s particular self-awareness, intellect, sense of values, attitudes and beliefs.  So the meaning of the word Self means You, You are Self, and You are You, and Self is Being, and You are Being, and Being is Existing, and You are Self Being and Existing.  Self is not Self’s anatomical and visible big toe, or foot, or leg, or torso, or arms, or hands, or face, or head, or brain, or body.  These are the anatomical ‘physical’ visible and tangible parts of Self, which Self resides in.  But Self is in essence, and in reality, invisible and intangible.  Self cannot be ‘physically’ touched or seen, yet Self is aware of Self and Being. 

            Self includes Self’s consciousness, where ‘consciousness’ is about being conscious of Self and Being, and Self is about being conscious of Being, and being conscious of being conscious.  Consciousness is having a sense of Self and a feeling of Being, of knowing and being aware of Self’s personality, intellect, cognitions, emotions, values, attitudes and beliefs in relation to others and the world.  Self is also about having a history of narrative, a story, made up of a continuous flow of experiences expressed through the consciousness of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, attitudes, values and beliefs produced from the personal interpretation of the personal interaction between Self and the dynamic stimuli of others and the environment. 

Consciousness is self-awareness about how it feels to be Self.  Consciousness, Self and Being, are by definition, invisible and intangible to the human eye and touch as is the concept of personality.  An illustration of a broad definition of the meaning of the word ‘human personality’ is presented in the following flow chart, but not necessarily in this particular serial order. Individual genetics (nature) and human experiences (nurture) can be described in the narrative of words with personal meaning of thoughts and feelings and freewill to choose decisions based on values, beliefs and attitudes culminating in particular behaviours, contents of speech, habits, and personal characteristics.

            Today, scientists, neurosurgeons and medical doctors have achieved amazing advances in medicine, medical techniques and bio-technology, and the use of high powered electronic instruments, such as, PET, CAT and fMRI scans.  These scans can scan the brain and measure an individual’s degree of cerebral blood flow and electrical impulse activity, but no scientist, neurosurgeon, or medical doctor has ever been able to detect, let alone dissect such phenomena as Self’s consciousness, cognition and emotion regarding a particular encounter Self has experienced. 

            No scientist, neurosurgeon, or medical doctor has ever been able to detect, let alone dissect, such phenomena as Self’s personality and, Self’s personal experiences and, Self’s unique attitudes, values, beliefs and faiths regarding a particular matter pertinent to Self, whether it be in the past or whether it be in the present.  And we can say with some conviction and certainty that scientists will never be able to detect and/ or dissect the constructs of Self because these entities must be considered to be, from personal experience and logical and natural definition, constructs that are both invisible and intangible, and so which only can be defined, described and considered as Spirit.  The entity and construct of Self’s personal consciousness and personality, can therefore be definitively described and defined as being a Being of Spirit.  Self can be considered as Spirit, because the constructs of Self are invisible and intangible to the eye.  But Self can also be considered to initially have been made in and of the image of the Creator’s Spirit.  But which Spirit of Self, including consciousness and freewill, is nonetheless created to originate, become, and be maintained as an infinitely definitive, independent, autonomous and unique personality and identity.


The Word ‘Spirit’


            ‘Spirit’ is that particular existence, which is not ‘physical’, but which is invisible, and intangible. The entity and construct of Self’s personal consciousness and personality is Spirit because it is neither ‘physical’, nor visible, or tangible.  Self is a Spirit because Self’s consciousness and personality is by definition and experience, both invisible and intangible.  Self can also be considered to initially been made in and of the image of the Creator’s Spirit, which is by definition neither ‘physical’ nor visible.  But which such Spirit of Self is nonetheless created as an original Being to become and be maintained as an infinitely definitive, sovereign, independent, autonomous and unique identity.

         Furthermore, as discussed later, the Spirit is expressed through the integrity of Self and Self’s consciousness and personality as that which never ages or grows old, as that which is invisible, as that which is timeless, as that which is spaceless and as that which is immortal and continues to live on forever in infinity and eternity.                                             



The Word ‘Soul’


         The meaning of the word ‘Soul’ may be considered defined as being that part of the mystical Creator that both directly, and by proxy, creates, maintains and sustains the inherent design and order of all that encapsulates every component that comprises the creation of the integrity of life itself.  Soul therefore resides in creation, which includes all that can be experienced by Self to exist as life in the world.  This includes the intrinsic existence of all visible and invisible creation, and the living and growing creation defined as alive, being, and life.  And includes the dynamics of biochemical materials and the physics and pre-programmed interactions that propel the evolution of the universe and living life as being the particular and unique manifestation of the Desire and Will of the ‘Creator’.  The Soul then is the rachitic and artist part of the ‘Creator’ that the ‘Creator’ wills to exist as an artist of pictures leaves their will ‘thought-patterns’ within their art-work produced.  So the ‘Creator’s’ creation is inextricably linked to the created, because through the process of creation the soul is infused into and with that which is created.  So the Soul exists in all creation as an invisible but real connection of will, thought and action between the created and the Creator.


Back to the Meaning of the Word ‘Self’


         So Self, by logical and natural definition, may be considered to credibly comprise the transcendent components of the mystical Creator that consist of ‘The Word’, ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’.  But just as a new born babe becomes an adult, and so independent in and of its own right, so Self develops through the powerful synergy of the transcendent interactions and additives of the mystical entities of that described by ‘The Word’, ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’.  The word ‘synergy’ means a powerful and dynamic experience/response and process whereby the impact of all the parts of the different constructs come together to interact as a whole, and which response is far greater than the parts of the constructs added together.

         So Self comes into both anatomical and spiritual existence with the potential to develop into a complete, unique, independent and sovereign being.  As an outcome of the phenomenon of the predetermined, pre-programmed process of human evolution and the very real, but invisible, entities of Self’s Being and Self’s Consciousness, Self can realistically consider the important concept and attitude of personal self-acceptance.  Self may also accept the reality of the transcendent processes for the birth of Self from ‘physical’ birth and the potential refinement of Self and Self’s personality as being the intrinsically inherent and inextricably intentional components of what it means for Self to be both anatomical and spiritual as the terms that define human beings being human.


Putting It All Together


So, human consciousness is part of that unique but invisible entity and construct that makes us human. Invisible human consciousness interfaces with the ‘physical’ neurons, neurotransmitters and electrical impulses of the physical human brain (atom-energy) whilst here on earth.  The complexity of the human brain allows consciousness and personality and so Self, which in turn enables the invisible constructs and attributes which allow humans to think, think about thinking, feel, plan, process complex information, and choose what to think, believe, behave and speak.  As a manifestation of pre-programmed DNA, the human brain is larger than the brain of primates’ from which it evolved. But how did a ‘physical’ brain come to exist with the constructs of invisible consciousness?  Or how did invisible consciousness come to exist within a ‘physical’ brain (atom-energy)?  As all things exist as a manifestation of the Creator (Word, Spirit and Soul), then all living things, by virtue of their creation, exist within the essence of The Word, Spirit and Soul.  Soul considered as that essence within the entity of life that mystically connects the created with the creator by virtue and fact of the created being a creation of the Creator, and thus, infused and fused with the Creator. 

Because of pre-programmed DNA, the human brain has evolved as a superior and complex biological entity to the primate brain.  As an analogy, a shark’s brain is the size of a tennis ball, its function is entirely dedicated to smell, smelling food, and picking up the electrical signals from the muscles of prospective prey.  However, the evolved human brain is now a more refined living biological catalyst enabling the Soul of the created to interface more completely and complexly with the Created.  The Soul, being that essence and part of the created resulting from being, created by the Creator.  The concept of the Soul explains the transcendent connection with the Creator. 

Now, because of a more complex, larger human brain, the human Soul can now exist more fully and completely as being part of the essence and image of the Creator (Word, Spirit and Soul), so now includes consciousness and freewill, and the other invisible constructs of thought, attitude, memory, planing, emotion, belief, speech and behaviour. So Self’s invisible, but observable, consciousness, personality, freewill, meta-cognition, emotion, attitude, belief, behaviour and content of speech perse, is not a derivative or creation of the ‘physical’ brain but derives as a consequent of the Creator (the Word, Spirit and Soul) creating creation, which by definition must be created within the essence, attributes and parts of the Creator.  Just as a painting or sculpture is an expression and manifestation of the essence, attributes and parts of the painter and sculptor.

The Uncharted Waters of Life and Death


         We perhaps genuinely believe that we have never heard in the answers given by others to our questions, the unambiguous, categorical, unfettered, evidence-based and potentially legitimate information to the existential questions we have asked.  And require answering, regarding what information is necessary to guide ourselves through the yet uncharted waters of both life and death.  We have heard interesting and fascinating stories and gleaned such information from the experiences of many great religions, cultures, leaders and teachers.  We have read about the wonders of creation and the universe, and we ourselves, have experienced our own unique reality of life.  Moreover, we have heard of and experienced the simultaneous splitting of history and time into two within the Christian Western worlds; brought about by the birth of the man they called Jesus Christ.  We have heard of and experienced the splitting of history and time into BC and AD, - Before Christ and, After Christ.  We have heard that Christ’s followers today number at least one third of the world’s population, believing that Christ is the Son of the Creator/God.  We have heard of Christ’s simple but profound teachings of mystical relational love and compassion and the amazing and astounding miracles purported to been performed by Him.  And we know the Bible has been documented to been read by more people than any other book. 

            The astounding proclamations made about and by the man they call Jesus Christ.  Who claimed that He was the Son of God, together with the miracles He is purported to have performed, including His resurrection and ascension (John 3:13; 20:17), deserve, by virtue of their potential authenticity and impending merit to become the catalyst and basis for part of the investigative and driving force of this book’s inquiry. 

         With the informed knowledge and theories acquired from the academic disciplines of Theology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Science investigating the authenticity and legitimacy of the contents of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  The Bibles central figure Christ, together with the ‘miracles’ of creation and the concepts of Self, become the starting points, impetus, and terms of reference for the content herein.  Thus providing through lateral inquiry and thought provocation, potential answers to those perennial existential questions we may possess about Self and Life, the existence of a Creator, and ultimately, the existence of personal immortality.

         Ultimately, Self’s unique personal understanding of the complexity of these transcendent concepts through the internalisation of considered and informed information herein, may be in itself both empowering, enlightening and liberating. 






Early Life Experiences

Absorption of Stimuli

Power of the Mind to Believe as True in both Fantasy and Fact

Language and Speech                                                                     

Informed Knowledge

Self, Consciousness and Freewill                                                     


Early Life Experiences


         The necessity for acquired information on the above subjects is imperative, as humans are a fragile, vulnerable and sensitive people.  Yet, who possess invisible constructs that include consciousness, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs that result in both positive behaviours and contents of speech, and negative behaviours and contents of speech.  These human constructs are exhibited in personal traits and actions such as kindness, charity, compassion, and acceptance, etcetera, and alternatively, in aggression, selfishness, greed and prejudice, etcetera.  It is a scientific fact supported by evidence from empirical psychological research that humans are consciously, cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally influenced and shaped both positively and negatively through the stimuli they absorb from others and the environment they live.  For example, because of early child ‘nurturing’ or ‘attachment’ interactive experiences, or lack of ‘nurturing’ or ‘attachment’ interactive experiences, Self inevitably responds in a psychologically healthy or unhealthy manner to Self and others.  This healthy or unhealthy psychological interaction towards Self and others, in turn, has the potential to impact on the world in a neutral, constructive, or destructive fashion.  Self’s individual identity, idea, and sense of Self is formed through the process of construction beginning in the early childhood years.  Self’s identity is then, in essence, determined by a balance of positive interactive attachment experiences (care and closeness), as opposed to negative interactive experiences of neglect and abandonment, and positive interactive autonomous experiences (independence and self-definition), as opposed to negative interactive experiences of enmeshment and attack.  These positive and or negative interactive experiences are predominantly experienced from parents, caregivers and significant others, being the interactions which are fundamental to a person’s psych in terms of constructing a sense of Self that is both valued and authentic.  The valued and authentic sense of Self are constructed by the Self, from positive interactive experiences that are voluntarily absorbed as opposed to the negative interactive experiences that are involuntarily imposed.  A sense of a valued and authentic Self is an intrinsic human need and passion.  For example, when we envy others we tend to stifle their spontaneity, when we criticise others we can crush their enthusiasm, and when we fail to affirm others, we may stunt their capacity to love.  The development of the personality of Self involves at least two dynamically related motivations:


1. Relatedness (attachment) is the capacity to establish increasingly mature and mutually satisfying interpersonal relationships.


2. Self-definition (autonomy) is the development of a consolidated, realistic, essentially positive, differentiated and integrated self-identity.


These two motivations are contingent on each other, and evolve together, that is, in order to attach closely to another person, one risks temporarily sacrificing autonomy, whereas to develop and explore one’s autonomy and self-definition, one must separate from an attachment figure. 

The disruption to the integrity of the sense of Self can be a core component and reason for many psychological and mental illnesses. It is likely that humans genetically inherit potential vulnerabilities towards personal experiences such as, anxiety, paranoia and depression, etcetera, and that their positive and/or negative interactive experiences serve to maintain, enhance or diminish these individual propensities.  Early childhood relationships have a profound impact and for the majority of patients it is here that the origins of their problems lie.  For people with psychological disabilities or disorders great importance is placed on the rediscovery and reconstruction of a dynamic sense of Self as being part of the process for rehabilitation.  One’s personal awareness of Self is a component that people with psychological disabilities often describe and see as a core factor in the factor and process of both their illness and their change (Chadwick, Birchwood & Trower, 1997). 

As human beings, we have an extraordinary drive to seek, establish and maintain intimacy with other human beings, and yet, there are many who have been so psychologically hurt, burnt and damaged they become conditioned to withdraw from any social interaction.  They cannot trust other people as an outcome of their personal negative interactive experiences, although within they are pining for trusting, honest and caring social interactions.  As children growing up individuals face two major fears, the fear of attack, and the fear of abandonment, and these two fears are the two greatest vulnerabilities in both adolescent and adult interrelationships.  Many people fear being psychologically controlled or violated if they get too close to someone, or psychologically abandoned if they get too far away from someone. 

True friendship and psychological intimacy is about finding a balance and understanding that there is a time and place for being psychologically close to someone, and a time and place for psychological space from someone.  However, children who grow up with a message from one or more parent, or significant other(s), that they are unloved, unwanted or a burden, will more than likely believe this message, blaming themselves for this negative interactive experience and not their parents.  These destructive messages experienced from early childhood can become negative characteristics in relation to how they perceive themselves in terms of their self-value and self-identity.  These destructive messages can also become a major part of the content of the script of their personal self-talk.  As adults, these people may crave from others the acceptance and compassion they never received, but when they receive this attention, there is the possibility that they will withdraw and/ or push it away.  Because psychologically, Self believes that Self does not deserve to be accepted or cared for, or cannot bear the pain of potential betrayal, thus perpetuating the pain of abandonment or enmeshment.  Unloved, misunderstood, unaccepted and hurt people, feel unloved, misunderstood, unaccepted and hurt, and as a consequence, the propensity to psychologically withdraw from the world with the potential to hurt Self and others.                       

         So, Self learns to love others and Self, initially and primarily as infants, internalizing the things done and said to Self as scripts of cognitive and emotional tapes that Self listens to, day in and day out.  How Self’s significant other(s) in Self’s younger years responds to Self through their gestures, facial expressions, attitudes and vocalizations, determines what these scripts and cognitive and emotional tapes will say to Self.  We listen to, reflect on, and believe these internal psychological tapes of internalized thoughts and emotions, which continue to subliminally and subconsciously inform us about the responses of ‘significant others’ towards Self.  These internal subconscious psychological descriptions of Self to Self, may take a on a negative form where Self feels detached, unhappy and anxious from the sense of not being valued or accepted.  Or these descriptive scripts may take on a more positive form where Self feels happy and joyful from the sense of being valued and accepted. 

         Ultimately, this sense within Self of being valued and accepted, or not valued and accepted, as an outcome of the quantity and quality of value and acceptance shown to Self in early relationships, develops through cognitive and emotional internalization and rumination, into particular psychological and physiological responses.  Until the full consequences of these psychological processes are realised in Self’s psych as Self journeys throughout life.  Self views Self and the world from birth to death, through the psychological prism and filter of Self’s personal life experiences, which can certainly be changed through the choice of conscious effort.  Self’s early life experiences have the potential to create both good and positive, and or bad and negative feelings and thoughts about how Self perceives Self in terms of these early interactions of either having security and safety, or not having security and safety from and with one’s caregiver.  These positive or negative experiences are processed and internalized within Self to be carried through the world within Self as a source of comfort, or otherwise.  But remember, ultimately we are all the authors and artists of our own destiny, and therefore require a sense of personal responsibility within for our behaviours.

         As a child develops and grows in age, the brain develops as does the brain’s capabilities and processing powers, including understanding, perception, vocabulary and language skills.  A young child’s brain is a work in process until adolescents.  As a child’s language skills increase so they can name and articulate more clearly personal experiences.  So increases the understanding, knowledge, and awareness, of the appropriateness of reality of past inter-relational experiences, particularly in relation to positive, and/or negative interactions regarding trust, acceptance, harm and betrayal, etcetera.

         So the internalization of these early life experiences, and how they make Self think and feel about Self, and others, consequently affect how Self continues to perceive Self and others.  The importance of early childhood nurturing and experiences cannot be underestimated, evident in the outcome of people, who as infants, have been abandoned, abused and/or left for dead.  For example, two infants, children of chronically drug-addicted parents and literally abandoned had to live outside by themselves, only to be ‘cared for’ by their pet domesticated dogs.  This is the sad story of Oxana Malaya and Edik of the Ukraine.  When the children were found years later they could not speak any words but only growl and bark like the dogs that had ‘looked after’ them, providing them with the protection of their warmth, dog food and shelter.  These children having lived with dogs for a number of years had no concept of self-awareness, or empathy for others, and could not speak a word, or eat with cutlery.  Like most intra-personal (within a person) and interpersonal (between persons) skills such as, self-awareness, empathy and general knowledge, humans need to learn and be taught this information from others. 

         In another sad case of gross neglect, Sujit Kumar a Fijian, was caged in a chicken coop living with chickens until the age of eight and imprinted to the degree that he pecked food from the ground, folded both arms at the elbow into ‘wings’, and slept in a roosting position.  He spent the next 22 years tied to a wall in an old persons’ home, until discovered by a qualified behavioural therapist.  Now after a number of years he is learning to run, climb, eat with utensils, sleep prostrate, use a toilet, and interact with people, but will probably never learn speech as the neurological window to speak closes at the age of three as do the pathways for attention, perception, memory, motor control and modulating emotion. 

         As said, we live what we learn.  We live what we know.  We live what we experience.  We live what we learn through the knowledge and experience of others, but which maybe maladaptive, bogus, and/ or inaccurate, or on the other hand, adaptive, factual and accurate, or a mixture of both factual knowledge and ‘knowledge’ tainted by ignorance and mythology.  Ultimately, we live what we learn, by choosing what information and knowledge we decide is ‘right’ and ‘right’ for us.

         The positive and/or negative feelings and thoughts from past experiences continue to be internalised and introjected into Self and projected onto others, culminating in a love, acceptance or disdain for Self, others, and the world.  This love, acceptance or disdain etcetera, for Self and others may eventuate into a possible belief or disbelief and/or an understanding or disdain for the Creator.  If Self has experienced understanding, compassion and acceptance for Self from others, then Self can love and accept Self, and Self can love and accept others, and Self can appreciate the experience of ‘love’ and ‘acceptance’ itself.  If Self can understand the Creator to be the spiritual personification of unconditional love, understanding, compassion and acceptance, then Self has the potential to also understand and accept the potential characteristics of a potential Creator.  If Self and others choose to consider in the belief that they are made in the image of the Creator, and Self can value and accept Self and others, then Self and others can value and accept Self and others as unique and special beings potentially made in the image of the Creator. 

         But if a Creator is suppose to be the ultimate and universal symbol and expression of truth, acceptance, compassion and love.  Then a Creator, that is, or was, or should have been, the experience and essence of compassion, acceptance, love and truth, as culture and religion has taught and Self will wish to acknowledge can, through personal suffering and cognitive and emotional pain from negative interpersonal interactions become the object, representation and symbol for all that is distorted, incongruent, ‘evil’ and corrupt.  Which such experiences are personally and collectively experienced in the world, yesterday, today and tomorrow 

         So within Self’s mindset, it may be that ‘God’ cannot possibly be considered to exist, or on the other hand, ‘God’ may exist but become the object, representation and symbol for all that is and has been psychologically and spiritually experienced by an individual a ‘God’ that is abominable. 


Absorption of Stimuli


         Every millisecond of the day we are absorbing millions of sensations from information predominantly through hearing, sight, and touch from immediate stimuli (information) in the environment.  This stimuli or information is information acquired from both interpersonal and non-interpersonal sources, which includes Self’s experiences with people in relation to their comments and behaviours, etcetera, or from the environment such as a beach or mountain etc., or from the texts of books, etc.  The stimuli and information absorbed from these sources formulates personal understanding through the processes within the faculties of the brain.  Specifically, in the pre-frontal and frontal cortex of the cerebrum, which is used in thought processing, planning and making sense of Self in the world from all the information gathered from these different sources.  Most of the information and stimuli from these sources, particularly information from personal relations and interactions, are assimilated into existing knowledge and encoded and expressed in human memory manifest in the individuals’ thoughts and feelings, positive and/or negative, with regard to the personal real, or perceived experience from this information.  Encoding of information and stimuli occurs through neurological reconnections of the neuron’s synapses in the cerebrum as they automatically analyse, synthesise and assimilate information from newly experienced stimuli in relation to past experienced stimuli.  These personal experiences of stimuli include both real and perceived interpersonal relations and events.                                     

         The individual’s unchanged, new, or transformed feelings and thoughts, regarding the culmination of stimuli generated by this process contribute to the manifestation of thoughts and emotions experienced throughout the continuum of experiences described as pleasant, indifferent, or unpleasant.  These particular feelings and thoughts from new experiences of stimuli from others, and the environment can interact and compound with the feelings and thoughts from past stimuli, eventually culminating into personal experiences of how Self thinks, feels, behaves and speaks to and about Self and others in the present and future.  How Self evaluates and perceives this ‘new’ and existing information from the stimuli of implicit and/or explicit personal interactions and the environment will be dependent on Self’s previous memories of experiences from personal interactions, including stimuli from the sources of social, spiritual, cultural, educational and familial inputs.  This natural but complex interactive process of absorption, integration and assimilation of past and present stimuli and information from interpersonal experiences can precipitate a significant psychological cycle of ‘cause and effect’ regarding Self’s personal and interpersonal life.

         Interestingly, this process is the mechanism that drives the notion that past experiences of stimuli and information cannot often be remembered as truly accurate and a fact of absolute reality, but are reconstructed in light of the quality of present memories of past stimuli, information and events that are integrated and assimilated with the continuous experiences of new information.  Ultimately, the culmination of past and present perceived good/positive, indifferent and/or bad/negative thoughts and feelings formed from the experience of the stimuli of information will partly determine Self’s personality and beliefs, values and attitudes, and subsequent behaviours and speech to Self and towards others.  So the Self’s conscious and subconscious absorption of experience from interpersonal and non-interpersonal stimuli and information will influence Self’s thoughts and feelings and values, attitudes and beliefs, and behaviours and speech.  Ultimately, such behaviours and contents of speech can impact upon Self’s feelings, emotions, values, attitudes and beliefs, and vice-versa.  This process in turn creates a dynamic and complex web of interactive responses and experiences, which may be both conscious and subconscious. 


Power of the Mind to Believe as True in both Fantasy and Fact


The power of the human mind in terms of belief is twofold.  Firstly, the mind has the power to believe in anything the subject person chooses or wants to believe in, at either a subconscious (towards ‘involuntary’) and/ or conscious level (towards ‘voluntary’).  Human content of belief can manifest regardless of whether the object of belief is real, unreal, rational, irrational, true, false, fact, fiction, and regardless of whether it exists or does not exist. Secondly, the power of the mind in relation to a person’s belief system has power of dramatically changing conscious and subconscious thoughts, emotions, attitudes, values, behaviours and contents of speech and physiology.  For example, we believe and think we see a snake lying between the trees in the shadows of the night, but which belief is incorrect because what we believe and think to be a snake is in fact actually a twig.  We will, through this false belief, then think of our safety and feel frightened, and either, move away from it, or attempt to kill it.  But with these false beliefs come real thoughts of danger and real feelings of fear and the body’s physiology and physiological functions will be altered and affected as, the heart beat races, the breathing quickens, blood moves to the periphery, the skin perspires and the pupils dilate, all because of the false belief in thinking the twig is a snake. 

Witch Doctors (Witches) both male and female exist in many cultures including Africa.  Witches cast verbal curses upon their people, where they inform the recipient that they are under a curse for their indiscretions and will become sick and die.  Surely enough, the person cursed becomes very sick and often dies because of their belief in the Witch Doctors’ powers to punish and destroy those who have transgressed the laws and rituals of this culture.  In Latin America, a sub-human pre-civilised behavioural interaction called “susto” is utilised to harm people, where the individual then becomes the object of black magic, or witchcraft, and cursed to die.  In other cultures, this sinister influential belief and practice is termed “evil eye”, where the resulting psychological/ cultural belief and fright can be fatal.  In Haiti, there is the phenomenon of Voodoo death.  The suggested sentence of death by these “medicine men” and ‘witches’ may create an intolerable autonomic arousal in the subject who has little ability to cope because there is no social support for them through being ostracised.  The continual experience of these anxiety based symptoms, which include insomnia, irritability and phobias, and the somatic symptoms of sweating and increased heart rate, ultimately leads to the damage of the individuals internal organs and death.     

The power of human belief has credible scientific proof through the phenomena of the placebo affect.  A placebo is a pill made of sugar or some other substance, such as coloured water, that is therapeutically inert with no therapeutic chemical, biological or physiological interaction what so ever.  But miraculously, this placebo does have an effect on humans.  An effect based entirely on an individual’s or groups’ personal need or desire to belief.  Such a belief it could be suggested, is evidence of the Self’s powerful mind to believe in anything Self chooses to, even if that belief is based on pure fantasy.  The power of the mind to believe in whatever it wants to, is illustrated clearly by the need for pharmaceutical companies to extensively research, study and test new drugs for their authentic efficacy.  When new drugs are tested, two groups of participants are required.  One group is administered a placebo or sugar pill and the other group, the new drug under investigation.  The two groups do not know which pill they will receive, but anticipate the possibility of their pill being the new drug.  Considerable and consistent scientific experiment and research has proven that there will be a 30 per cent success rate in the group that receives the placebo. This is, 30 per cent of people in the placebo group get well just because of their belief that they could have received the new drug and their belief that the new drug could be effective.  So the new drug being tested, must at least produce a statistically significant efficacy rate of over 30 per cent to take into account the placebo affect. 

The therapy Homeopathy, extensively researched for therapeutic qualities has consistently resulted in nil statistically significant proof of efficacy.  In fact, the ‘potions’ used in Homeopathy are so diluted they contain not a single molecule of the original substance.  This is akin to putting an eye drop of a particular substance into the ocean and stirring it.  But people believe they feel better and may indeed become better entirely through the power of the mind to believe they have received treatment that will cure them.  The cure in this case is through the placebo affect.  The art of Hypnosis and the act of Brainwashing also have an influencing affect on people’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings by way of the principle of the placebo affect.       

            Therefore, it must be critical that we receive all the pertinent and credible facts about important subjects that affect how we live in the world, rather than just trusting, believing and relying on unsubstantiated, false and misleading information that results in an arbitrary and misinformed belief manifest in part as a function of the power of the mind.  We need to acquire sound, evidence-based and informed knowledge on topics such as the meaning of creation, life, and death including the intimate aspects of how Self lives life in the world as this has the potential to impact heavily upon how we interpret experiences involving Self, others and the world, and consequently how and what Self believes about Self. 

            Therefore we need to be told not parts of the ‘story of life and creation’, or bits and pieces of the story about ‘God and the Bible’, or particular human biases and personal agendas about these existential subjects, but we need to be told everything possibly available about such important subjects.  We need to know the history about the construction of literature in the Bible, information about creation and the universe and the scientific evidence regarding human evolution.  We need to consider the integrity of rational logic used by Philosophers, about research from Scientific and Psychological studies and about Theological theories.  It is helpful to understand as much as possible about anything that may affect us emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. 

            It is impossible for the information gathered from a single academic discipline to answer with a degree of clarity such existential questions.  We need to explore, digest, integrate, internalize and discern evidence-based information and logical theories from a wide cross section of academic disciplines so that we are more fully informed and thus aware of the facts, ideas and theories regarding all the enduring and perennial existential questions that Self may have about the mysteries of Creation, Life, Death and ‘God’.


Language and Speech


         The words ‘language’ and ‘speech’ can be interchangeable, but for the purposes of this book, it may be considered that language is the biological mechanics constructed of the vocalizations of specific sounds and symbols that give meaning to communication through the activity of speech.  The mechanics of language communicate through not only speech but also the written word and ‘sign language’.  Bio-evolutionists tell us that language is a human attribute that raises us above the animals.  Animals do communicate with each other, but at a very basic yet, real level.  Language is mystical and spiritual as it expresses and articulates both perceptions and realities that are unable to be seen by the eye or touched by the hand.  Language expresses and articulates personal experiences from both within the silences and secrets of the mind, and vocal articulation from the noise of the mouth. 

         Language through speech and the written word expresses and articulates things imagined, it expresses and articulates things thought and felt, it articulates values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, both benign and malignant.  Language is the most important tool used by people in any culture to live life.  The language used in this book is important because it is the tool used to transfer and deliver information to the reader through the written word.  Language can be is formed from written symbols called words and gives meaning to human experience.  Language develops and evolves through communities over many centuries, and learnt by individuals from infancy.  Again, speech comprises of language made from the specific sounds and vocalizations we call words.  Words are the sounds and vocalizations that create speech and/ or writings, and are, in essence, the symbols used to describe reality and/or perceived reality of an individual’s experience of the  world. 

            The vehicle for the thoughts and ideas of any book is its writing.  Writing is in essence, language, and language is the form of communication originating from thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values, beliefs and experiences humans have about interactions with Self, others, and the world.  The communication of language can be and expressed through many human forms and modes, including verbal speech, sign language, and written symbols and letters.  Language advocates the integration of the stimuli of the experience of personal perceptions and realities, which are absorbed through the senses and processed in the brain, manifesting in the individual as personal thoughts and feelings, and ultimately, as personal attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviours and content of speech.  Writing systems today with alphabetical vowels nd consonants were preceded by proto-writing, systems of ideographic (pictures) and/or early mnemonic symbols e.g 11111.

The best known examples of these are: The Jiahu Script - symbols on tortoise shells in Jiahu about 6600 BC; the Vinca Script – symbols on Tartaria Tablets about 4500 BC; and the early Indus Script about 3500 BC

The Egyptian Hierogryphics are generally considered the earliest writing systems emerging out of their ancestral proto-literate symbol systems from 3400–3200 BC with the earliest coherent texts used from about 2600 BC..

The Chinese Script was likely developed independently of Middle Eastern scripts, around 1600 BC, as many writing systems originated independently influenced by culture and geography.

It is thought that the first alphabetic writing appeared around 2000 BC, as a representation of language developed for Semitic (Arabic speaking) slaves in Egypt by Egyptians.  Most other alphabets in the world today either descended from this one innovation or were directly inspired by its design.

So in this book of language comprised of words, (named “English”, which evolved from the languages of many cultures and countries over many centuries) and the meaning these words symbolise, it hopes to communicate to the reader informed information from the experiences of human reality and perceived reality. 

         This book hopes to transfer to the reader informed information from history and the academic disciplines of science, philosophy, theology and psychology, the ideologies, concepts and theories relevant to humans and humans living life in the world.  This information in turn, may then be personally processed and interpreted through personal consciousness and self-awareness and the mix and interaction of Self’s intellect, cognitions and emotions with the personal and intimate experiences of Self.  Human cognitions and emotions are the inner most thoughts and feelings that silently articulate and describe human (Self’s) experience in relation to others and the world manifest in attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviours and the contents of speech expressed in the language of a particular people in a particular culture.  Without speech and language it would be impossible to name and reflect on personal experiences.  Without naming and reflecting on personal experiences, it would be difficult to claim them, and without claiming them, it would be difficult to change them, if so desired.


Informed Knowledge


         After acquiring personal knowledge – not being presumptuous as this may already have been personally achieved - from new information about these existential issues, Self may digest and process this information, personally cross-referencing it with the conscience and private language of Self’s Self.  Listening to this inner voice of informed language may enhance Self’s ability to make sense of past experiences and to enable appropriate decisions and choices to be made in the present and future, so intensifying Self’s sense of personal worth, peace and well-being.  Such a personal mindset may empower Self to make informed judgments and heightened choices in relation to the interaction between Self and others, including the internalization of adaptive and rational interpretation of Self’s experiences from the stimuli of others and the world. 

         If we decide to believe in a Creator and thus, in the Creator’s miracle of creation, then we may also believe that we were made in the image and likeness of the Creator, endowed with the powers of Consciousness, Discernment, Free Will and Choice, embodied and expressed within the spirit of Self’s personality.  As an alternative to not understanding and believing in the possibility of a Creator, or Soul, or Spirit, or Immortality, we may be subconsciously disabled and incapacitated in making measured and balanced decisions for Self and maybe others, now and in the future, ultimately affecting and determining Self’s and other’s psychological and spiritual well-being.

         And so to this end, Who Am I and Who is Sef, is about the possibility of the existence of a Supernatural Being that people may choose to call ‘Creator’, ‘Father’, ‘God’, ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Allah’, or any other name given by people to such a mysterious entity.  This book is about ‘The Power’ and ‘The Mystical Relational Love’ that we can believe this Super Natural Being possesses if we choose to decide to believe in the existence of such a Being.  This book is about the possibility of the existence of a CREATOR, or ‘GOD’, or “That Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought,” or that which is Omniscient (all knowing), that which is Omnipotent (all powerful), that which is Benevolent (all good), and the fathomless and undying unconditional mystical relational love that such a Creator may and/or must possess.  This book is about the possibilities of the existence of a Creator and about how such a Creator may desire, through mystical relational love, to voluntary persuade a change in particular hardened beliefs and attitudes and thus the transformation of particular human transgressions, faults, deficits and indiscretions manifest in maladaptive thoughts, feelings, behaviours and contents of speech.  This is, a personal and voluntary metamorphosis of maladaptive beliefs and attitudes, into benign, positive and constructive beliefs and attitudes that can be realistically achieved with a sense of satisfaction through personal practice and mastery.  This book is about Self’s conscious thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values, beliefs manifest in behaviours and contents of speech that build productive and caring relationships, whilst simultaneously casting hedonistic and selfish relationship destroying indulgences into oblivion, indeed casting them, ‘As Far As The East Is From The West’. 

         There is the probability that the Creator can persuade humans to perform such personal transitions when humans can consider, through informed knowledge, a potential understanding of the design, order, plan and Will of the Creator’s creation of humans.  A potential understanding acquired firstly, through informed knowledge of Creation, and secondly, through informed knowledge in the possible reality of the Creator’s possible incarnation through Jesus Christ.  If Christ is the Creator incarnate, then Christ’s Body, Blood, Dignity, Humanity, Humility and Divinity, may seriously considered to have been shed for all peoples, because by definition, a Creator must have an unconditional mystical relational love for the created, and thus, all of humans.


“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be white as cotton”. (Isaiah 1:18)                                      


         The information herein is about exploring and naming ‘God’s story’ and Self’s ‘personal story’ through words and narration, which hopes to beckon and reshape the personal and intimate world of Self and others into conscious awareness.  Such awareness of Self may facilitate the transforming, blending, and centering within, the integration of the stories between Self and the Creator, thereby identifying the authentic Self with the understanding and knowledge about who Self really is in relation to Self’s personal independence, uniqueness, sovereignty and dignity.  This information hopes to enable Self to walk easier through the life of the Creator’s mysterious world.  Perhaps also enabling Self to name Self as good and true, and view Self with dignity, tenderness and wonderment as a sovereign and independent spiritual being.  A Being that lives consciously or unconsciously within the Creator’s great story of gratuitous mystical relational ‘love’, but which ultimately culminates in personal anatomical death, and perhaps also in personal psycho-spiritual immortality.  The possibility of an immortal psycho-spiritual Self potentially may give Self the impetus and the catalyst to seek, find and experience the personal and relational happiness and peace within a wider context that Self obviously desires and deserves.  

         Any acquired personal transformation is facilitated through internalization, integration, absorption and synthesis of the existence of the desirable higher transcendent qualities created and intended for humans, including the virtues of love, joy, peace, patience, tolerance, kindness, compassion, reconciliation and gentleness as proscribed throughout the gospels, such as, Galatians Chapter 5 Verses 22-23, (which can also be written as Galatians 5:22-23).  These are the perhaps the attributes for Self to live a true and authentic life, bringing inner peace, which is predicated on an “in-to-outward” activity, which radiates the above virtues to others from within, rather than a materialistic, selfish and deceptive “out-to-inward” activity.  These ‘activities’ try to achieve inner happiness through greed and self-gratification at the expense of others’ happiness and joy.  Such unjust and unfair behaviours towards Self and others ultimately bring internal emptiness, sadness and pain to those who practice these indulgences as well to those who are unfortunate recipients of such misguided actions.


Self, Consciousness and Freewill


            The concept of Self includes, Self’s interests, passions, skills, values, beliefs, attitudes, judgments and aspirations, etcetera. manifest in Self’s individual thoughts, emotions, behaviours and contents of speech.  Self’s experiences include a complex mix of conscious and subconscious composite and assorted thoughts and feelings, sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant, sometimes painful and sometimes joyful, public and private personal interactive and inter-relational experiences with others, who are by definition, other Selfs.  Consciousness is about Self’s awareness of Self and Self’s awareness of Self’s consciousness and Self’s being.  Consciousness is awareness of Self’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours and Self’s values, beliefs, attitudes and aspirations.  Freewill is about Self’s personal freedom to will the desire of Self’s personal and interpersonal activities through Self’s voluntary choice.  Freewill is about Self being free to will the desire of Self’s activities, behaviours and speech predicated upon Self choosing particular thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs, attitudes and aspirations, etcetera.  We could go so far as to say that Self in relation to Self’s Freewill has the potential to choose, control, influence, impact and manipulate the contents of Self’s thoughts, the contents of Self’s feelings and emotions, the contents of Self’s values, attitudes and beliefs, and the contents of Self’s behaviour and contents of speech.  And thus, the contents of Self’s being and personality. 

            This work hopes to impact, if has not already been achieved, on the personal integrity of the reader’s unique and individual sense of authentic Self, Spirit and Personhood.  Inspiring within, a thirst for personal acceptance, value, compassion and reconciliation for Self and others, and consequently, a sense of contentment from an understanding of the potential purpose and meaning for and of human life and existence.  The personal process of exploration, discovery and explanation through conscious cognitive, emotional and intellectual faculties imbibing the cross-disciplines of Theology, Psychology, Science and Philosophy, is perhaps the initial criteria required for informed personal knowledge.  This is, an understanding that allows humans as unique and special beings to make informed personal decisions and choices about who and what they are, what they want to be, and about what they wish to do, and about where they wish to go with their life.  Indeed, the contents of this book hope to disseminate informed information, which can then be internalized and therefore psychologically crystallised through the spiritual dynamics of individual and/ or collective consciousness, intellect, cognition and emotion that are the essence of humankind existing in this chaotic and complex world experienced as, “living life on Earth”.







No Scientific Evidence for Astrology

The Discipline of Psychology Investigates Parapsychology

Belief, Memory and Cognition

In Conflict With Reality


Beliefs and Faith


         The fact that the subject matter in this chapter in particular may appear unusual to add generally to the mix of this book’s contents will hopefully be a clearly understood purpose by chapter’s end.  It should also be noted that this is not about a ‘witch-hunt’ vilifying those who support, follow and/ or practice the different sectors of Future Telling, and Astrology but an objective, logical, and scientific exploration and deconstruction of such parapsychology.  This investigation seeks to advance the rational understanding of a subject that is powerfully emotive and more often than not carries with it pseudo transcendent expectations underpinned by the social conditioning of superstitions and myths, and unfounded traditional, cultural beliefs and faiths. 

         Just as it can be extremely dangerous to our psychological well-being to believe in the literal interpretation of Scripture’s meaning, manifest in the misinterpretation of Scripture.  So it is also unhealthy for our psyche to naively believe the information given by those who proclaim themselves to possess some supernatural insight or knowledge about the future of an individual’s personal life.  In this chapter, we will look at the inherent flaw and fallacy of parapsychology including Astrology, Tarot Card Reading and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).  It is important that we explore and discuss the potential abuse to people by practitioners of these popular cults, because as spiritual beings we seek answers to existential questions and thus remain potentially vulnerable to those who claim to possess the supernatural abilities to see and read into the future.  It is the author’s belief that the majority of practitioners of parapsychology provide false hope and information to others about their future either from misguided ignorance from misinformation or as a means to seek self-gratuitous fame and fortune.  However, the author also believes that a few people, have been specially gifted to give specific service to humankind in providing evidence of the afterlife.  Afterlife channelors, or mediums, such as George Anderson, and John Edwards, seriously considered to authentically possessing these supernatural gifts.  These two potentially gifted people, have been scientifically tested at universities, and until further evidence suggests otherwise, they can maybe given the benefit of any absolute skepticism and doubt.  Based on the current evidence it is possible that they do possess these transcendent skills for the service of others, to receive information from people who have died and crossed over to the ‘other side’, as tangible proof of the continuation of life after death, for Self’s immortality.


No Scientific Evidence for Astrology


         Adam Ford (1985) the astrophysicist, along with many other influential astronomers and scientists say regarding horoscopes, “Astrology is a good example of a theory or cluster of theories, which seem to avoid the reality of their falsification at all costs.  The claim that the fortune of each of us lies in the stars is purported by followers and practitioners of parapsychology to be empirical (experienced reality) but is, in scientific and real terms, pseudo-science. A basic proposition put forward by such people is that birth signs influence our day-to-day experiences and personal characteristics and that the stars rule all facets of our life. Many well-educated people are still unclear about the distinction between the science of Astronomy and the art of Astrology, and more columns in journals and newspapers are devoted to 'what your stars foretell' about you today, than at any time in the past.”

Although, some research has gone into testing the link between birth dates and professions with interesting results.  It appears, for instance, that university teachers are more likely to be born in May than in any other month and that people in top jobs tend to have birthdays in the spring than in the autumn.  A close inspection of sun-sign astrology, however, does little to back the claims that our destinies can be ‘read’ in the stars.  Although, seasonal or climatic factors may provide the scientific basis for explaining the trends just mentioned, more rationally and satisfactorily.

The usual vague way of testing a daily horoscope is to accept those predictions that seem to support our own experiences, and to forget about all the others we cannot relate.  It is remarkably easy to read a description of a Capricorn character, and to assent to all those general elements that seem to suit the character in question.  This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  However, a theory supported by such a selective use of evidence deserves to be superstition rather than science. 

But the biggest piece of evasion of falsification in astrology is quite interesting.  The fundamental foundations of birth sign Astrology have shifted to such an extent that the whole edifice of astrology should have come tumbling down long ago.  When the rules of astrology were laid down over two thousand years ago, a fixed point of reference was the spring equinox.  The spring (or vernal) equinox is that time in the year when the Sun in its apparent path across the sky (in fact the Earth travels around the Sun) crosses the celestial equator from south to north and the days and nights are of equal time/ length. The celestial equator is an imaginary sphere above the Earth’s equator.  The location in the heavens where this happens is known as the first point of Aries, because it used to lay in the constellation of Aries the Ram.  Modern day astrologers still take this to be so despite the fact that due to a phenomenon called the “precession of the equinoxes” the first point of Aries has moved backwards into the constellation of Pisces the Fish. 

Every Sun sign is nowadays a whole constellation out of step, and increasing to two constellations out of step as we move into and through the 21st Century.  This is because the Earth's axis is not steady but is subject to a slow wobble, just as a spinning top while spinning will also begin to sway drunkenly as it moves around the floor.  The Earth's axis takes 26,000 years to complete one ‘drunken’ sweep.  The result is that every couple of thousand years the point where the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator slips back a constellation.

In other words, because of this recently discovered wobble, the Earth’s speed as it orbits the Sun is slower than originally predicted.  So the Earth takes a month longer every 2,000 years to orbit around the Sun.  Every 2000 years then the constellation seen in the night sky in a particular month is now the constellation (group of stars in the sky) before that of the constellation calculated when the foundations of birth sign astrology were laid down more than 2,000 years ago, named by the astrology and birth signs we know them today.  This change to the association between a particular month and a particular constellation happens not suddenly but slowly over 2000 years.  Also the earth never passes through a constellation in exactly a month, but sometimes half a month longer or shorter.  So, to define astrology and birth signs by the months of the calendar is scientifically and factually erroneous.  So because the speed of the Earth is slowing down as it orbits the Sun, the Earth is at a different point in the sky every calendar month than it was 2000 years ago.  So everyone who thinks he or she is an Aries is now today really an Aquarian, and Virgos are really Cancers, Leos are really Geminies, and Cancers are really Tauruses, and so on.  Astrology is thus, stuck with an old time-table, and blissfully ignores this major shift in the sky in relation to the Earth passing particular constellations at any given time during the year.

         Dr. Jacqueline Mitton of the Royal Astronomical Society also confirms that stargazers have been using the wrong dates for the Sun passing through the constellations of the Zodiac.  This is the line of the Earth in relation to the Sun as the Earth orbits the Sun.  The ‘star dates’ used in astrology today were formed about 2,000 years ago by Greek and Roman astronomers who named the Zodiac signs after the mythical gods of those times.  They divided the year up into roughly twelve equal chunks still used to this day by astrologers for their predictions.

         Dr. Mitton also describes how astronomers have now discovered a thirteenth constellation in the Zodiac called Ophiuchur ‘the god of healing’.  But importantly, because the constellations cover areas of varying sizes the Sun’s time in each constellation differs and so the Sun moves through the sign of Scorpio in just seven days, which makes a-nonsense of the monthly ‘star signs’.  It spends much more than a month under Virgo, Taurus and Pisces.  At the beginning of this century, the International Astronomical Union agreed on an exact position for each constellation, used by all the world’s scientists.  But, says Dr. Mitton, astrologers ignored this and stuck to traditional ‘Sun signs’ for analyzing people’s character and predicting the future.  So if you add the problem of the inconsistency in the differing lengths of time the Sun’s line with the Earth is in each constellation, with the factual scientific account of the “precession of the equinoxes” you have an unsystematic and changing zodiac system undermining the scientific credibility and importance given to people’s birth signs.  If you look at where the Sun is when you were born you will find it’s in a different constellation from the one the astrologers say it is in.  So then, Dr. Mitton, 46, born on July 10 and once a Cancer, said to be cautious, home loving and introverted became a Gemini in the 20th Century and so is now impatient, enthusiastic, and butterfly-minded.  But, now in the 21st Century, is slowly changing, if she lived over the next 2000 years, to the ‘Star’ sign of Taurus.  She goes on to say, “Astrology is pretty unscientific.  It is a brand of the entertainment industry.  I just wish people wouldn’t confuse it with science and take it so seriously”.

         D. Myer’s book, Social Psychology (1993), provides us with some of the latest information concerning the scientific research on astrology:  “It’s important to realise that some popular claims about biological rhythms are not supported by empirical data.  Particularly, there is no measure or data proven that allows anyone to make predictions about fluctuations in an individual’s mood, or intellectual, emotional, social or caring ability based on their birth date.  In other words, the biorhythm advice given about individuals’ future, and found in newspaper columns, and elsewhere, is pseudoscientific nonsense without any empirical basis (Palmer, 1982).  Nothing that researchers have found lends any credibility to the speculation of links between birthdays and biorhythms.”

         With all this scientific information coming to the fore, astrologers are realizing they are fighting a loosing battle with such emphatic scientific information.  We hear recently that Senior Astrologers faced with this evidence now claim and acknowledge that astrology is not scientific or based on science, but that astrology is but a way for people to indulge in a little mystery and magic. Bravo, perhaps now we are hearing some common sense from those that practice, preach and administer a branch of entertainment called astrology.   


The Discipline of Psychology Investigates Parapsychology


         David Marks (1986) in his article, ‘Investigating the Paranormal’, writes, “Few fields of inquiry capture the attention of the public as much as the paranormal. Newspapers, books, films and television have all cashed in and promoted it.  Yet, after millennia of experience and more than a century of controlled investigation since the founding in 1882 of the Society of Psychological Research, the paranormal remains as controversial as ever.  While credence in parapsychology including extrasensory perception (ESP) and precognition appears to be widespread, parapsychology has failed to produce a single repeatable demonstration of its supposed and purported supernatural abilities. In the face of such a dearth of hard evidence how can such widespread belief in the paranormal be accounted for?”                                                         

              The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the paranormal (CSICOP), was established in 1976, with the aim of increasing the quality of scientific investigations into the paranormal by constructive criticism and the exposure of invalid or fraudulent claims.  Over this 10-year period an inordinate amount of fraud, error and incompetence in paranormal investigations, have been brought to light. But pseudo-sciences are unfortunately, remarkably stable, and tradition-bound and their presence on the edges of science can be, sadly, expected indefinitely. 

              Here are some descriptions and examples of effects which until recently were claimed to be produced by the paranormal but which can now be explained from within orthodox science. They include:


  • Kirlian photography, the photographic recording of Coronal discharges around living or non-living objects produced by high-voltage (20 - 100 kV), high-frequency (75 kHz - 3 MHz), electrical fields.  Variations in the images of the corona, can be explained in terms of normal physical factors such as moisture, pressure or distance, all which influence circuit resistance. (1, 2)
  • Fire-walking, if conducted briskly on hot materials of low thermal capacity and poor thermal conductivity, does not produce burns.  The Leidenfrost effect created by an insulating layer of water or sweat may also reduce energy transfer to the surface of the body. (2, 4)
  • Dowsing is based on sensory cues, expectancy effects and probability.  Controlled trials fail to produce above-chance results. (5, 6, 7)
  • Psychic surgery, thought photography and metal bending all involve sleight-of-hand and can be duplicated by skilled magicians.  The first differs from the others in respect of the associated false hopes and financial loss, but all three are fraudulent. (5, 8, 9, 10)
  • ‘Gellerlized’ watches thought to be broken, and which are purportedly repaired by illusionist Uri Geller by ‘psychic concentration’, are, in about 50 per cent of cases, fixed and/or restarted by simply holding the watch in a clenched fist and shaking it which provides a sufficient stimulus to free the mechanism.  (9,10, 11)
  • Astrology, graphology, tea-leaf and tarot card readings, the I Ching and other forms of divination are types of ‘cold reading’ or ‘sleight-of-mouth.’  They depend upon ambiguous wish fulfilling and general advice and the use of prior or presented information and cues procured through verbal ‘fishing’.  A strong feeling of personal validation often accompanies such readings.  Various forms of ‘mediumship’ and ‘psychometry’ as practiced by D. Collins and D. Stokes are also examples of cold reading. (12)


              The failure of paranormal investigators to produce a single repeatable effect despite 100 years of published research is a serious matter.  The ‘hoped for’ results described in reports, have never been repeated, or replicated, in scientifically controlled environments.  The most systematically investigated area is undoubtedly parapsychology.  This field is professionally organised, with its own associations of accredited members and journals. Since 1969, the Parapsychology Association has been an affiliated division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  On the surface, the research sophistication of many parapsychologists seems to be as high as that of other professional researchers.  The University of Edinburgh now has its own Koestler Chair of Parapsychology. Yet parapsychology is unique in that it remains permanently in search for a reliable finding.  In spite of the long history of error, fraud and negative results, the practitioners remain confident that a positive result, will one day be obtained.

         How close are we to a repeatable paranormal finding?  Examination of the literature suggests, not very close at all.  In systematic reviews of Para psychological experiments, C. Akers (13) and R. Hyman (14) have independently come to the same conclusion:  that the research methods and evidence are too weak to establish the existence of a paranormal phenomenon.


Belief, Memory and Cognition


         Human memory, cognition and thought processes are achieved through a complex array of cognitive processes including the processes of ‘expectancy’ or ‘mental set’ driven by ‘internal cognitive working models’ or ‘scripts’ developed over a life time, which provide the framework within which Self organises new experience.  So human cognition is not a simple ‘copying’, or ‘right or wrong’ process of reality, but entails a constructive ‘striving for’ or ‘effort after meaning’ to personal experiences.  What we experience is often more a confirmation of a deep inner and personal belief than a matter of plain fact.  Beliefs in essence are not ‘updated’ automatically by available evidence, but have an active life of their own and fight tenaciously for their own survival.  Beliefs evolve from our past and shape and form our identity, describing and driving who we think we are!  They tell us what to read, what to listen to, who to trust and how to rationalise contrary information. (4, 5, 57)                                                                      

         A further problem regarding the truth of belief is that when we are exposed to relevant information that contradicts Self’s beliefs, our opinions and beliefs, are reviewed and revised, at less than optimal levels.  We cognitively act conservatively within a confirmation bias that congruently affirms what we need to believe in relation to personal requirements and experiences.  We look at information in a biased and selective way so that it will agree with or fulfill our individual expectations thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.  In a recent ‘ESP’ demonstration to a class of 226 psychology students, David Marks presented as an exercise in observation, five mentalist tricks, consisting of:


·        Correctly naming a colour written out of sight.

·        Correctly transmitting a colour name to a volunteer who, like him, had not previously seen it.

·        Helping a volunteer to correctly read messages sealed inside envelopes or to appear to transmit messages to him.

·        Producing bent keys which he had not previously touched.

·        Moving or stopping the hands of a watch in a mysterious  



         Although at no time did he claim to be psychic, 90 per cent of the class stated that David Marks had demonstrated psychic ability.  When the results from subjects who had been previously classified as either ‘believers’ or ‘skeptics’ were analysed separately, 79 per cent of believers thought at least three of the five effects were psychic compared with only 43 per cent of skeptics.

         Naturally, we often encounter information that is unexpected or ambiguous. In such instances, there is a second line of defense of the data being selectively perceived, or even misperceived, so that it still appears to support our beliefs by ‘subjective validation’.  Human beings never behave randomly.  Our experiences contain many culturally shared elements, such that particular items are associated with particular verbal contexts.  This causes associative networks to be set up and a tendency towards non-random, stereotypical responses even when there is freedom to choose.

         So then, what factors differentiate believer from skeptic?  Psychologists down the ages have puzzled over the question of what motivates different world-views and the so-called will to believe.  Research conducted by J. Waugh, used Kelly’s personal construct theory.  In this framework, people vary in the quality and extent of their investigatory procedures, so that while some may be working to establish an ordered and meaningful world for themselves but which is not necessarily highly predictable or readily explained, others may be content that they already have all the necessary explanatory constructs to live life fruitfully and with meaning.


In Conflict with Reality


         The following chapters will indirectly explore in part the reasons, which provide a clearer understanding why future telling and all its categories are in conflict with the Creator’s design and order of creation and the Creators Will for human’s to possess integrity of independence and sovereignty manifest in consciousness, intellect, cognition and emotions, etcetera, and ultimately, freewill.  A belief in parapsychology, fortune and future telling, belief in the ability to predict the future, and a belief that all experiences should be considered as fate, can significantly compromise and distort human behaviour and contents of speech as outcomes of personal attitudes, values and beliefs, and therefore, the future personal applications of Self living life in two significant ways.

         Firstly, through belief in sectors of parapsychology being viewed as credible viable sources of esoteric knowledge regarding one’s fate, any intuitive intuition, any spark of innate spirituality, and any belief in a ‘Power’, ‘Supreme Being’ or ‘Creator’ originating from outside one’s terms of reference, no matter how fragile or seemingly insignificant, can be inadvertently snuffed out or redirected.  To the worship, belief and adherence of ‘man made gods’ and ‘systems’ that purport to quench human thirst for answers to existential questions the human spirit possess to desire.   A belief in parapsychology has the propensity to encourage the instigation and misdirection of intellect and cognitions, and attitudes and behaviours of Self, instead of searching for the answers to these existential questions through the journey of personal discovery, and the process of the investigation of knowledge underpinned by consciousness, intellect and rational logic and reason.  With all the personal, emotional and spiritual challenges and intellectual growth this may entail, whilst learning about Self and Self’s strengths and weaknesses. 

         Secondly, parapsychology, including astrology, future and fortune telling can encourage and propagate the belief that all experiences are predestined (predestination) and/ or predicated on arbitrary fate, such as being accidentally or willfully hit by a truck, which may or may not have been under the control of the person injured and the driver of the truck.  If we wish to walk in front of a truck this is a choice we make and we will be hit, so this incident for the walker is predicated on choice and not fate, but for the driver this can be considered ‘bad luck’ rather than fate which is a word that means one’s destiny or predestination.  If the driver wishes to, or chooses to drive into us this is a choice the driver makes, and we will be hit and run over.  But this event is ‘bad luck’ for the pedestrian, rather than the individual’s predetermination and predestination.  A persons belief in fortune telling then, can by definition, severely limit a person’s potential scope for future personal development and change, for an attitude of hope, and for a belief in the ability to change one’s circumstances in any way one might wish to.   This is because if Self believes in fate and future telling Self will become drawn into a type of self-fulfilling prophecy, because Self believes that Self has no control over any interaction with life and so lives to the label of Self’s belief regarding one’s fate based future. 

         Thus, this ‘easy fix’ for disregarding transcendent and informed information seriously limits the potential power of Self’ - spirit/soul - by diminishing the use of the inherent gifts of consciousness, intellect, reason and choice.  This limited use of these intellectual and spiritual attributes has the capability of reducing human kind’s worth to nothing more animate than artificially battery powered toys or computer operated robots.  Consciousness, intellect, reason and freewill/ choice, facilitate and make possible the ability to control one’s life and experience the disciplines of moral and ethical responsibility, accountability and discernment.  This in turn allows for the virtues of love, compassion and reconciliation to operate, by choice, in relationships with Self and others.








Creation as Scientific Evidence

Humans are Fragile

Light, Stars and Galaxies

Termination of the Sun, Life and Earth

Black Holes


Creation as Scientific Evidence


         We have discussed people’s irrational motivations and destructive, thoughts, feelings and attitudes in relation to their faith, culture, politics and religion and subsequent behaviours and speech.  We have explored examples of diabolical beliefs and practices with regard to the interpretation and misinterpretation of Scripture.  Such information may be a resource for the reasons why we can or cannot choose to believe in the existence of a Super Natural Being, or be the catalyst for a personal understanding of the possibility for the existence of a Creator.  We have explored the flawed ways people can misinterpret Scripture in the Bible and other spiritual writings, and discussed how misinterpreted Scriptures can be dangerous and therefore require reinterpretation.  We have explored the power of the mind in relation to believing in particular ‘beliefs’ that are not substantiated by evidence-based proof.  Pertinent to this exploration is perhaps the inferred question as to whether or not we can believe in entities that we cannot see or touch?  And does the Bible and other ‘Holy’/spiritual writings, present laudable evidence of having been actually written by the Creator, or if not, provide credible evidence that a Creator may exist, or provide information about interpersonal relationships and life credible enough to be adopted?  The idea of these explorations is to leave the answers to these questions up to the integrity of the intellectual and spiritual discretion of the reader. 


         Next on our journey in the search for proof of a God’s existence we shall explore the ‘miracles’ from the paradigm of academic science with regard to the creation of the universe.  This is, the exploration of the material universe that has come into existence, in the quest to ascertain whether there is enough visible and scientific evidence in the world to support the belief in a Super Natural Being.  Indeed, science itself, states that you cannot create something from nothing. 

         And in the following chapter we will be exploring proof of the Creator’s existence from the evidence provided by rational and logical reasoning predicated on the ideas that are based on human experience of the universe and the intrinsic logical reality that also states that ‘something can not be made to exist from nothing’.   


Humans are Fragile


         Now back to the science of the miracles of the universe and creation.  We humans have been around in existence for less than 0.2 per cent of the time that life has existed on this Earth.  Humans average a life span of about 75 years for males and 80 years for females being the current conservative calculation from the developed first worlds, although it has increased by 3 months every year for the past 160 years.  In comparison, our Solar System, that is, the Sun, Moon, and Planets were, created 4.5 billion (4500 million) years ago.  The universe in its entirety began, according to modern astrophysicists, about 13.7 billion (13,700 million) years ago from a mega explosion, or as Darwinians describe it, from the “big bang”.  The ‘big bang’ is the word then used to describe the initiation of the beginning of creation of the universe.  But before the ‘big bang’ happened it is considered by some that there was nothing and because it is irrational that something can be made from nothing then there must have been something greater to initiate such an event. 

         Before the ‘big bang’ science also states that there was nothing in terms of matter or existence as we know and experience it.  There was no space, no time and no matter.  Indeed, it is difficult to comprehend this particular dimension of production of existence because if there was something before the ‘nothing’ that must have initiated the ‘big bang’ then that something must be some form of Super Natural Being. 


         And as only 4 % of the universe is made of atoms, 96 % is yet to be known, but could be considered the energy of the ‘Word’, Soul and Spirit.  Physicists call this unknown ‘matter’ ‘dark matter and energy’.  So what did actually happened during and after the ‘big bang’.  A billionth (nano) of a second after the ‘big bang’ both particles of matter (atom-energy) and antimatter (reverse charged atom-energies) rushed around in all directions causing tremendous heat.  These we call subatomic particles.   At that time, there existed an almost equal amount of matter and antimatter, which collided and destroyed one another creating pure energy.  Because matter exceeded antimatter by one part per billion the ‘matter’ universe was able to exist.  As the universe cooled and expanded, common particles began to form called baryons containing photons, neutrinos, electrons and quarks.  As the universe cooled, further composite particles of protons and neutrons called hadrons formed.  Then lighter particles of electrons, neutrinos and photons called leptons were able to join the protons and neutrons of hadrons, which together became the atoms that make up the structure and functions of atom-energy today.

          After one to three minutes had passed after the ‘big’ bang’ and creation of the universe protons and neutrons began to react with each other to form deuterium, a heavy isotope of hydrogen with one proton and one neutron.  This hydrogen then collected another neutron to form tritium and after this reaction the addition of another proton which produced a helium nucleus.  There was now one helium nucleus for every ten protons.  After further cooling, these excess protons would capture an electron to create common hydrogen.  Massive gas soups would then form, their intense heat and gravity the ingredients to form stars.  From there on, the universe contains about one helium atom for every ten hydrogen atoms. 

         Under intense pressure and heat, hydrogen fuse and compress into helium atoms creating energy, heat and light.  When hydrogen runs out, and no longer fused into helium, another chemical reaction occurs as the star explodes into a supernova, before extinction, where the heat is so tremendous other chemical reactions occur where heavier elements form, one by one, such as oxygen (O), carbon (C), uranium and gold (AU) etcetera.  Iron is the last element created, and because it is the heaviest, it is unable to react in fusion.  So the supernova now without any source of ‘fuel’ self destructs exploding and scattering its subatomic particles and then collapsing into iron and gases that make up new stars and planets.  The universe then continued to spread outwards from the force of this initial burst of creation/energy into what we now know to be the universe of stars and galaxies.  Today stars in galaxies undergo these same processes of rebirth.

         After billions of years this material and energy has slowly cooled and slowed down so that today astrophysicists can pick up radio waves and signals coming in from all directions of the Universe.  This includes the ‘radio signal maps’ of this energy just 350,000 years after the ‘big bang’.  In human psycho-spiritual terms, it is easy to forget how the hidden secrets of the Creator’s power and strength may miraculously manifest in the visible universe.  For instance, sound travels at 760 miles per hour, but light travels at an incredible 186,000 miles per second or 600 million miles per hour – that is, 1.25 seconds to flash to the moon and 8.5 minutes to travel 93 million miles from the Sun to our own garden planet.  In one second, light can travel around the world seven times. In one year, light travels (which equates to one light year) 6 million x million miles.  That is 6,000,000,000,000 miles.  Light energy, is made up of electromagnetic energy, which consists of wavelengths of particles (photons), which move in waves with particles called photons.  Light is one of the quickest phenomena in the natural universe. 

         Alongside the miracle of light energy is our very own brain, which is the most complex component of creation in the known universe.  The brain can filter out 100 sensations and stimuli from 100 million sensations and stimuli a second.  These stimuli are, received in the reticular formation of the brain, from sensory receptors like the eye (visual), ears (auditory) and touch (body-kinesthetic).  This stimuli is subsequently processed in the frontal lobes and cortex of the brain.  The outcome of this process is the provision of the information that tells Self who we are and what we are to others and the world, and thus how we identify Self in relation to others.  The brain could also be the central interface between the body and the personality/spirit, between the visible and the invisible, between the ‘physical’ and the spiritual.  All these concepts are discussed in a later Chapter.

         Yet, we sometimes forget how dependant we are on these magical creations.  For instance, we can only survive 7 weeks without food and only 7-8 days without water, even fewer days depending on our health and the environment, before our organs start to dysfunction, pack up and die.  In the same way, we can only survive for two or three minutes without oxygen before our brain and body suffocate and die. 

         It is easy to forget these wonders of the universe that create and sustain humans and indeed impact on who and what we are, just as it was for the ancient Romans.  St Paul reminded them to look at creation for proof of God's existence:


"For what can be known about God is perfectly plain to them since God Himself has made it plain.  Ever since God created the world His everlasting power and deity, however invisible, have been there for mind to see in the things He has made".

(Romans 1:19-20)


Light, Stars and Galaxies


         Today we have the privilege of being informed, and enlightened about creation, and the complexities of the mechanisms of the Universe.  Biochemical scientists and Astrophysicists have never been able to tell us so much about the universe as they can today.  They now know that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.  They tell us that looking at the night sky is like looking into the past.  When looking up at the stars, we will see, depending on how far they are away and how many years their light takes to reach us, some as they were in the 12th century, others as they were in the 6th century, and others with the help of powerful radio telescopes, as they were 13,700 million years ago.  This is long before our solar system was formed, our Sun and planet formed from the dense gas and dust of a nebula.  Scientists tell us that there are over 400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and it is so vast that light takes not 10 years, not 100 years, not 10,000 years, but 200,000 years to traverse it.  Out nearest star, apart from the sun, is Alpha Centuri, a distant 4.3 light years away, or alternatively, 24,000,000,000,000 miles from Earth.  There are also about 400 billion galaxies in the universe, which continue to expand from one another.  The furthermost galaxies continue to expand at 90 per cent the speed of light.  It is believed the galaxies will continue to expand until the galaxies and their stars are disseminated so greatly they cease to exist but in their smallest atomic particles, which too will eventually decompose, corrupt and disappear.   

         That is not all, our planet is moving around the sun at 30km/second (72,000 miles per hour), taking 365.256 days to complete one orbit, giving the calendar year.  And the Earth is tilted on its axis by just over 23 degrees from the vertical, giving the four seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.  The Sun does not rise in the East, as it stays still in relation to us, but instead the Earth spins around its self from West to East, at 1,000 miles per hour every twenty-four hours giving us the illusion that the Sun is moving.  As the Earth spins around itself - taking 24 hours to complete one rotation - it gives us night and day.  The Sun and Planets of our solar system, together, are moving around the center of the Milky Way at 30 km/second, taking 240 million years to complete one orbit.  The Milky Way is also on the move, taking us with it and moving towards a remote cluster of galaxies at 600 km/second.  Indeed, we are involuntary space travelers - the room we go to sleep in tonight has moved millions of miles from where it was in the universe this morning when we woke up.                                                             

         Scientists tell us that when nuclear fusion occurs within stars and the Sun, neutrinos - subatomic changeless mass-less particles - are produced.  They are so unaffected by other atom-energies that they can move through dense objects including the Earth and pass out the other side.  As we lie in bed day or night billions of neutrinos from the Sun, flash through the Earth, through our bodies, and back out into space at the speed of light.  Neutrinos take 8 minutes to each us from the centre of the sun.  Space is a place with movement of atom-energies, which is the constituent of time.  Space consists of the atom-energies of structures we name as ‘dust particles’ and gases, including hydrogen and nitrogen.  Stars are entities with dense atom-energy centers with nuclear atomic activities – hydrogen fusing into helium – producing energy of intense heat, gases and, light.  Light photons generated from this hydrogen nuclear fusion takes a million years to reach earth, because light photon particles bounce off other atoms as they travel through from the centre of the Sun.  The Sun is a Star and stars can be incomprehensibly large.  A star called Beetlegeux situated in the Orion Sword is a super giant at 220 million miles in diameter.  It is big enough to swallow up the entire size of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  It also has the energy equal to 15,000 Suns. 


         No wonder it has been said that the possibility of the Earth and Universe with its design, order and plan being created by random chance, is about as mathematically probable as a Jumbo Jet airliner being built by a tornado sweeping through the debris of a junk yard.

Three thousand years ago the ancient poets were so inspired by the night sky and creation they were compelled to write about a ‘Creator’:

Psalm 8 reads: (1,000 BC.)


"I look up at your heaven, made by your fingers

At the moon and stars you set in place

Ah, what is man that you should spare a thought for him

The Son of Man that you should care for him

Yet you have made him little less than a god

You have crowned him with glory and splendour

Made him lord over the work of your hands

Set all things under his feet

Sheep and oxen, all these

Yes wild animals too

Birds in the air, fish in the sea

Traveling the pith of the ocean

Yahweh our Lord

How great your name throughout the earth!"


Termination of the Sun, Life and Earth


         The Sun is losing four million tons of mass every second, as hydrogen atoms are fused and compressed into helium atoms at over 14 million degrees Celsius.  This process forms energy, heat and light from which we are able to survive on Earth.  A grain of sand this hot would cook a person 110 miles away.  At 1 million miles in diameter, the Sun is twice as large as the size of the Moon's orbit around our Earth, and in comparison, planet Earth has a diameter of only 8,000 miles.  The Sun also has a ‘use by date’.  It is estimated that the Sun can only exist for another 5,000 million years before it will burn out.  Although our world may continue for thousands and possibly millions of years before the Sun burns itself out, it is very possible that the Earth will radically change in some way or form in the positive or negative at sometime in the future. 

         For example, Earth could dramatically change through the impact of an asteroid collision, which has already occurred 250 million and 65 million years ago respectively, destroying 95 per cent of life on Earth including the Dinosaurs.  Or the Earth could drastically and irreversibly change through the consequences of an environmental or natural disaster, or through chemical or nuclear war.  It is perhaps prudent never to forget, as we journey through life going about our daily business, nothing in this world lasts forever, and nothing in this world can be ‘guaranteed’ except for the fact of the inevitability of our individual death.  For physical death is an integral part of the cycle of life, in general, and human life, in particular.  In deed, we have all been ‘sentenced’ to anatomical death.  Human life on this Earth is just a stepping-stone to perhaps an immortal spiritual life in an eternal world.  For none of our bodies leave this planet in their original structure, form with function of the body, but for invisible consciousness of Self and personality, this may be an entirely different story.

          The universe and the solar system were always only a temporary creation, albeit seeming long term in human understanding and human’s individual time-frame from minute to minute, day to day and year to year, until death.  As the second law of thermo dynamics states, “All energies in the universe are in a continual process of changing.”  Apart from this law emphasizing the fact that everything that has been created in this universe and is thus, made of some form of atom-energy and therefore cannot exist forever unchanged.  This law is very salient today with both the chronic and acute depletion of the world’s resources. The energy of the universe is a closed system, and in essence, is neither gained, nor lost.  Resources of energy with planet earth will inevitably will ultimately dissipate and disseminate into the atmosphere as the remnants of changed energy.                                                                               

         One thing is sure, we are all going to anatomically die in one way and at some time or another.  As it has often been said and all are aware, if not in denial, none of us get out of here ‘physically’ alive.  We can with almost certainty, guarantee that the end of our own life will be within the next 100 years with our anatomical death, and much sooner depending on our individual age and health.  Incidentally, those who believe in Christ, and are familiar with the concept of the term “The Second Coming of Christ”, need to be aware that the coming of Christ will most likely be manifest in the form of their own individual death, and ‘going to Christ’.  And, therefore, much sooner for individual’s than is often contemplated and depicted by this phrase.  The reality of ‘The Coming of Christ’, may more than likely be explained by one’s own personal anatomical death, and be more accurately described by the term ‘Going to Christ/ ‘God’. 

            It is ironic that as the Sun slowly burns out to close on it’s lifespan of 10,000 million years - remember it has already been burning for 4,500 million years - humans awaken as the electromagnetic rays of the Sun burst down on the breaking dawn of human spiritual and intellectual awareness.  The Earth’s “use by date” – for nothing that is physical and tangible and visible lasts forever - we know is another 5,000 million years, because the Sun’s fuel will burn up and the ‘remains’ will explode engulfing and destroying all its planets and the solar system, including planet Earth.  However, it is necessarily inconceivable in the context of environmental destruction, that natural influences and human-to-human violence, will render the Earth’s “use by date” of 5,000 million years unattainable.  But if the Sun does miraculously reach its “use by date” it will have burnt out of fuel, explode – destroying the solar system - and inevitably become a cloud of dust and gas eventually to combine with cosmic material to create another star through gravitational forces, pressure and heat from nuclear fusion.

The Sun contains more than 99 % of the total mass of the Solar System (Jupiter containing most of the rest). The Sun is often said to be an "ordinary" star because there are many others similar to it.  However, there are mostly smaller stars than larger ones, the Sun being in the top 10% by mass. The median size of stars in the Milky Way is probably less than half the mass of the Sun.

The Sun creates solar energy deep within its core.  In the core of the Sun the temperature is an incredible 15,000,000° C, and the pressure is 340 billion times the Earth's air pressure at sea level, and so intense, that nuclear reaction or fusion takes place. This reaction causes hydrogen nuclei (four protons) to fuse together to form a helium nucleus (one alpha particle).  So this intense heat and pressure turns hydrogen atoms into helium atoms.  The helium nucleus (alpha particle) is about 0.7 percent less massive than the hydrogen nuclei (four protons).  The difference in mass is expelled as energy, carried to the surface of the Sun through a process known as convection, and released as light and heat.  Energy generated in the Sun's core takes a million years to reach its surface.  Every second, 700 million tons of hydrogen gases become helium through nuclear fusion, and in the process, 5 million tons of pure energy released.  When helium atoms, are no longer sustainable, other atoms start to form, such as Oxygen, Carbon, Gold, Uranium, and eventually Iron, until all the elements of the universe are again manufactured. 

At the end of its life the Sun will start to fuse helium into the heavier elements such as iron and begin to swell.  Ultimately, the sun will grow so large it will swallow up the Earth.  After a billion years Earth will then become a Red Giant.   This Red Giant will then suddenly collapse because of its immense gravity, into a very small compact body known as a White Dwarf.  White Dwarfs are made of atoms of different elements, which are then broken and packed so tightly together that an amount the size of an eggcup would weigh 50 tons.  When a larger Sun/Star burns out it is termed a supernova.  It explodes and shrinks by gravity so quickly that the atoms are broken up and fused together so tightly they form neutrons.  A Neutron Star is so dense a pinhead would weigh more than a million tons!  The energy released in one of these supernovas is so great that for several weeks the star shines with the brilliance of a billion of our Suns or more.  As stated earlier the heat generated from these supernovas is so great that heavy elements from the chemical reactions of this nuclear fusion, such as gold and uranium, are produced.  So the gold in every wedding ring was produced and manufactured in the heat of the fires of a supernova.  For nowhere else in the universe is the temperature hot enough for such a chemical reaction to occur.


Black Holes


            Black Holes are a mysterious cosmic phenomenon, and have divulged till now little of their form and activity.  Astral-physicists now believe they have discovered a black hole 15 million light years away.  A black hole is created when a larger star called a Super Giant, such as Betlegeux, which is much heavier and bigger than one that explodes into a supernova, uses up all its fuel and then collapses suddenly and violently from its gravitational force without the physics to explode as a supernova.  As the star’s cosmic material collapses and shrinks from its immense gravity the escape velocity of material entering the center of this cosmic wonder becomes greater than 186,000 miles per second - the speed of light - so that not even light escapes from its gravitational force and becomes a black hole.

         This collapsed star’s gravitational energy pulls into it, surrounding cosmic atom-energy and its ‘event horizon’ results from the recycled atom-energies, now vapourised, escape at the speed of light.  So this is the Black Hole created from considerable gravity and now sucks in any cosmic material susceptible to its atom-less force, which may be more akin to the spirit-energy of the ‘Word’, as being part if not all of ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’.  Once material is pulled into its gravitational force, it too becomes part of the infinite hole, but rather than disappearing forever, it slowly seeps away as unrecognizable, deformed and vapourised atoms at the ‘event horizon’.  A black hole recently discovered is 300 light years in diameter.  A black hole exists at the center of every galaxy.  The Milky Way’s black hole has a mass 300 million times greater than that of the Sun. (Strobel, 2004)

         So there we have some of the scientific miracles of the universe that can be both emotionally daunting and intellectually fascinating.  Indeed, this information invokes concepts and dimensions that are incredibly interesting, yet, difficult to comprehend from a human perspective.  The miracles of the Universe can indeed be described as just that, miracles, and poignantly demonstrate the possibility of the existence of the Majesty and Might of a Supernatural Being and Creator.  

         The miracles of the Universe have the potential to give us valuable insight into the sheer power and intellect of such a creative, artistic and industrious being.  The marvels of the Universe may indicate an extraordinary and complex existence, with all the thought and feeling that would be necessary to conceive and create such a vast and ongoing entity with such exquisite design, order and planning.






Only 118 Natural Elements in the Known Universe

Atoms, Cells, Genes and DNA

Meaning of ‘The Word’, Soul and, Spirit

The Brain, Neurons, Neurotransmitters and Self

How Could ‘God’ Have Always Existed?


Only 118 Natural Elements in the Known Universe


Contributing a contemporary perspective to this mix of rationale, philosophy and science may add credibility and potency to their significance as evidence for the consideration that creation, by definition, requires as a necessity to exist, the existence of a Creator or Super Natural Being in some form or status.  All these rational, philosophical and scientific modes of thought of perceiving the world, such as, the paradigms of Providence, Motion, Cause and Effect, Contingent and Necessary Beings, Subordinate Series, Perfection, Order, and You can not get Something from Nothing, can be experienced in the phenomena reality.  Science has determined that there only 95 Elements making and producing all that exists in nature and the universe.   Elements are substances that are ‘pure’ in that they consist of the same atoms which combine together to form molecules, such as, Oxygen, or Carbon, etcetera.  So Oxygen atoms combine to form Oxygen and different atoms of elements, for example, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms, combine (as compounds) in a complex chemical reaction to form water molecules (H2O). 

There are only 95 elements that singularly or, in combination build everything and anything that exists in the known universe.  The combination of the same or different atoms of these elements combine to form either inanimate objects/realities which are nonliving and non-growing, for example, rocks, sand, water and air, etcetera, or animate objects/realities which are living and growing, for example, bacteria, plants, animals and humans etcetera.  However, there are realities that can be considered to have not been constructed from the atoms of these elements, such as the invisible, but real constructs of Self, consciousness, cognition, emotion, attitudes, values, beliefs, and personality etcetera, which we can refer to as Spirit.   

We may accept that there is some difficulty in understanding the complexity of the creation of atoms, which are comprised of subatomic particles made up of the nucleus, neutrons, protons and electrons as the building blocks of all the elements.  But the different structures and functions of atom-energy – and non-atom spiritual energy - can not just appear from nothing and just appear from nowhere.  Atoms are the building blocks of human cells, DNA and genes and similarly cannot just suddenly appear in their intricate forms and structures without there being some form of transcendent design and order.  Atoms and their subatomic particles do not just appear like a rabbit out of a hat, out of ‘thin air’, or exist and evolve from nothing, out of nowhere. 

So these complex and sophisticated forms of existence called atoms that make up the complex elements that make up the entire natural, but complex materials and substances and living things that exist in the universe, must have been created themselves by something other than themselves.  They must be created other than from nothing and nowhere for themselves to exist.  Furthermore, they must have been created by something that does not require these same atoms or elements, for itself to exist.  Indeed, there must be something that possesses something else, besides atoms and elements, for it self to exist, and therefore for atoms and elements to exist.  Atoms must have been created by something greater than atoms for atoms to exist, perhaps something that requires nothing else to exist but its Self to exist, whatever that may be. 

So there must be Something, Someone, Something Miraculous, Something Extraordinary, Something Invisible, Something Incredible, Something Wondrous, Something Magical, Something Awesome, Something ‘Impossible’ and Something *****, for the atoms of the elements that make up all that exists in creation and nature to exist.  And we might speculate that this Something ‘*****’ is what we might refer to as the Creator.  And that this Creator comprises, in part, ‘The Word’, the Soul, Self, and Spirit, including the invisible constructs of consciousness, cognitions, attitudes, values, emotions and personality, etcetera.  Invisible constructs as being the phenomena that are invisible, and that do not consist of atoms that make up the 118 elements that everything else natural in the known universe and world consist of as necessary to exist.  


Atoms, Cells, Genes and DNA


         When we look around us there is predetermined order, design and purpose everywhere.  Subatomic particles of atoms or atom-energy not only make up the pages and print of this book but everything in the universe, including inanimate objects (non-life) e.g., stars, galaxies, water, rocks, etcetera, and animate living life, for example, plants, animals, birds, insects and humans etcetera.  Atoms, in essence, are but energies without mass (because measured in eV - electrical volts), weight (because electromagnetic energy between the earth attracts smaller parcels of electromagnetic energy giving gravity) and visibility (because we see the visible light wave–lengths that are reflected by particular atoms).  Further explanation of these seemingly counterintuitive facts will be discussed further on.  If we think about how hydrogen and oxygen make up ice, water and steam-gases we can understand how everything in the universe possesses different structures and functions even when made with the same atoms.  As the energy of atoms changes e.g., as in the different structures and functions of ice, water, and steam, made from the same atoms, but structured differently, tightly packed atoms (ice) as opposed to less-tightly packed (steam-gases) - and so more volatile.  Atoms interact with other atoms both similar (elements) and different (compounds) to make up the universe and the world we experience. 

         There are only 118 different atoms that together or combined make up 4 % of the world, 96 % being energy unknowen but more probably akin to the energy of the ‘Word’.  Self, which by definition is also non-atom energy of Spirit (spirit-energy) - consciousness, thoughts, emotions, self-awareness, personality and will etcetera.  Reference to the word ‘physical’ (in essence, atom-energy) in this book can refer to the body (anatomy) or the ‘physical’ environment -  food, shelter, life and all that we observe around us (atom-energy) - except for Self-Spirit and the Spirit of others which is non-atom energy.     

The sub-atomic particles of atoms include electrons, neutrons and protons that make up atoms, being the building blocks of elements, and are, therefore, the building blocks of cells.  Cells are made of a complex combination of atoms of particular elements.  A cell is the smallest unit of independent existence.  A cell is a discrete, membrane-based portion of living atom-energy.  All living matter (atom-energies) consists of one or more cells.  Living bacteria and amoeba (yeast and protozoa) consist of a single cell, whereas living humans are made of trillions of cells.  Within each cells’ nucleus exists the ribosomes that carry out the protein synthesis which are the materials used to produce genes – that exist within the DNA - that in combination, combine to form the blueprint that is represented and expressed as hereditary material.  Chromosomes are the structures in a cell’s nucleus that carry the genes.  Each chromosome consists of one long strand of a complex bio-chemical substance called Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA). 

There are 46 chromosomes or strands of DNA in a normal human cell and approximately 27,000 different genes in each chromosome or strand of DNA.  One gene may contain up to 2 million nucleotide strands made up of a sugar group (deoxyribose), a phosphate group, and one of four purine bases.  The order of the bases along each of these millions of nucleotide strands in each gene gives the gene its genetic code.  But the human genome (DNA/ genetic system) is now believed to contain 3.2 billion "letters" or “base pairs” within its DNA and which previously was called “junk DNA”.  So only 1.2 per cent of this long genetic code represents genes, being the bits of DNA called nucleotides, which are the programs designed to order the manufacture of proteins for specific body parts and organs.   The body is, both made up of proteins, and manufactures these proteins that make up the body.  So these genetic nucleotides are the building blocks that make up life and all living things.  The chromosomes are comprised of strands called DNA, which house the genes, which are the hereditary genetics that program the development of all the individual features and characteristics that distinguish all living things from each other, including the differences within and between humans.  DNA house the genes that are in every living cell, and this genetic material is the blueprint and program which creates the features and characteristics that make up trees, plants, bacteria, insects, animals and humans etcetera.  The genes in every cell consist of all the programs necessary to create all the parts of a living thing, such as the lips, eyes, skin, lungs, teeth, organs, blood, bones, stomach, bowel, hands, feet, legs, arms and face etcetera, which come together to form a particular animal or human being etcetera.  So all the cells in the body contain a full set of genes, but in each cell type in the body only some of these genes are active or turned on.  For example, liver cells produce proteins that produce the liver organ, which are not produced in the kidney cells that produce the kidney organ, and vice-versa, and so on. 

However, because only 1.2 per cent of this long genetic code in DNA represents genes, the other 98.8 per cent of genetic material traditionally dismissed as "junk DNA" with little or no function, has been discovered by Australian researchers to also contain thousands of small stretches of DNA that have been frozen in time for up to 400 million years.  These bits of DNA are exactly the same in people, mice and rats, which means that against all odds, not a single "letter" of DNA in these stretches of DNA has changed over millions of years of evolution.  "Nobody expected it. We were totally surprised," said John Mattick of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland.  He said his team believed the frozen bits were part of a sophisticated "instruction manual" for assembling complex organisms, "a hidden layer of information that is required to specify the precise placement of the trillions of cells in a human being". It could be suggested that the discovery of large percentages of DNA remaining unchanged over millions of years and the small percentage of DNA that has “evolved” or changed, provides evidence supporting the theory of not only the predetermined design and order of DNA material and its function, but also the intentional preprogramming of DNA material and its function.. 


Meaning of ‘The Word’, Soul and, Spirit


            The sub-atomic particles of atoms then are the smallest building blocks of existence, both inanimate and animate such as living plants and animals, whereby plants made from atoms of specific elements need the fuel of minerals to grow and animals made up of atoms of specific elements need the fuel of plants and animals to grow.  Atoms are the energy with structure and function that build the ‘physical’ part of plants, trees, animals and human beings, etcetera.  But on there own volition, fuel or no fuel, atoms of elements cannot create and sustain living life such as a pulsating, breathing, thinking and feeling human being, or any other living thing.  Consider that an original Super Natural Being was required to create the sub atomic particles that make up atoms, which in turn, make up structures and functions, which in turn, make up living cells.  Consider predetermined design and order as a requirement for such complex chemical reactions and evolution itself, to take place, for creation and life itself to exist.  An invisible entity called the ‘Soul’ considered a necessity, being that part of the Will and Desire of the mystical ‘Creator’ that maintains and sustains creation, evolving creation and life.  The Soul, in essence a part of the Creator, is by definition infused into creation and life at the beginning of creation and time, to sustain and maintain life expressed in and through the life of living creation.  Just as the consciousness of an artist is infused into artwork so consciousness of the ‘Creator is fused into the created. 

            In addition to the invisible ‘Soul’, there must exist an invisible entity that we may choose to call ‘The Word’.  The Word being that part of the Will and Desire of a mystical ‘Creator’ that was required to initiate the existence of creation for creation to exist, and the design and order of creation subsequently evolving to produce both inanimate realities and animate realities.  Scientists term the birth and beginning of creation as ‘The Big Bang’.  So a Super Natural Being provided ‘The Word’, Spirit, and ‘Soul’ that is required for Self, and life itself, to exist.  The Word initiates creation and life, the Soul connects creation to the Creator, and the Spirit constitutes the integrity and essence of the individual.  Self’s invisible consciousness, and Self’s invisible attributes of cognition, emotion and freewill exist as Spirit.  Self is therefore ‘Spirit’, which in turn allows Self to become Self and function as a human being, a Being made akin to that of the spiritual Creator.  So Self, although being an independent and sovereign Being, has within, parts of the Creator described as the ‘Word’, ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’. 


The Brain, Neurons, Neurotransmitters and Self


We may decide now through logic and reason that material objects cannot be made from nothing and need to be made from something, because you cannot obtain something from nothing, because nothing produces nothing.  But what about the things and constructs that we know exist, but which we cannot see or hold, but which can only be experienced?  For instance, thoughts and feelings we all possess, but cannot be defined or described as being either material or visible objects.  The brain is the bio-chemical mechanism for areas of human experiences, such as language, cognition, vision, sound, and planning, etcetera.  But, there are no neurons, or neural networks, or white and grey matter, or cerebrum cells, or electrical pulses, or neurotransmitters (for e.g., serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, GABBA and glutamate), that can be labeled, or identified with, or which represent one’s specific thoughts or feelings about something or anything specifically. 

There are specific areas of the brain that process information sourced from the stimuli of the environment, such as sound, movement and sight, etcetera, including personal experiences with regard to joy, happiness, pleasure, depression, anger and pain, etcetera.  But there are no parts of the brain, and there are no neurons, and there are no neurotransmitters that represent the specific and personal thoughts and feelings Self experiences about any specific or particular reality experienced.  For example, the image of say, a tree lined and snow covered mountain, or a cool bubbling gently flowing stream, or a dry hot sandy beach, or an ancient dinosaur, or a grey coloured big-eared elephant.  Or of Self, or of Self’s particular personal beliefs, or of Self’s particular personal goals, or of Self’s particular self-esteem, or of Self’s particular interests or passions in a particular activity or hobby, or of Self’s intimate feelings and thoughts about a particular relationship, etcetera, etcetera.

So, some of the characteristics of Self, such as consciousness, personality, thoughts, values, beliefs, attitudes and emotions, etcetera, could be described as being invisible, and thus Spirit, created without material substances such as the sub atomic particles that make up atoms that make up the the structures and functions that we experience, observe and exist.  Reason and logic may suggest that such entities like consciousness, cognition and emotion lean more toward the spiritual than the ‘physical’, lean more toward the metaphysical and the transcendent than the earthly and the temporal.  Just as it’s inconceivable to create something physical from nothing, so it must also be inconceivable to create something spiritual and invisible from nothing.  So it must be therefore inconceivable for consciousness, thoughts and emotions, etcetera, to exist without there somewhere, being that which must have created such entities.  And we can go further and suggest that the Creator of such invisible entities and constructs must itself, possess the ability to express and create the idea, the image, the reality and the experience of such an entity, to be itself the master architect of such phenomena for such phenomena to exist.

In previous chapters, we have gathered knowledge from the mix of the academic disciplines of philosophy and science.  Together with human logic manifest in intellectual and cognitive reasoning and rationale in the attempt to prove through the evidence of the reality of creation that SOMETHING must have created creation and the universe for it to exist as we know it today.  Because no one exits in known existence that can produce something from nothing.  The contributions of Science, Philosophy and Theology may be considered to provide us with such cognitive evidence channeled through the logic of our intellect and combined with a reflective, introspective, discerning and intuitive spirit, that a Supreme Being, a Creator, might necessarily be needed as an existence for anything and everything else in the Universe to exist. 

It could be said that this proposed evidence from logic and reasoning processes, which always needs to be considered and contemplated through and within a reflective introspective intuitive spirit, is an alternative path underpinning the justification for the beliefs, faiths and values humans may have about the answers they come to possess for those personal existential questions.  This particular path of thought and contemplation towards a personal faith, categorized as a form of cognitive logical reasoning supported and internalized by a reflective, introspective, intuitive and discerning spirit, must be considered to be a legitimate alternative to just having a belief underpinned by arbitrary ‘faith’. And could indeed constructively compliment the personal belief we acquire from that spiritual construct called “faith” (which may be misinformed or informed) thus shaping the direction and quality of the content to the answers we acquire about the questions we may have to these personal existential questions.


How Could ‘God’ Have Always Existed?


But before we move along to the next chapter regarding the exploration of the miracle of evolution.  It is perhaps a very relevant time - if we are, through logic and reason, contemplating the idea that a Creator must potentially exist - to explore that very nauseating question relating to the necessary belief, that if the Creator exists, that creator ‘must have always existed’.  Because by definition, creation itself exists through the act of creation, that is, being created.  Indeed, the fact that a Creator must have always existed is a huge question that can understandably limit the depth and breadth of human ‘belief’, because this question increases the complexity of the necessary information required to understand and believe in the existence of a Creator.

If we can decide that a Creator must exist for creation to exist, then we are left with other questions.  Who really is the Creator/ God?  What really is the Creator/ God?  But questions such as, “how did the Creator/ ‘God’ come to be” and “how could the Creator/ ‘God’ have always been” and “how could anything exist forever”, are concepts in consciousness that belie a clear and transparent answer.  Of course these questions are very relevant, but naturally, difficult to answer.  But it must be considered that the Creator, by definition, could not have had a beginning.  The Creator, by definition, could not have come into being.  If the Creator had a beginning, or came into being, the ‘Creator’, by definition, could not be the Creator, but be also the created.  

But to comprehend the concept ‘to have always been’, and ‘to have always existed’ is undoubtedly beyond the reality of humans’ and Self’s experience, as everything experienced by Self has been created, or has been made.  Everything existing in relation to the Universe, by definition, exists as atom-energies, and this Existence as we know it has a Beginning, a Past, a Present, and a Future, which if contemplated equates to the concept of Time.  Together with the concept of Time we can explore these questions with the notion of Self’s experience of Self’s invisible consciousness, cognition, emotion and personality etcetera, and thus, Self’s Spirit.  The Self’s invisible constructs that make up Self’s Spirit, which by definition, are not tangible or physical.  It is with these veins of reference in mind that we may partly explore the above seemingly incomprehensible questions. 

If we and the universe, and thus existence and creation didn’t exist, we obviously could not ask such a complex question, because there would be no Self to ask a question and no universe to ask a question about.    But before we were born we didn’t exist, and perhaps upon this particular reflection this is as close to the comprehension of the concept of the meaning of the word ‘nothing’ we will ever experience.  But we now know through Self’s consciousness and intellect that we have experienced life on Earth in both past and present tense, and we are aware through scientific and natural information that the Universe has been in existence for about 13.5 billion years before we were born, before our personal entry into this world.  And so we know that something - being the universe, life and creation - existed before Self existed.  The question, “How can or will anything exist forever”, is again, perhaps better understood through reflection of Self’s personal experience of Self’s invisible ‘spiritual’ constructs of the consciousness of Self and Self’s personal invisible thoughts and feelings etcetera.  Because now that Self has been born and is alive in this world, Self may now feel as if Self could exist and live forever.  Indeed, it may seem as if we have always existed, if we do not acknowledge the fact that we know we did not experience the existence of Self and life before Self’s birth.  But now that we do exist, and we are conscious of Self and of Self’s experiences, etcetera, asking the question about the existence of a Creator is relevant because we may understand that something can’t be created or produced from nothing. 

But if we now consider that creation with its complex design and order must have come into existence not from nothing, but from something.  That creation possibly exists because of a Supreme Natural Being that exists without itself needing assistance to exist.  That exists of itself and that itself has not been created.  But which may be humanly defined as containing some of the characteristics relating to unimaginable, inconceivable and incomprehensible abundant forms of Intellect, Force, Power, Mystical Relational Love and Energy, we may now ask the question, “How could this Creator have always been”?  “How could there be an existence, a something that always existed, without itself having to be created first for itself to first exist?  How could this Creator have always been, and how could this Creator always be?

 Of course these are questions shaped and formed by humans from human experience relating to the design and order of creation, the universe life as we know and understand them through personal experience.  This human experience of the design and order of the universe and everything in it (creation) includes the concepts of the realities of Existence (atom-energy), which by definition, must have a Beginning, Past, Present, and Future and thus exists within and through the reality we choose to call ‘Time’. 

Time, time, time, what is Time?  Time is considered an elusive concept that can possibly be defined as being relative to both physical objects and movement (atom-energies).  The existence of physical objects or matter (atom-energies) are characterised with a beginning, past, present, and future, which particular existence is experienced through the continuum of what we term ‘time’.  In addition, the reality of the interaction between ‘physical’ objects in relation to movement crystallises the human meaning and definition of the entity of Time.  Physical objects are tangible, and mostly observable to the human eye and powerful telescopes and microscopes, and include the contents of space (which includes spirit-energy) and physical life, termed scientifically as different structures with functions of atom-energies.  But this matter, these physical objects, which are in fact structures and functions of atom-energy, cannot exist without movement.  The interaction between all of these subatomic particles, different atom-energies of different structures and functions move in different ways characterised, defined and overarched, in part, by the umbrella of what we call ‘Movement’.  Without movement there is no ‘Time’.  The meaning of the word ‘Time’ is a concept encompassing motion, with a beginning, past, present, and future, of all objects and matter or structures with functions of atom-energy in existence. 

A simple example of the interaction of atom-energies, and movement that produces time, is where human time, in essence, is based on planet Earth spinning once on its own axis.  And in relation to the sun’s rays of light on planet Earth as it spins a full turn, giving us one day and one night, which we define as being 24 hours.  We then break each hour up into 60 minutes and each minute up into 60 seconds.  One revolution of the planet Earth around the Sun gives us what we term one year.  And in one year the Earth spins on its own axis 365.256 times giving us 365 days and nights.  But if we lived on the planet Pluto, one year would be 249 times longer than an Earth year, because it takes 249 Earth years for Pluto to orbit the Sun once.  And one day/ night on Pluto would be over 6 times longer than an Earth day/ night, because it takes Pluto 6.387 times longer to spin once on its own axis.  We see that Time is relative to the interaction between specific structure and functions of atom-energies (physical objects) in relation to specific movements.

If we can then represent these experiences of Existence of the atom-energy of the universe as an equation, then Existence of atom-energy of the universe not including spirit-energy requires as a prerequisite to exist => a Beginning, Past, Present, and Future, and Motion, which = Time.  If we delete the component of the human experience, concept and reality of Time from this equation, then there could not exist the entities of Motion, Beginning, Past, Present, and Future, neither could there exist structures and functions of atom-energy being the universe as we observe it.  So if Time is deleted from this equation for Existence, therefore no longer existing, then neither would the entities of the ‘physical’ universe (atom-energies) existing in the Time of Motion, Beginning, Past, Present, and Future. 

However, there may be something else in addition.  We may be left with something that is spiritual, something more akin to the reality of Time of the Present, the Now, and the Moment.  We may still be left with something that is more akin to that which is not ‘physical’ or intrinsically part of the ‘physical’ universe, but left with something that is invisible and spiritual as experienced by the Self and Self’s consciousness and the conscious Self’s invisible constructs of Self’s being, thoughts, emotions attitudes, beliefs and personality. 

Some of us may have experienced the psychological/ spiritual phenomena, where we have gone back after many years to a familiar place.  Or we meet again a particular person we have known maybe, two, five, ten, fifteen or twenty years in the past, but where the Time between the Past and the Now (Present) seems to have collapsed, seems to have folded within itself.  Where this present experience of meeting a particular past experience seemingly becomes the Present, the Now, and the Moment.  Where Self may have the experience of thinking and feeling (invisible constructs) that Self has never been away that many years, has never been away so long, let alone a single day.  Where everything appears to be the same and unchanged.  It is as if Time has stood still, as if Time did not exist.  It is as if there was no such entity as Time, but just the Present, and the Now, and the Moment. 

Moreover, we may have experienced the personal awareness that Self is conscious of Self feeling and thinking (invisible constructs) much younger than Self’s chronological age.  Although Self acquires experiences and knowledge, Self per se does not age, wear out, and die (change structure and function of its atom-energy) anatomical body does.  These phenomenon may be explained in terms of the Self - Self being Spirit - experiencing that which does not include the components relating to the equation for Existence of the ‘physical’ universe, and thus does not include the component of Time (ageing).  Although Self was created and exists encapsulated within a ‘physical’ body and had a Beginning, and the components of Existence and Beginning are part of the equation that comprises Time, Self and Self’s invisible consciousness and personality etcetera, and thus Self’s Spirit, may now need not to include the experience of Existence in relation to Time and thus ageing. 

If we can understand one’s Self, and thus one’s Spirit, to be essentially intangible and invisible, we may not have such a problem with the question ‘has always existed’ or ‘will exist for ever’.  Because now that Self consists of the invisible constructs of consciousness, intellect, emotion and personality, etcetera, Self can relate somewhat to the idea of Self being in essence, a Spirit, which can potentially exist without Time, and thus exist forever.  And if Self and Self’s invisible consciousness and personality, and thus Self’s Spirit, is in part, made in the mirror, reflection and image of the Creator’s Spirit, and the entity of Time does not now necessarily exist for Self, then Time also does not necessarily exist for the Creator.  Time may not necessarily exist for the Creator who created movement and therefore the existence of atom-energy, and therefore time, as defined in human terms.  Thus it is conceivable to comprehend in principle, a partial answer to the question regarding the Creator ‘having always existed’ and ‘will exist forever’. 

So perhaps these questions need not only be constructed, formed, asked and answered in relation to the ‘physical’ human experience of Creation and Time, but in relation to Self’s possible experience of Spirit, and thus, Timelessness.   Obviously Self is not an identical replication of the Creator, as Self was created with a ‘physical’ body thus experiencing Time, but may be created in the image of the Creator as Spirit (non-atom spiritual energy) and thus experiences Timelessness as an expression and characteristic of the Spirit.  Although Self was made with invisible consciousness, and the constructs of independence, personal sovereignty and freewill, Self had a Beginning, whereas the Creator must need not require, as a prerequisite, for itself to exist the entity of a ‘physical’ or spiritual Beginning.  Because Beginning is related to, and is part of the equation of the creation of Existence of atom-energies of the ‘physical’ universe of Objects of Motion, and thus Time.  And if the Creator created the Existence of the universe in relation to atom-energies, must encompass Motion, Beginning, Past, Present, and Future, and thus Time, then the Creator does not require, as a necessity, these components for itself to exist, or to Be. 

If then the Creator need not exist in relation to the equation of Existence defined by terms of the universe, and therefore does not exist in relation to Beginning, Past, Present, Future and Motion and Time, but just Exists, then perhaps the Creator Exists as a Spirit.  The Creator exits as a Spirit in the Now, in the Present, and in the Moment.  We can perhaps then relate to and perceive the Creator as a Spirit that is and is being.  If we can understand the Creator as Is and as Being without imposing upon the Creator the human experiences of Existence in terms of the Universe and thus Beginning, Past, Future, Motion and Time, then the Spirit’s/ Creator’s existence may not require any of these components for itself to exist. 

The realities of the human experience of Beginning and Time, are by definition, part of the equation of ‘Physical’ Existence in relation to the Universe.  So without imposing upon the Creator the realities of Time and Beginning, etcetera, but envisaging the Creator as being Spirit (that just exists as Is and Being), and therefore not requiring the need to be ‘physically’ created, then it is conceivable that the Creator had and has no Beginning, or End, or Time.  But always was, always has been, and always will be.  So if the Spirit is Timeless and has no End and the Creator is Spirit, and is by definition, greater than the Self’s Spirit, then Timelessness for the Creator could be defined as having neither a Beginning nor End. Moreover, if the Creator created not only the visible universe but also the invisible constructs of Self, that by definition can be characterised as the invisible constructs of Spirit, then Self may now also possess the characteristics of timelessness and infinity. 







We Continue Our Search

In a Nut shell

Have We Forgotten

Genetics of Evolution

More about Evolution

Predetermined Evolution of Humans

Reconciliation Between Science and Scripture


We Continue Our Search


            We continue our search, perhaps armed with a new awareness and insight for interpretation of Scripture, and knowledge that our belief systems based on informed evidence and logical reasoning and a reflective introspective intuitive spirit, rather than from a belief based on misinformation, innocent ignorance, and arbitrary blind faith.  We may also acknowledge that the inconcise literal interpretation of Scripture in which we may base its meaning, can potentially be a significantly dangerous way of interpretation, affecting how Self may interact with Self and others.  But which verses can also be liberating manifest within imbedded truths exposed through their appropriate metaphorical, literal and contextual interpretation, and continual reinterpretation in the light of new personal experiences and knowledge.  This may allow for the better interpretation of scripture meanings, unraveling deeper literary and metaphorical meanings and ‘truths’ emanating from the mix between the interaction of new scripture meanings with the Self’s intellect, experiences and reflective spiritual intuition. 

We continue the search for the answers to our existential questions in the miracles of predetermined creation and evolution.  We realize that the literal interpretation of Scripture verses has prohibited those who advocate such a method of interpretation as the basis for their beliefs from being able to reconcile the process of scientifically proven evolution as a significant component of the Creator’s intended and predetermined plan for the refinement and development of nature in general, and humans in particular.  The Biblical stories of Creation identifies the Universe as being made in three different ways, including the ‘six day story’ of creation and the Adam and Eve story as the beginning of creation and humankind. 

The appropriate contextual and metaphorical interpretation of Scripture can replace the perceived reality of pure literal interpretation of Scripture, allowing for the reconciliation of the scientific evidence of creation with Scripture’s stories of creation with regard to the predetermination of creation through evolution originating with the ‘big bang’ or ‘the Word’.  We may now also be armed with insight into how reason formed from intellect, formed from informed information and the inner drive of Self’s innate, intuitive, reflective and discerning spirit can create the provocation of such personally intimate and private existential thoughts.  Through natural instinct of human inquisitiveness derived from Self’s sense of spirituality we continue the search for transparent and significant answers to these questions. 


In a Nut Shell


The universe as we know it came into existence about 13 billion years ago.  Our solar system (planets revolving around the sun) was created through the extraordinary enormous and complex cosmic interactions 4.5 billion (4,500 million) years ago.  Planet Earth was covered thick in ice until about 500 million years ago, when existing sea creatures provided through breath expulsion, enough carbon dioxide to create an atmosphere that kept the warmth of the sun in, allowing the ice to melt.  This warming of the Earth enabled the proliferation of numerous species to live and survive in a period called the Cambrian Explosion.  So simple ‘life’ first existed in the sea as simple cells such as bacteria and the amoeba 3 billion years ago.  The first animal was the sea sponge existing about 570 million years ago and essentially has continued to live and exist without further changes to its bio-physiological internal or external design and function. This is, sponges have not evolved over millions of years.  The first hunting animal with movement and a head and tail was a sea animal similar to the flat worm first existing 540 million years ago.  The flat worm it seems, has also been designed and ordered to adapt to thousands of different environments without much internal or external change to their bio-anatomical design and function.  But in total contrast to these examples of ‘non-evolution’, humans have branched off from specific primates as a result of the particular design and order of their genetic DNA.  This process of human evolution we may describe as a form of customised or pre-programmed genetic ‘evolution’ from a specific and predetermined species of primate called Apes.  But Apes themselves have continued over millions of years to exist as Apes, as do monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas. 

These primates continue to retain the integrity of their original biological and functional characteristics, which must be totally unexpected because of the expectation of change as a manifestation of the process of evolution.  The evidence provided by these living species illustrates the finality of the process of evolution as apposed to the infinity of the process of evolution for perennial changes in ‘physical’ and functional characteristics as a need to accommodate to diverse environments through physiological adaptation and the retention of the fittest.  So the definition of process relating to evolution could be said to be structured, discriminate, limited and ordered rather than global, disorganised, arbitrary and indiscriminate.  Therefore a greater power may be at play here in the process of any evolution than just a species adapting to the environment through the random chance of accidental mutations of genes that create physiological and functional changes that by chance become strengths out-surviving the same species with physiological and functional weaknesses.  This greater power, may be understood, as being the creation and predetermination of the design and order of DNA that has been, in essence, pre-programmed by a Creator.


Have We Forgotten


         We may have perhaps been a little complacent in our respect for things natural.  We may have forgotten to appreciate and admire the wonders of creation.  We may have forgotten the miracle of pro-creation, humans as co-creators sharing with the Creator in the creation of humankind.  We may have forgotten the miracle of life, the wonder of an egg and sperm fusing to start the life of another human being.  We may have forgotten the miracles of our body, how intricate, fragile, vulnerable and complex they are.  We may have forgotten the power of our minds, how we can understand through our intellect, how we can visualise, imagine, reason, perceive, reflect, judge, remember, make decisions, plan, organize, solve problems and choose that which we desire, whether it has beneficial or malevolent consequences for Self and others.  We may not be conscious of it, but our consciousness, thoughts and emotions are invisible, transcending time and space, flashing within and before us, almost instantly, faster than the speed of light.  Because can we not think a thought about an image, of say, an apple and orange simultaneously?

         We may have forgotten how insignificant our own time frame here on Earth is – living up to 100 years - in relation to the cosmic clock of time. To put our individual human existence into perspective, a scrubby looking creosote bush in the Arizona Desert has been in existence for 11,000 years, or 9000 years BC, slowly spreading itself outwards, century by century.  It has survived through the whole period of human history from the building of the first villages at the end of the last ice age, up to the age of technology that put humankind into outer space.  It has survived the rise and fall of all the great empires on Earth.  It has survived the hundreds of millions of brutal human deaths over the last centuries from the hands of human-to-human violence.  So the evolution of human ‘civilisation’ is spanned by the life of one scrawny slow-growing shrub (Ford, 1985). 

         So we humans stand as newly awakened creatures in comparison to other life, both living and extinct.  Sharks have been hunting the oceans for 350 million years with little change to their anatomy.  Cockroaches have been scrambling around southern England for 300 million years with little ‘physical’ change to their anatomy.  Sharks and Cockroaches are perhaps an example of evolution whereby further mutations of their Genes are not considered adaptive in their present environment, and their preprogrammed DNA have been fully realized, so they cease to evolve further in any dramatic way. 


Predetermined Evolution of Humans


         Now, categorical evidence provided by science over the last decades has shown that without little doubt modern humans (Homo sapiens) have only been on this Earth for about the last 180,000 years.  There is arguably enough proof to profess that humans have evolved and branched off from the animal species, from mammals, from the Great Apes, from a distinct and separate linage of common ancestor of the Chimpanzee between 4 and 6 million years ago, into what and who humans are today.

              True to all bona fide scientific and methodological research, the pursuit for truth continues through the search for new evidence of human evolution and origins of human existence, which will help clarify, qualify, quantify and further develop existing understanding from knowledge already discovered in the quest for information regarding the origins of human beings.  To date, the latest evidence from archaeologists is that modern humans existed as long ago as 120,000 years.  Discoveries of fossils indicate that human species branched off from a common ancestor with the Ape.  As early humans evolved through genetic modification through preprogrammed DNA, and adaptation to a new environment, the human brain evolved into what we have today, containing over 100 billion neurons and more than 100 trillion synaptic connections between neurons each connecting to thousands of other neurons.  Modern man’s brain has a capacity of about 2000cc (cubic centre meters), which is more than twice the size of a chimpanzee, which is capable of only simple reasoning and without the capability for speech.  Sixty thousand years ago, modern humans are said to have left Africa and traveled throughout the continents.  Cave carvings and artwork recently found in Western Australia, signify that humans have been in Australia (indigenous Australian Aborigines) as early as forty thousand years ago.

         Although early Homo Sapiens had the same brain capacity as contemporary humans they had fewer neural connections, but were able to solve complex problems, make decisions and reasoning, whereas other primates have only limited brain capacity for more simple instinctual tasks such as hunting, eating, procreating and sleeping.  Biological, scientific and archaeological evidence is slowly proving the theory that all living things have descended from amalgamations of single biological cells, and so, from an original common ancestor.  Humankind has originated from the beginnings of life shared with all the other creatures we share with in life. 


Genetics and Evolution


         Genetic scientists in their research of the genes in DNA, the building blocks of life, have shown that genes, which program the biological cells in biological life to be either a heart, lung, eye, mouth or leg etcetera, in the offspring of animals and plants contribute to the presence of ‘throwbacks’, adaptations and mutations as the basis for natural selection.  Natural selection is the process whereby mutations of genes result in minute structural and functional (‘physical’) changes in an animal or plant over hundreds of centuries, and the best or fittest of these changes in the animal or plant survive in that particular environment.  The creatures with these changes, which best fit the environment, tend to breed more and live longer, which together or singularly produce changes and variations within a species over time, and which cumulative processes we may term ‘evolution’. 

         However, this theory of the evolution of creation and human beings from natural selection has been preconceived as a definition that implies that the process of evolution is no more than the affects of random chance, and as such, the product of an accident or mistake that has become adaptive.  But it is practicably and theoretically impossible for random chance to create such diversity, such beauty and such complexity as the creation of all that lives that we experience today.  Indeed, it would be as mathematically probable for a Jumbo Jet airliner to be built by random chance from a tornado sweeping through the debris of a junk yard than it would be for the random chance of natural selection to be the sole impetus behind the evolution of creation.  In fact, any mutations and adaptations of DNA that shape and drive the existence of complex life, must be considered to be, at least in part, strong evidence for the existence of a supreme being. 

         Because the complex changes of genes within DNA strands required to create the entire process of evolution of all the different forms of life on Earth, simply as a result of chance adaptations to the environment, is a far too simplistic explanation for it to be credible.  The DNA ‘blue prints’ of such adaptations must be considered as being part of the design and order of creation and must have always been in existence, at least within a Creator’s imagination and ability to will such creation.  As rational intellect decrees, you cannot get something from nothing.  As we may understand, nothing can only ‘produce’ nothing, just as something can only be produced by and from something. 

         The idea of natural selection and thus, random chance, solely driving evolution is intellectually unsustainable and must incorporate and include the theory that evolution must include, in its process, the predisposition of predetermined DNA.  That is, the possibility that DNA has been previously pre-programmed.  The idea that DNA has, as a pre requisite for complex change has been preprogrammed, is surely far more intellectually and rationally palatable.  If DNA has been preprogrammed to drive evolution of creation, then it must be considered, at the very least, to be some great intelligence as the designer, orderer, and planner of such complexity.  To this end then, evolution per se, considered as predetermined creation and life, being the product of predestined design, order and plan of creation and life.  Whereby specific DNA have been pre-programmed in advance, and whereby genes have also been pre-programmed to mutate, adapt and change to particular environments, and then, through predetermined natural selection of the fittest, survive. 

         Although, evolution may at the least be a combination of these two mechanisms, of preprogrammed DNA, and natural selection, both requiring as a prerequisite, intelligence, and design and order, to exist.  In fact, it is intellectually plausible that the mechanisms of natural selection could only be associated with the adaptations specifically observed in the changes and variations within a particular species.  We may experience these adaptations in say, the many different types of cockroaches and sharks that exist, but which overall, have changed little in 400 million years.  There are many different types of sharks and cockroaches, but essentially 400 million years ago they biologically achieved their preprogrammed destination, accept for small changes through adaptation and natural selection.  They have reached their preprogrammed biological goal.  Preprogrammed DNA, per se, on the other hand, is perhaps the impetus behind complex evolution manifest in the dramatic changes necessary for the evolution of one species into another species.   

         Different skin colours, facial features and characteristics that we notice in diverse cultures through out the world are perhaps the results of genetic changes through adaptation to various climates and environments.  Reproduction within specific communities and populations tends to concentrate the specific adaptation of genes to produce similarities of ‘physical’ characteristics within communities, not to mention possible similarities in culture, traditions and beliefs.  So the varied and complex mechanisms of evolution are the building blocks for similarities within species, as well as the differences between species.

         Anthropologists believe that the different races of humankind arose from a single parental population branching from a common ancestor that dispersed from Africa about 80,000 years ago, having then, become rapidly differentiated through the concentration of gene pools that we observe in today's diverse races.  Again it should be emphasized that it is intrinsically simplistic and naïve to believe that ‘throwbacks’, adaptations and mutations, as the forming basis for natural selection, are the only biological components that drive the changes in a species to create different and diverse animals and creatures.  It is far too intellectually limiting to believe the concept that the unique biological complexity of the evolution of different species, can be attributed solely to the chance of natural selection as defined by mutations and adaptations, and survival of the fittest. 

         For instance, the complex differences to the human brain from other mammals cannot be attributed to the mechanisms of ‘random chance’ to mutate biological genes that conveniently adapt to a particular environment and then proliferate as a result of survival of the fittest and which entire process is neatly termed ‘natural selection’.  The intricate biology that allows sperm whales to dive without breath deep into the depths of the ocean, and the intricate changes in biology that allows the hibernation of frogs and polar bears in winter, and the biological diversity between species cannot be just attributed to natural selection, without there being some other important factor(s) and component(s).  Similarly, the existence of the Cambrian Explosion is the period where many different species of life came into existence 500 million years ago, simultaneously in many different parts of the world, and during a relatively short period.   And because these creatures from the Cambrian Explosion formed one of each of the 35 body plans that all existing living creatures are now based.  This diverse, complex, and simultaneous existence cannot possibly be attributed singularly, to the process called natural selection but pre-designed DNA affected upon the increase in oxygen from the proliferation of plants converting carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.  The extra mysterious biological component that drives the complex changes in living nature, and witnessed over time may plausibly explained by the existence of pre-programmed DNA.  This  is, DNA has been pre-programmed to become the blue prints and engines of the design and order of life.  DNA created necessarily by a Supreme Being, Spirit, and Intelligence for the dramatic changes witnessed within and between species over time, and through particular environmental circumstances, designed to be ‘controlled’ and maintained by the cause and effect of nature.  Just as the genes within DNA are preprogrammed to form an eye, or a liver, or a kidney, etcetera, so too may the genes within DNA be pre-programmed to evolve into different species.  This intelligent and complex pre-programming of life through the building blocks of DNA, could be attributed to the premeditated and intentional design, order and plan of a Creator.                

            Dr Francis Collins, co-author of the new analysis by the international group that decoded the human genome says that it takes the same number of genes to make a human as it does to make a small flowering plant, that is, about 25,000 genes.  And a small flowering plant in the mustard family, the Arabidopsis, has 27,000 genes.  But human complexity derives out of what specifically these genes have been pre-programmed to do, such as the enlarged human brain.  Apart from the necessary transcendent design and order required for the complex bio-chemical reactions of creation to take place.  The addition of invisible human consciousness, personality, thought, emotion, values, attitudes and beliefs, etcetera, (Spirit and Soul), must also surely be required as an additional component added above and beyond to that of the complex equation of atoms (atom-energy) of the structure and function of living cells, genetics and DNA that help make up life.  The concepts of a Spirit and Soul must be necessary to explain Self’s complexity, specifically in terms of Self’s invisible constructs of consciousness, individual personality, and all that comprises Self that emanates from and into Self.

         So it could be suggested that a Creator or ‘God’ has waited millions and millions of years, in human terms, for the pre-designed and pre-ordered development of the evolution of creation to bring forth human beings with personality, spirit and freewill.  The Creator has perhaps Willed the design and order of creation infusing creation with a Soul to initiate and maintain the genetic and evolutionary pre-programming of DNA as the process for the human species to eventually branch off from a common ancestor and develop into the remarkable beings that humans are.  We are humans with a larger and more complex brain than our predecessors who are now capable of executing the functions that can express life and personal experiences through the processes of consciousness, thought, emotion and speech.  This exceptional and extraordinary shift in the development of the brain allows humans the function to think, feel and speak.  As a result of thinking, feeling and speaking, humans are able to make choices and decisions in how they think, feel, behave and talk.  These human abilities are the prerequisites that underpin the building of deeper and closer relationships with Self and others.  These human abilities of relationship building are perhaps what the Creator has planned as the ultimate purpose for creation through predetermined evolution.  The creation of Self, the creation of humans, a people who are capable of choosing to communicate and relate with themselves and each other, as being the ultimate function of creation, as being the ultimate function of their existence.


More about Evolution


         The questions asked about those ‘missing links,’ describing the continuity of evolution of modern humans from other mammals and primates such as Apes, have now all but been answered.  But Paleontologists, Archeologists and Anthropologists still continue the search to slowly and surely piece together significant new discoveries that support the theory of evolution (predetermined) as a solid mechanism for understanding the miracle of the creation of human kind.              

         To give added weight to the ingenuity, complexity and magnificence of the Creator through the process of predetermined evolution, as opposed to the belief that God instantly created all living things in six days, scientists and philosophers are (possibly unwittingly) answering and understanding some intriguing questions regarding the development of humans and the refinement of creation from the evolutionary process.  They are for instance questions and answers such as:


·     Why, if all species have descended and evolved from other species, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms?  Instead of all nature being in confusion, we see and have species well defined? Generally, this question can be answered in terms of the process of evolution occurring gradually over millions of years, by way of small biological changes over extended periods of time and more importantly from the notion that DNA has been pre-programmed to create different species from different species.

·     How is it possible that an animal, say, having the structure and habits of an elephant, and an insect with the structure and habits of a fly, and a human with our uniqueness all be created from the same original DNA and cells?  Again, the concept of the pre-programming of DNA and small changes, in new environments, over billions of years helps answer this question.

·        Can ‘instincts’ be acquired and modified through natural selection?  What about the instinct that leads bees to make a symmetrically combed hive, which has practically preceded and anticipated the discoveries of great mathematicians?  Yes, instincts are acquired and continue to change, and are modified over millions of years through adaptation and DNA pre-programming, because instincts are genetically based.  Human natural base instincts brought down from our primate ancestors, including, cohabitation, aggression, fear, territorial control, power and sex drive, can now be, in the most part, controlled and dictated through our ability to make relatively free choices through the ‘gifts’ produced from the process of evolution, such as, superior learning power and reasoning capacity.  Which are manifest as, and from, human consciousness, freewill, intellect, cognition and emotion. The choices humans make can be influenced and determined by their experiences, attitudes and beliefs and in terms of the negative or positive consequences that their actions have on Self and others.  In contrast, animals behave instinctively, for example, bees have no choice other than to make a beehive and birds have no choice other than to make a nest, etcetera, whereas humans can choose what they do or not do, think or not think, feel or not feel and say or not say.

·        How can we account for the different species, that when crossed are sterile and can't conceive, whereas when crossed with the same species their fertility is unimpaired? This causation can be answered by the very definition and nature of a species which changes so dramatically from its origins over millions of years that they become intrinsically different to compatibly conceive.                                                       

·     Clearly, there is overwhelming scientific evidence proving the case for evolution as a sub-process for the refinement and development of creation, and must be thus, intellectually and rationally conceivable.  Undoubtedly the questions surrounding the authenticity of the process of evolution and its development and outcome as we know it today as a result of many millions of years, circa 4,500 millions years, indicates how sophisticated and complex the scientific building mechanisms of evolution must be.  So we could rightfully assume from this information that the mechanisms of evolution are not simply a straightforward biological/chemical/environmental random chance laboratory experimental procedure.  Predetermined evolution could be said to be essentially an all or nothing process, but the course of evolution cannot be easily conceptualised in a “black or white” image.  This biological-chemical-environmental intricate convolution of earthly creation we call evolution, gives added weight and further credit to the possibility of the existence of a Supernatural Power and Intellect as the designer of such amazing living architecture.  This information can also give further impetus for the conceptual possibility of a Divine and Transcendent Creator we may choose to call ‘God’.  A God that if does exist, could be viewed to be nothing other than, “that which nothing greater can be thought".


         This is probably not the final word on the evolving lineage of human beings, as we know Self today.  New discoveries are being continually unearthed, and Self and other humans, continue to grow in knowledge and awareness, and so consciously, as conscious, intellectual, cognitive, emotional and spiritual beings.


Reconciliation Between Science and Scripture


         The belief in scientific information and evidence regarding creation is possibly somewhat converse and contrast to the belief in the creation story of Biblical Scripture.  The scientific information of evolution could disprove the theory humans were created instantly, by a ‘God’, at the beginning of time, as many may still believe as being literal biblical truth.  But this flawed biblical theory manifest in scripture, that women and men were created instantly by ‘God’ should not be mistaken as evidence for the non existence of a Creator and ‘God’.  From the plausible belief proposed and drawn from contemporary evidence, supporting the idea of pre-programmed evolution.  And the hypothesis that the beginning of creation and the beginning of the universe was in the form of an initial and instant explosion or ‘big bang’, comes the possibility that the mega explosion originated from “The Word” of a supremely intelligent Creator or ‘God’.  This idea of evolution as being the origins of creation and humans would thus support the theory about creation as expressed generally in the Bible by the authors of the Old Testament.  As we have read and understand from Philosophers, “you can’t get something from nothing,” so it is plausible that there might be one ‘Power’, one ‘Being’, or one ‘Intelligence’ that instigated through desire, word, thought and will, this first explosion or ‘big bang’, and the subsequent design and order of evolutionary creation.  This concept of a Supreme Being we may wish to call ‘God’ or the Creator. 

            Furthermore, if we follow this thought process through in a rational fashion to its logical end, it is perhaps not too difficult to surmise that the ‘Big Bang’ and the evolution of creation is an outcome of “The Word” and “Spirit”.  “The Word” and “Spirit” being the essential and necessary integral ‘components’ and ‘ingredients’ for the Will and Desire to formulate such design, plan and order, and subsequent development of the universe’s creation.  It is a fact of science and the premise of rational and intellectual logic that you cannot get something from nothing.  It is very probable that the scientific and philosophical concept of ‘nothing’ cannot exist if something, anything, exists, this being the fundamental criteria or the possible existence of a Creator.  Indeed, a Creator who if does exist must have existed always, and must have always been.






CERN, Antimatter, Stephen Hawkings, and Chance

Design and Order, Cause and Effect

Self, Consciousness, Cognition, Emotion and Speech

Human Personality, Spirit and Soul

Attributes for Personal Growth

Charles Darwin and, the Last Word



CERN, Antimatter, Stephen Hawkings, and Chance


We have explored and discussed probable theories with regard to the reality of the design and order of creation, human evolution, and the necessary complexity of such planed existence.  To add to the mix of creation as necessarily complex, let us now investigate the reality of the opposite of atom-energy (being a electric charge), and that is antimatter, the inverted charge of atom-energies, but also being an intrinsic and necessary, yet mystical part of creation. 

Antimatter really does exist.  Cosmic rays are a natural source of antiparticles.  In 1932, Carl Anderson a young professor at the California Institute of Technology was studying showers of cosmic particles in a cloud chamber and saw a track left by "something positively charged, but with the same mass as an electron". After nearly one year of effort and observation, he decided the tracks were actually anti-electrons, each produced alongside an electron from the impact of cosmic rays in the cloud chamber.  He called the anti-electron a ‘positron’ because of its positive charge.  So the electron's antimatter counterpart is called a positron and has an opposite charge to the electron.  Cosmic rays are arriving from all directions, but many are ‘thrown’ into space by supernovae, the huge explosions from dying stars.  Cosmic rays hitting the outer atmosphere of earth are mainly fast-moving, high-energy protons, and as they hurtle towards the Earth they collide with atoms in the air.  Some of this collision energy reappears as new pairs of particles and antiparticles – being atom-energy.  In October 1955, Serge discovered a negative proton or antiproton.  The common proton has an antimatter counterpart called the antiproton.  It has the same mass but an opposite charge to the proton.  So these antiparticles, positrons (positive or anti-electrons) and antiprotons (negative proton) bind together as anti-atoms, being the basic units of antimatter.   

So antimatter is a fundamental particle of regular atom-energy, but with its electrical charges reversed.  Antimatter particles are produced from ultra high-speed collisions between subatomic particles.  Within the solar systems’ Sun, flares of energy accelerate colliding with slower moving particles in the Sun's atmosphere, resulting in the production of antimatter.  So antimatter is created and annihilated immediately in stars every day, including our sun.    The Sun is in fact an antimatter factory.  When a high-energy proton in a solar flare collides with carbon (C) it forms a type of nitrogen (N) that has too many protons relative to its number of neutrons.  This makes the nitrogen’s nucleus unstable and a positron emits to stabilize the atom.  But positrons don't last long, when they hit an electron they annihilate and produce energy as a product.  For this reason, there is little antimatter around at any given time.  However, antimatter is around us all the time, although in minute amounts.

Interestingly, antimatter particles can be produced in ultra high-speed collisions between subatomic energies in a manufactured vacuum.  But we are still talking about the necessary existence of a vacuum and the particles within a vacuum, which already exist and therefore must be defined as something, and something cannot be produced from nothing.  So we have again the same issue arising of a Creator being necessary to create that ‘something’ and so scientists are working with that which has already been created.  A vacuum may be considered to be mass less, but by definition, needs to be contained within that which exists itself for the vacuum to exist.  CERN (The European Center for Nuclear Research) is the world's largest particle physics research center.  Scientists at CERN use giant machines - particle accelerators and detectors - to study the smallest particles in the universe. 

At CERN, they produce the antimatter of the hydrogen atom because Hydrogen is the simplest atom, made of just one proton and one electron combined together.  Hydrogen atoms make up three quarters of our universe.  To build the anti-matter of a hydrogen atom they trap an antiproton and get a positron to stick to it.  Contrary to an accelerator, the Low Energy Antiproton Ring (LEAR) actually slows down antiprotons.  Physicists are now working on forcing a positron (or anti-electron) to stick to an antiproton to make an anti-hydrogen atom, a real antimatter atom.

CERN's large accelerator resides 100 meters underground along the French/Swiss border located just outside of Geneva.  CERN can produce 50 million antiprotons about once a minute, making a few hundred anti-hydrogen atoms, and expressed in less than a billionth of a gram per year.  Antimatter is difficult to produce.  All the antiprotons produced at CERN during one year would supply enough energy to turn on a 100-watt light bulb for 3 seconds.  The efficiency of the ‘antimatter energy production’ process would be 0.00000001%.  The steam or diesel engine is millions of times more efficient. 

CERN’s new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Cannot and Will Never Disprove the Need for a ‘Creator’.  Will science ever have the proof that will require ‘believers’ to question the existence of a ‘Creator’?  You don’t need to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to answer that question.  It has been said that the possibility of the Universe, with its design, order and intelligence being created by random chance, is as mathematically statistically probable as a Jumbo Jet airliner being built by a tornado sweeping through a junk yard. 

The $11 billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN Switzerland will send beams of protons around a 27 Km underground chamber to smash into each other and hopefully recreate, on a nano of a fraction of the scale of the big Bang a nano of the fraction of the heat and energy of the Big Bang.  But this will never provide evidence against the existence of a ‘Creator’ or ‘God’, because the ‘rocket scientists’ have conveniently ignored one piece of vital rational and scientific information.  And that is something can never be created from nothing.  Therefore, the protons of energy used to smash into one another are, as a prerequisite for their existence, made from something. 

We may call this ‘something’ a ‘Creator’.  And if as a result of this experiment, smaller subatomic energies are discovered, these also by logic of reason and scientific evidence, will not, and cannot, be the proof from evidence that something can be created from nothing.  All that exists, exists as a result of intentional and intelligent ‘creation’….no?  Will science ever have the proof that will require Believers to question the existence of a ‘Creator’?  You wouldn’t need to be a ‘rocket scientist to answer that question would you.

Light, per se, is a very interesting entity and part of creation.  Light consists of Photons, which have both wave and particle like characteristics.   Max Planck proposed that each light wave must come in a little packet he called a "quantum":  In this way light was not just a wave, or just a particle, but a bit of both, existing as both carriers of energy and light.  But the photons of energy and light have no charge and do not contain inside objects that are charged.  So light and energy photons cannot be distinguished from an anti-photons.  Photons and anti-photons are therefore the same thing.

Interestingly, matter and antimatter are identical.  Looking at an object means seeing the photons (energy and light) coming from that object; however, photons come from both matter and antimatter. If there were a distant galaxy made out of antimatter, you could not distinguish it from a matter galaxy just by seeing the light from it.  If indeed there is a difference between matter and antimatter, it is very small.  Matter and antimatter are so similar that sound waves created from vibrations of matter or antimatter would be the same.  An antimatter guitar or violin would sound the same as a matter one.  Gravitational forces depend on the energy of an object in relation to another object, and since matter and antimatter both have positive energy, gravitation acts on them in the same way.  This means that an object made of matter and one made of antimatter would both stand on the floor.

Scientists theorise that in the first seconds after the ‘Big Bang’ there was no matter, just subatomic energies (possibly created by The Word or Spirit).  As the universe expanded and cooled, particles of regular matter and antimatter formed in almost equal amounts.  They suggest a theory that a slightly higher percentage of regular matter developed - perhaps just one part in a million - for unknown reasons, and that was the requirement needed for regular matter to win over antimatter in the structure of the cosmos.  When the matter and antimatter came into contact they annihilated leaving the residual matter to form the current universe.

The quantum physicist, Stephen Hawkings, cavalierly theorises that the ‘Big Bang’ could have originally initiated through the law of random uncertainty (Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle).  Whereby the sub atomic particles of atoms being electrons, protons and neutrons and their anti-particles, which consist of positively charged electrons called positrons, and negatively charged protons called antiprotons, and termed anti-matter, are formed by chance.  When antimatter particles collide with matter particles, the result is total annihilation with the production of energy as a result.  But nothing can be formed by chance and from nothing, but only from something and the design and order of that something.  So not only is the concept of chance an irrational idea, but the non-scientific concept of chance being the impetus for producing any form of material, by definition, is grossly negligent and incomprehensible.  This is because the concept and definition of the word ‘chance’ can only equate to circumstances, possibilities and opportunities that can only relate to that which already exists, and so cannot relate to the creation of creation’s existence.

Counter intuitively in relation to chance, CERN designed to recreate miniatures of creation seconds after the ‘Big Bang’ needs one million dollars of energy every month to recreate the collision of particles with antiparticles in a vacuum contained in a long circular tube.  So CERN can only attempt to recreate creation seconds after the ‘Big Bang’.  This attempt at recreation not only requires a vacuum, which needs to be contained within a material container, but also requires massive amounts of energy for the particles to collide.  So energy already created from power is required, and a container already created from material is required, and particles already created from matter are required to replicate a miniature form of post-creation seconds after the ‘Big Bang’.  Of course, the ‘Big Bang’ can never be replicated by humans because humans cannot make something out of nothing, and ‘having’ that ‘something’ is a requirement of the existence of the ‘Big Bang’ and creation.

So it is likely to be probable that some form of Creator is the necessary singularity required to provide the energy, to create the ‘Big Bang’, to create subatomic energy, to create the universe and all that it.  A Creator needed to provide the particles and antiparticles pre-required to initiate creation (atom-energies) from vast amounts of energy instantly for the creation of the ‘Big Bang’ and creation itself to exist.


Design, Order and Plan, Cause and Effect


         As we take the time to look around us, we can see evolution in its minutest form in all living things, in the developmental process from conception and birth through to death.  We see it in all things in creation preprogrammed to evolve from an initial origin with an end towards a goal and purpose as part of their design, order and plan.  We have all experienced this sense of order and design.  These are the laws of the universe.  These are the physical (atom-energy) and metaphysical laws (non-atom-energy) that also influence the way we behave, think and feel and the consequences overarched by the umbrella of preprogrammed evolution and what we may call ‘cause and effect’.  We are all physically and psycho-spiritually internally sensitive to outside stimuli, both physical, and mental/spiritual.  How we, and others, choose to react to both internal and external physical, psycho-spiritual stimuli will affect the outcome of our daily lives, and the daily lives of others.  Because as the third law of thermodynamics states, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; for every effect a cause”, and so for every decision and behaviour there is a consequence.  Indeed, in this world governed by cause and effect, we cannot escape the inevitable results and consequences of our own actions.                    

         Incidentally, and importantly, scientists underpin the basis and principles of their scientific research and studies on the theoretical assumption that these laws of design and order, and cause and effect, must exist.  Scientists’ work originates from rational theories that endeavour to search out, define, and describe these hypothetical laws in controlled and methodological studies and then explaining them in human ‘scientific’ terms.  How much more complicated and sophisticated creation is then, that it has not yet been fully explained and discovered, with its complex design and order, and cause and effect, from which the world developed and continues to develop precipitating the continued evolution of nature and human life.


Self, Consciousness, Cognition, Emotion, and Speech


So we humans have evolved from a particular animal species and have evolved possessing the abstract constructs of invisible consciousness, cognition, emotion and speech, which characteristics set us apart from all other forms of life.  Where ‘consciousness’ is about being conscious of Self’s Self and Being, and Self is about being conscious of Being and being conscious. Consciousness is having a sense of Self and Being, of knowing the difference between Self and the world around.  Self is also about having a history of narrative made up of continuos flow of experience expressed through consciousness of thoughts, images and sounds.  Consciousness is awareness about how it feels to be Self.  Consciousness, Self and Being, are by definition, invisible. 

No scientist, neurosurgeon or medical doctor has ever been able to detect, let alone dissect such phenomena as Self and Self’s consciousness, personality and being in terms of present and past thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about a particular personal experience Self may have encountered.  This is because Self and Self’s consciousness, personality and being including present and past thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about Self’s personal experience are intrinsically and essentially invisible and intangible constructs, and thus, may only be defined as Spirit.  As an outcome of the phenomenon of these predetermined pre-programmed evolutionary, but invisible entities, of Self’s consciousness, personality and being, we come to understand the reality, development and refinement of an individual’s personality, spirit and soul as being the inherently integral and intentional components of what it means for Self to be Self.  And for Self to be human, which by definition, must include both the ‘physical’ body, and spiritual personality.

         Consciousness of thoughts (cognitions) and emotions (feelings include both emotional and somatic sensations), are a phenomena and essence of the experience of Self, and Self in the world, that drives and shapes Self’s personality, and in turn, the way Self relates and interacts with Self and the world.  Invisible consciousness, thoughts and emotions involve the highly complex interactions and connections between the ‘physical’ and visible neurons, bio-chemical neurotransmitters, electrical impulses of the brain, and the individual’s invisible spirit/personality shaped by both personal choices and voluntary and involuntary life experiences.  Speech is also an amazing quality that humans exclusively possess, and allows the creation of sounds or vocalizations named and developed as language, and which comprise of the words (sounds) that symbolize the conscious thoughts and emotions from Self’s experiences of interacting with stimuli in the world.  The words or sounds that are expressed through speech and/ or writing are in essence the tools used to describe reality and/or perceived reality of an individual’s experience of the world.  Language advocates the integration within conscious Self of the stimuli of the experience of reality for the individual. 

         Language allows consciousness, self-awareness, reflection and planning.  Language decodes the stimuli of experience of the real world and environment and of the transcendent, for example, others’ perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which stimuli are absorbed through the individuals senses (sight, sound, and touch) and the interpretational processes between the interface of invisible consciousness and the ‘physical’ brain, manifesting as conscious and sometimes subconscious, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  Human beings through this process are an example and result of the most sophisticated form of creation, the most complex form of evolution.  No other creature in nature has evolved so rapidly in such a short space of time and in such an intrinsic and complex way as humans have.                             

         Surprisingly, as we have noted, many creatures have changed little over 300 million years, but on the other hand, sadly, millions of species are instead extinct, and in fact, 98 per cent of all creatures that ever existed are now extinct.  We humans have progressed and evolved miraculously quickly without parallel and precedence with any other animal in the last 120,000 years or so.  Interestingly, Anthropologist’s tests on primates show that chimpanzees have only a 1.24 per cent difference in DNA to humans, and gorillas have a 1.62 per cent difference in DNA to humans, and a 1.62 per cent difference in DNA to the chimpanzee, making the chimpanzee the closest living relative to the human and not the gorilla.  The DNA of the gorilla, chimpanzee and human, all differ from the orangutan by approximately 3.1 per cent, which makes the gorilla and chimpanzee biologically closer to humans than they are to the orangutan, or any other primate.  But primates although having similar DNA to humans making apes and other primates anatomically very similar with their biological organs such as skin, heart, lungs, brain, arms, legs, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, torso, hips, spine and body functions etcetera, they are differentiated from humans by remaining in their intellectual, cognitive and emotional ‘primitive’ primate unchanged state. 

         The difference between humans and other primates regarding the time-frame of their rate and state of evolution and diversity of brain complexity perhaps graphically illustrates the possibility that the Creator’s plan is different for each and every one of these creatures that inhabit the earth.  And that each creature on earth, on this planet, is diverse, unique, extraordinary and special, being pre-programmed for not only anatomical differences but also for their specific reasons and purposes. 


Human Personality, Spirit and, Soul


            No scientist, neurosurgeon, or medical doctor, with all their high tech scanners and X-rays, have ever detected or dissected a specific thought or feeling, such as a particular person’s personal experience and perception in relation to say, ‘a beautiful sunset’.  Or a specific personal feeling and thought, such as the angst, embarrassment and/ or fear in relation to say the rejection or disapproval from a prospective or current employer, or the joy and jubilation as a potential personal response to the approval, adulation and respect given to Self by a particular person.  No neuroscientist or surgeon will ever be able to detect or dissect a specific personal attitude and belief such as the sense of Self’s generosity, humility or choice to be nonjudgmental.  Or perhaps Self’s personal sense of belief to be arrogant, dominating, self-obsessed and selfish emanating from the personal belief in one’s self-importance, sense of superiority and over